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As part of our Liver Support education mission, here you’ll find stories that have been shared to benefit those with liver concerns and liver disease. These stories come from direct experiences or from experiences that are shared by their loved ones. We hope they are helpful, comforting and insightful.

Others could benefit from knowing your personal experiences. What have you done? What have you learned? What do you wish you had done differently? What is most important for others to know?

Please consider that your personal story could be exactly what others need to read to get them through – even if you don’t think there is anything particularly special about it.

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One Man's Battle With Overcoming Liver Disease

Good Day All,
Dodging the doctors offices due to COVID I planned a trip to a quiet empty ER. July 2020, what I thought was a UTI, or start of a kidney infection turned out to be Hospitalizations due to very high liver enzymes, in my urine. I was accused of blowing up my liver by the a Hospital’s Doctors of Pharm. At that time, and still today I have never prescribed any medication or pharmaceuticals for myself. I was taken off of all statins, nsaids, depression meds, and painkillers. The only meds allowed was blood pressure and pure oxy.
5 days later I was release from hospital and since to a Gastroenterologist Hepatologist, more blood test and liver biopsy. By November 2020, the diagnosis was Autoimmune Hepatitis/ NAFL, and End stage 3, beginning cirrhosis, stage 4. And scarring on right side of the liver. No cure and not reversible.
I said Doctor I do not want to die, he said “We all have to go sometime. “
I got the hell away from him, 3 years and 18, PCP, Gastrointestinal Doctors later, I am free of the NAFL, no fat on my liver and the right side is healing.
I fought with my own research , diet and lots of exercise and vitamins supplements and herbs . ( your doctors will fight you NOT TO TAKE ) I just know, No 1 can tell me what I feel or how to feel. I will continue to do what I’m doing smoothie and all sea moss too . Just do what you need and have to do , pay close attention to your body , drink lots of water. You are wonderfully made, Really we Are Wonderfully Made ! Thank God!!!

LaVieta M Mar 12, 2024

Hope .
Hope seems to be all I have left for a cure of my Hep C. There has been huge strides in the medical field. My newly found understanding of my diagnosis is stage 3. Meaning I've had it for some time . Being new to the knowledge of it all. I found and every turn to gain knowledge of the information there were tons of it.. Along with support groups. Access to tha cure became that much harder. I've tried many pharmaceutical companys for there programs of receiving a cure at a minimum expense. To fail each time. I will not halt, for hope drives me on . My family depends on me and I on them... Never give up ! Hope is around the corner.

Forrest Landers Feb 21, 2024

I had hep-c for 45 years. I was given the opportunity to cure the condition. My doctor said it is 90,000 dollars. That this is my last chance to cure my hep-c . I agree to start treatment. The medicine worked I got tested, and they couldn't find any signs of hep-c . My liver was damaged from years of having hep-c, so I started taking milk thistle Thank goodness the test as mentioned early showed no damage either. Thank the Lord for science.

Elizabeth BA Aug 4, 2023

I have had Fatty Liver witch finally about two years ago it showed Scarring. After using “Clinical Liver Support” for a year, recently, the my yearly test showed No Scarring! I am extremely happy and thankful to this product on this website. I’m now regular customer. I highly highly recommend it to all specifically to the ones with Fatty liver. Thanks

