Liver Friendly Recipes


Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie


The holidays are approaching and many of us overindulge. Why not try a healthy holiday superfood smoothie that also supports your liver!

Peanut Butter, Oat, Berry Smoothie

While frozen berries add to the texture of this smoothie, using fresh berries when they are in season (and inexpensive) is optimal.

Chocolate, Strawberry Green Smoothie

Not only beneficial for adding sweetness to this smoothie, as a prebiotic/probiotic it is thought to support floral balance in the digestive tract by delivering healthy bacteria and supporting good bugs nutritionally.

Apple, Banana, Nutter Smoothie

Creamy, rich and filling. Using UltraNourish vegetarian, superfood, protein shake mix, it’s so good you wouldn’t think it has healthy ingredients!

Crisp & Clean Green Juice

This light juice will help you ease your way into juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Summer Peach Drink

Peaches are now in peak season. Along with being delicious and juicy, peaches are very nutritious. Sip some deliciousness today!


Flaxseed Milk for Fatigue

A healthy alternative to milk that can boost energy and reduce fatigue.