A. A. Jul 29, 2023

In 1997 I was diagnosed as having hepatitis C. I had no energy, was always weak, had joint and muscle pain, and to top it all off...depression! My subtype, I was told, was 1b, the hardest subtype to respond to treatment. My first treatment was interferon injections. Later, I took Ribavirin capsules along with interferon. Both treatments of almost a year each failed to clear the virus. How did I get it? In 1970 I made the worst decision of my life and shot heroin, sharing the syringe with two friends. Even though it was only a couple of times, it got the hep C virus into my bloodstream. As most of us here know, the virus can be in you for decades before symptoms hit you like a freight train! I had to go on disability, being too drained of energy all the time, both mentally and physically. Fast forward to 2015 when I started taking Harvoni for 3 months. The virus was cleared! Unfortunately, I did not feel any better. I was diagnosed as having cirrhosis which came from 18 years of hep C damaging my liver. The good news is that it is the compensated type. What helped get me through 25 and a half years of debilitating chronic illness? I gave up taking drugs in 1971 and then stopped drinking alcohol in 1974. I credit God, the Bible, family, and spiritual brothers and sisters, with the help I needed. Social Security Disability is a real blessing for all of us who become chronically ill and unable to work. Over the last few years I have started to feel a little better. Once I learned about diet for those with cirrhosis I made some drastic changes. I gave up eating meat, dairy, oils, and all processed food. Then I did what I didn't think I could do - I gave up salt! (I's a drastic, radical step to take). Going salt-free is recommended for cirrhosis patients by many doctors. One reason I changed my diet was what I learned about hepatic encephalopathy. It is a symptom of cirrhosis that is like dementia. It is caused by too much ammonia in a person's bloodstream. You can research this for yourself to verify it. By cutting down on, or eliminating eating animal protein, you will lower the ammonia level in your blood. I've learned a lot about nutrition from books by doctor Michael Greger. All the information in his books is backed up by scientific studies which he provides. You can find him through Google. Some may disagree, but I think that a plant-based, low-fat. salt free diet is the best way to go for liver disease, especially those of us with incurable cirrhosis. If you give it a try you might find that you feel better. It's not a cure, but it is an improvement, at least it was for me.

Richard S. May 7, 2023

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2004, most likely from a blood transfusion in the late 1970's. My viral load was one of the highest the Hepatologist had ever seen with someone still walking around he said.
He offered me that day, Prozac, then a regimen over the next 9 months of pegilated interferon and riboviran which he said would cause hair loss and kidney failure, but I'd have a 33% chance of clearing it. I said no thanks. He said " then, you'll die". And asked me if I was " one of those milk thistle people"? I said I didn't know what that meant, but if it could save me without those side effects, I'd try it. I started that day, eating only organic 80% of the time, I juiced, I took milk thistle, drank dandelion root tea, ate red beets, no carbs, no alcohol, no red meat or caffeine. I got regular massages and started learning about Colonics and parasitic activity in the body. I became a colon hydro therapist, and kept up my eating regimen. In 3 months, my viral load had dropped 1/3rd. In one year, the viral load was non existent. I felt better and looked better than I had in years! Today, in 2023, I am 60 years young, in great health and have a new liver by all indications of the viral load tests and liver function tests. I continue to eat beers every weeks and take milk thistle and artichoke.
You can turn internal illness around with diet, meditation and supplementation.

Paula Stanley May 4, 2023

After testing elevated liver enzymes for 20 years, I started taking a liver supplement with milk thistle. Within a few months, my liver enzyme number came back into range. A doctor at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles, and a doctor for Kaiser Permanente were shocked that that could happen with supplements. The doctor at Cesars specifically asked me what I had taken and said he’d never seen that happen! Been taking ever since!

Chuck K May 1, 2023

Hello, I have been suffering for over 7 years now following diagnosis of ALD, variceal bleeding, liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension. I had a few major bleeds and was close to slipping away on a number of occasions due to internal bleeding. I have had a TIPS procedure in 2015 and cannot find any data on mortality. The data I can find all says the TIPS is just a bridge to a liver transplant and there isnt any data available on TIPS patients surviving beyond 5 year's. I am coming up to the anniversary of having it in for 8 years in July 2023. Can anyone offer any advice? My doctors in North Wales are not very clued up on TIPS patients and don't really understand what I am going through, thank you

Jamie Murray Mar 30, 2023

My father had Hep C for years and always got the run around. His primary doctor for years had student interns that kept running tests and telling him that he had Hep C and he should go see someone, which he never did. My wife is now a PA and helped me understand that he should have been treated and cured years ago. This is what she shared with me that I wish anyone dealing with Hep C knew. I brought this to his doctor and asked him to just follow this Hep C algorithm of ordering labs and giving him a script of Epclusa since it was covered under his Humana insurance. It took a while to get it because he was denied because the doctor wrote it for 90 days which gave a quantity limit denial, when it should have been for 84 according to the pharmacy. He paid $5/month for 3 months and has been Hep C free since covid.

James O Mar 19, 2023

I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty enlarged liver in 2015. The liver was completely covered in fat. In addition I have Gilbert's syndrome which though they say it is benign, it is condition that retards the liver from breaking down dead hormone and blood cell waste to excrete from the body. On top of that I started experiencing pain in my right side rib cage quadrant. So i had my gallbladder removed. Well it wasn't my gallbladder causing the issue because it was healthy and normal. My liver really began to suffer. So I began eating as many vegetables roasted or cooked with a little water. Mainly green leafy veggies like kale, spinach, Swiss chard. Then i read that cruciferous contains sulfur which helps the liver detox so everyday I tried to eat a serving of broccoli, Brussels, or cabbage. I only ate a little lean protein chicken, salmon, lamb or beef and then only once a day. I did eat some potato and some rice but no dairy, sugar or wheat. This was my staple meal. If i needed sweets I carried extra dark chocolate to parties with dried prune or nuts so I wouldn't feel tempted. Or a gluten free cookie alternative. Plaintain chips were a snack as well as frozen blueberry, pitaya (dragon fruit) and banana smoothies with water/ice but no sugar. Delicious! I drank dandelion leaf tea nearly everyday with hibiscus tea and green tea as well. I also took quercitin and synergy brand vit c several times a day plus 1 alpha lipoic acid and 2 milk thistle capsules at night. I also used olive leaf extract 1 capsule once a week and from time to time a liver cleanse capsule from Gaia herbs. I made my best effort to eliminate every day as well. I drank at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. I stopped using any artificial fragrance, room sprays, scents candles and dish soaps and only used natural. I tried to sit in the sun a couple times a week for 10 minutes. I worked up to all this. It didn't happen overnight. But thank the Lord my scan, bloodwork and ultrasound came back 100% healthy! It truly can be done and is really NOT as hard as it sounds! Just take it in stages. Add in the teas first. Then add in the veggies, then clean out the fake fragrances, etc. You too can heal. I'm not special. I just gave the body the extra chance to heal because it WANTS to heal and it did!! God made our bodies to heal. You can do it!

Suzanna C Jan 18, 2023

i have autoamuine hepatitis

Dec 11, 2022

I started to be unwell in 2014 had several tests as at one point my alt was around 600 I'm 57 years old and eventually was told had non cirrotic portal hypertension a rare liver condition unfortunately my condition isn't curable and is getting worse mainly congestion of the liver. I would love to know if anyone else has this condition as it is rare . I get very depressed and anxious and would feel better if someone out there could help me with any information that helps them which in turn might help me too. Wishing all you who are suffering with liver problems all the very best. Take care

angela V Nov 5, 2022

Nimekuwa mgonjwa wa homa ya ini kwa miaka mitano sasa niliambiwa tayari ni sugu

Luka Chundwa Sep 20, 2022

Just when I started school (infant/primary school) I became Ill and jaundiced. I remember that even at that young age, I was on a strict diet and Ill for a while. Later in years when getting married, my doctor advised not to use the pill as contraceptive because of my liver. I moved to the United States and living a normal life until 2013, I was really sick due to my gall bladder but was also told that I had liver cirrhosis. I was shocked. But going forward have tried to maintain my health moreover without medications unless absolutely necessary. My blood pressure medication effected my liver (apparently) and on educating myself, I now read everything as it will (long term) either effect your liver or kidneys.

I drink tea at night which consists of lemon, ginger, nettle and Detox tea bag’s with a little honey and a wedge of lemon. I brew it in a large cup and it lasts me most of the night and it is even good cold.

This combination helps, bloating, indigestion (i stopped taking Prilosec) also helps water retention. I also keep ginger beer (not ale) which is non alcoholic but actually has ginger in it, to drink on occasion if i want something tasty and fizzy. I love ginger anyway but it is very good for settling your stomach and shifting gas which causes bloating.

I also take Milk Thistle every day

To date my liver counts are good/stable.

Hope this helps. Good luck

Lynn Whittaker Sep 8, 2022

I was diagnosed with hep c genotype 1a in 2002. In the beginning, I went to UVA and the only available treatment was Pegasus interferon and ribovirin. The treatment then was 48 months and cost $155k at UVA without having insurance at that time. In 2016, I was prescribed Harvoni. Even with great insurance my copay was $1200 per month for 9 months. I am now taking the 12 week treatment of Epclusa. This is my first day and I am concerned about some of the side effects, but it’s worth it. The drug is $8500 per month without insurance. My copay is $120 per month but I was referred to a voucher company through Ingenio Pharmacy where now I only pay $5.00 per month. Talk to your doctor about Epclusa. There is a generic brand available that I take. It’s worth the tests and work to get the cost down. My only concern, as said, are the side effects. I’m 39 years old so I’m hoping they won’t be too difficult to deal with. Ask your doctor to refer you to a gastroenterologist. They will handle everything. I got my appointment and within one month I started the drug. With genotype 1a, this 12 week treatment is guaranteed 100% curable.

Sarah T Mar 15, 2022

This is about my mother and her situation she was diagnosed with bladder cancer had treatment with chemotherapy and had success with being told the cancer was gone! But found out she has hepatitis C from a blood transfusion needed from a faulty contraceptive that turned into a class law suit from thousands of woman, my mother was told they could not treat the hep C because it was to dangerous so i am wondering are there any other stories that could help her and I thank you

Bruce M Feb 22, 2022

I had no idea I had hep c, never had any symptoms at all. It was discovered in 2013 on a random blood test. being a healthy organic and active gal I refused to take interferon or do anything else but some Chinese herbs, diet, and exercise. In 2015 I took harvoni for 8 weeks ad remained totally free of any viral load. Never had a side effect, never missed a beat. It's been 7 years. Hope for the best and make it happen. hep c is curable. I had genotype 1b

pat s Feb 15, 2022

I've had Cirrhosis which is compensated for about 2 yrs. and just been diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cancer (liver tumor) after a confirmed biopsy. My reason for passing this on is my AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) blood count was only a 3.3? 0-8 is within the normal range? So it's indicative of have any cancer? Thank GOD the CT scan showed it and my VA doctor ordered a biopsy because they were befuddled?
So the point of this story is don't always rely on blood test alone!
GOD BLESS and stay healthy my Liver Support friends!

George K Jan 4, 2022

My name is Richard, 46 and although my story is one of hope and happiness it also is sad and not the rule of thumb. But good things can happen and the body is a marvel. I have always loved a drink, I like the feeling it gives me, initially it made everything fun but as the years passed and my personality altered I purely enjoyed the cerebral feeling I got even after the first glass - I would drink alone, knowing that my behaviour in public may get out of control and I have a fast mouth and a sense of humour that would make the likes of Jimmy Carr and Jim Jefferies cringe. I started drinking early on - suspended from school at 15, rusticated from university, when allowed back - my 4 year degree took 7. I continued through life drinking away, holding down relatively good jobs, moved to the states, then to Switzerland and finally back to the UK. I would finish work and go to the local pub where I would meet my partner have a couple of pints and a bottle of wine before returning home for a final bottle. Every night. I knew I was hurting myself as friends would distance themselves and my liver would hurt frequently. I knew the pain as in my late teens I went to the doctor in pain to find out that I had a swollen liver and must stop drinking. I didn't but my relationship broke down and she left with our son on fathers day. This caused me to spiral, signed off work and alone I drank ferociously all day, everyday. Then I attempted suicide and was rushed to hospital and referred to the usual suspects. That didn't work and I continued. Self harm started, hallucinations, extreme paranoia. Kept being told to admit I was an alcoholic and it would get better. Derbyshire recovery Monday (breath tested - how demeaning), Derbyshire counselling Tuesday, AA Wednesday, Private counselling Thursday, AA Friday, with my sponsor Saturday, Sunday off. All you do is talk about alcohol - no way can you get away from it. I would continue to drink until I was rushed to hospital vomiting blood and the pain was immense. This was the first time but not the last - multiple stays in various hospitals - always the same issue - vomiting blood. I had an endoscopy and it came back with precursors for oesophageal cancer, some other stuff - none of which were good and finally varices. I was told I had 5 years to go and the death would be very painful. I had a damaged liver - told I had cirrhosis but they didn't check at that point. I stayed intermittently of the booze and things improved but I would punctuate these periods of sobriety with massive binges, alone in a hotel somewhere. On the last one in Feb - I stopped drinking and 2 days later woke up in an ambulance as I had a seizure in a Sainsbury car park - alcohol withdrawal. That was in Feb 2021 and 2 weeks ago I was sent to Bristol Royal Infirmary to have an endoscopy and fibroscan. I had moved a few times so no one had a recent baseline for the state of my insides, so now I am settled the doctors needed to get that baseline. Having not drank for 9 months , eaten healthily, lots of fruit and veg, dropped some weight my body has made a remarkable recovery, one which the doctors cannot explain. So this is not a rule of thumb but a glimmer of hope - you do not know what you can recover from until you start looking after yourself! I have no varices (extremely rare result) and my fibroscan result is 2.2. It is never too late to start looking after your liver. But also, for me, stopping talking about alcohol every single day allowed me to turn a corner, to create those distractions which in the early weeks are vital!

Richard ANDREWS Oct 20, 2021

My name is Sherry and l am 60 years old in Ark. 2012 l was told l had fatty liver and l really didn't think much about it. In 2013 l felt bloated and l starting taking vit E and milk thistle and drink more water. I had a test scan on my Liver in , 2019 and it was not fatty at all. I am lucky l think all need to really think about it and keep a eye peeled on your liver and kidneys and all. God blesd

Shetry SS Oct 20, 2021

In 2013 I got extreme blood vomits and Malina, hospitalized in high dangerous condition, hemoglobin dropped to 6, diagnosed HCV + which damaged Liver badly, and now have Live Cirrhosis for the last 8 years, Live shrink and Spleen is enlarged. Then treated Esophageal Varices band ligation (EVBL) for five times and then HCV treated for 48 weeks Peg-Interferon high powered injections.

Now I left sodium in my diet and very low quantum of oil in diet. Cirrhosis is stagnant, I fee early tiredness after physical exertion, stomach filling in low meals as well, frequent headache, casual fever after physical exertion. No other serious problems.

Syed Farrukh Hyder
Karachi, Pakistan

FARRUKH HYDER Aug 16, 2021

Symptoms but no diagnosis. Very frustrating. Please note this is a very long post.

I started to feel discomfort on the right side below my ribs about a year and a half ago. It wasn't pain as such but more of a discomfort that one should not feel daily. I was drinking heavily at the time; beer, whiskey, tequila. This discomfort has now become chronic that would last for a few hours daily. I was also smoking a packet of cigarettes a day and at least two or three joints as well. I have been doing this on and off since I was 14 and am now 56 years old.

In my early forties, I went to rehab as I was really bad and the doctor told me then that I had liver damage. Of course, I stopped and this lasted for 7 years with a few relapses in between before I fell off the wagon completely and began my bad habits again. I realized that I am an alcoholic and addict.
My age now counted against me and, of course, the years and years of abuse. I am not overweight and have a mesomorph body type, not under or overweight. I do not gain or lose weight no matter how much or little I eat and over the last 30 or so years have gained/lost a maximum of 5kg/11pounds. This has also made me complacent regarding my diet and I have never watched what I ate. Junk food, MacDonalds etc almost every week, no vegetables and hardly any fruit. I drank at least 1 litre/0,26 gallons of Coca Cola a day. Homemade meals consisted of greasy fries, pork chops fried in vegetable oil etc. I seldom ate breakfast and often skipped lunch due to a lack of appetite because of my drinking. I ate a lot of chocolates and candy and drank around 5 to 10 cups of coffee a day with 2 to 3 spoons of sugar mainly to overcome my hangovers. I also went on some serious binges regularly, drinking a whole bottle of whiskey in a sitting. I alternated it with a bottle of Vodka or Gin for variety. I was invincible or so I thought.

But then in January it finally caught up with me. I tried to control it but being an addict it was near impossible. The mind is a fickle thing. At least I cut down on the hard stuff but still drank huge amounts of red wine; in a sitting on average 2 litres/4,2 pints a day three to four days in a row and sometimes even more. It now also started getting blackouts on a more regular basis and hangovers that lasted for a couple of days, feeling shaky and nauseous which got progressively worse. At the same time, my discomfort on the right increased in intensity and my lungs started to hurt from all the smoking, especially the dope, which also affected my right side. I subsequently found out that smoking does affect your liver adversely.

I googled these symptoms as I was scared to face reality. A visit to the doctor wasn't on the cards as I thought I could do this cold turkey. Who was I kidding.

On the 30th of June 2020, I finally had my last cigarette. I realized that if I didn’t change my ways I would die. I still had a joint or two now and then being under the illusion that the pain had subsided and one joint couldn't be that bad. Boy, was I wrong. I stopped drinking completely in February 2021 but did have a relapse in March and in May this year with nasty side effects. It was the last time I drank alcohol. In February I had my last greasy meal as my body had had enough and overnight my symptoms started.

I now have a permanent discomfort on my right side below my ribs a few hours a day, especially after a hot meal. I also now wake up every morning between 4 and 5 am with gut pain, not cramps, which prevents me from falling asleep again. Sometimes it feels like a hollow sensation. At the same time, I have very dry and sore eyes and a dry mouth - sicca syndrome? I sometimes also experience some itching on the bottom of my feet. All of these are in the late evening or early morning. The discomfort on the right side also happens soon after I eat and my meals are very strict – steamed vegetables, grilled chicken breast and sweet potatoes and a salad with lemon juice. I am experiencing a new symptom which is when I eat I get a constricting feeling in my throat in the area of my Adams apple, and it feels as if I can’t swallow my food. Is that from my gut?

Ok, this is probably too much information but it is relevant as I have never had this before. My urine is often very foamy and yellow. The colour could be from the Vitamin B but I cut that out for a few days and it is still the same. I also have excessive flatulence. I also wake up every night and have to go to the toilet which was never the case before all this started; now only once during the night. I sleep ok from 11 pm to 4 or 5 am and I do not need more sleep. I do however get tired in the late afternoon and often take a 20-minute power nap.

I changed my diet drastically; steamed vegetables, salads and fresh fruit almost every day. The only meat I eat is chicken breast. I stopped sugar, salt, white bread, baked goods, sweets and biscuits completely. No fried foods anymore, only grilled or baked, boiled or steamed. My snacks are celery and humus, My coffee consumption has been reduced to a max of 2 cups a day with honey. I still have milk, mainly with my breakfast oats with added raspberries and blackberries and a banana all sprinkled with cinnamon but the symptoms persist.

I finally went to a wellness practitioner who gave me a Magnetic Resonance Analysis, a relatively unknown technique. My diagnosis: I possibly have primary biliary Cholangitis, maybe some scarring, definitely liver problems (there are so many variations of liver diseases that it is difficult to pinpoint). She prescribed some Chinese herbs called Panaxea Cool Blue and Livoclear. I also started taking Milk Thistle, Vitamine B-complex and Magnesium. I'm also taking Pepsi-X for my gut as well as L-Glutamine powder and liquid probiotics as she pointed out that the scan showed I had an H-Pylori bacterial gut infection. I also started on Omega 3 tablets, Slippery Elm, Vitamin D and Ocuvite for my eyes and recently Chlorella tablets.

I now also exercise every day. I start my day doing the ‘Fountain of Youth’ yoga routine and then a cardiovascular regime - pushups, squats and back stretches, neck rotations as I do often get a stiff neck or pain between my shoulder blades. This pain I have been experiencing for years though.

Yes, my symptoms have improved ever so slightly but I needed to get a more conclusive diagnosis. Three months ago I went for blood tests and a liver function test which all came back well within the normal range. I read that this is possible with liver problems. I then went and had a liver scan/sonogram. The results did not show anything wrong with my liver, not Cirrhosis, Fibrosis or Hepatitis. Slightly swollen but no scarring whatsoever. My gallbladder and kidneys were also fine. I subsequently found out that this is also not a guarantee that there is a problem. An MRI scan was out of the question as it is too expensive.

But the symptoms continued even with a strict diet, abstaining completely from alcohol and smoking. It has been 4 months now. A really boring and strict diet. I only drink water with lemon, green tea with ginger and chamomile tea with honey. Oh, and a maximum of two cups of coffee per day. My morning routine: after a huge glass of lemon water I then drink hot water with fresh turmeric and mostly followed with a hot cup of ginger water. It clears my gut pain but it reoccurs every morning like clockwork.

I tried a process of elimination and recently tried fasting for 24 hours and four weeks later for 48 hours (ended 2 days ago) but even on an empty stomach I still experience stomach discomfort, sore burning eyes and dry mouth and discomfort on my right side. So it’s not my diet?

I have also recently started applying warm teabags of chamomile onto my eyes, drink diluted apple cider vinegar, besides extra virgin olive oil I now also use flaxseed oil when I cook and even have a tablespoon straight - all for my eyes. I'm now also using Siberian pine nut for my stomach as well as Iodine drops and drink Juniper berry tea. No improvement whatsoever. One day a 5% improvement, the next day a 10% drop.

I have run out of options and don't know what next to do. Yes, my symptoms aren't as bad as many others and I am grateful. Apologies for the long post but I needed to get all the facts down and maybe someone is experiencing similar minimal symptoms but yet this is very frustrating as it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Any bit of advice would be greatly appreciated.

Peter K Aug 12, 2021

Well before i was hepatitis c and i got operation for gallbladder throw out now have some points on my liver and felling weekness kindly tell me what kind of medicine well be Bater for me

Jul 14, 2021

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 2014 I can feel my body breaking down everday my belly is well extended my bowls are starting to collapse lord if I had one wish it would some how get a liver transplant amen

Harry P Jul 14, 2021

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 2014 I can feel my body breaking down everday my belly is well extended my bowels are starting to collapse lord if I had one wish it would some how get a liver transplant amen

Harryj Pennock Jul 14, 2021

Iv have cirrhosis of the liver this year makes 5 years still living tho im getting serious stomach swelling and now I have diabetes. Too pain in my lower belly all the time no more enjoying food lots of depression setting in. My wieght has increased too 250 lbs l dont drink alcohol beverages at all increased headaches constantly question is what can get me some relief.

Jim Pennock Jan 13, 2021

2017 January I had a liver operation
I was diagnosed with gallstones but the gallstones were inside the liver. I had no gall bladder. Since that operation I'm in pain. I went back to the doctor and he told me the pain will go away but till today in pain. Sometimes I feel as if my stomach is swollen. I'm taking milk thistle and vit c and painkillers.
I will be very happy if anyone can help me to solve this problem.

Jan 13, 2021

HI Everyone,

My name is Jon and here is my story. I'm 46 years old, and just recently (2017) became a permanent resident of Canada. I am from Northern Ireland originally, but also lived in Australia from 2002-2013. In 2008, whilst in Australia, and with my, then partner, who was a nurse, i went often for doctor visits, as my partner worked in a medical centre, so it was easy to "pop in" and see the doctor so to speak. The doctor there (who was very respected because of the amount of years he was practising as a GP) told me that i had a fatty liver, but not to worry and just lose some weight and it will be fine. I wasnt particularly overweight, but i could have stood to lose 10-20lbs. I was not, and never have been a drinker in a social sense. one bottle of beer on special occasions (such as christmas) would have been my consumption limit of alcohol. This went on for a few years, with the doctor confirming my fatty liver, but basically dont worry, live life as normal. In 2013 i was getting gallbladder attacks, and was admitted to hospital as the pain was so bad. They did an ultrasound of my liver and confirmed i had a fatty liver, but again, 6 doctors who were involved in this case, did not advise anything other than 'lose some weight'. At this time i was actually around ideal weight-size ratio, so this didnt really make any sense, and seemed the usual cut-n-paste response. I moved back to Ireland after that and everything was fine till 2016, when i became very nauseous over a 10 day period. I had lost appetite, and on one occasion i was vomiting blood and passing black stool (which i know now was blood in my lower GI). My doctor in Ireland, a GP of over 50 yrs experience, sent me for an ultrasound to the local hospital. They took at least 18 viles of blood from me over the space of a month, and confirmed everything came back as normal. The ultrasound showed the 'fatty liver' and the only issue the doctor mentioned was that my spleen had doubled in size. "Probably just an infection" he told me, and sent me on my way. I came to Canada a year later and everything was fine until October of 2020. I woke up in the night, very nauseous, and vomited blood. I was so fatigued and dizzy that i wanted to just go back to bed and sleep. My wife let me sleep for a little while, but a short while later i got up and again vomited large amounts of blood. My body then went into shock, shaking and i was freezing cold. We rushed down to our local hospital which was only 10 minutes away. Ironically, because of Covid, the ER was empty, and we were brought straight in. They quickly ascertained that my situation was out of their scope to care for, and i was transferred to one of the bigger hospitals in the city, by ambulance. From there i spoke with a Gastroenterologist who told me that the bleeding came from varices in my upper GI, and that i had lost a considerable amount of blood. He also told me that i had NASH also called Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, and that the bleeding varices were a sign of cirrhosis, and this was not good. I was kept in hospital for 3 days. I went through a procedure to band off some of the varices in my upper GI, which was very uncomfortable for 2 weeks after, and created a lot of nausea. But, at least it was better than bleeding out. I went back this week (November 23) to have four more varices banded off. I have lost almost 10kg in 8 weeks and other than nausea and some pain in and around the liver area (inflammation) i feel otherwise fine. my bloods returned as normal, except for slightly elevated Sugar levels which are being monitored. I have three doctors working with me at the moment, and all three have told me to expect the worst. It is very hard to hear this as i generally try to be an optimistic person, and working for the Catholic Diocese here in my city, i am also a man of faith, so its hard to have such pessimism from the 'experts'. But so many of these 'experts' have let me down over the years by not addressing the fatty liver issue more importantly. At this stage i am scared, and thinking that what is ahead? nobody wants to tell me. I was told i am 20 yrs under the average age of when this usually occurs in an adult, which doesnt really help me. I am hoping that i can at least slow the progression of this disease and live a longer life than doctors seem to be indicating i have, at this point. I have an ultrasound of my liver now on 8th december and i am praying that it shows less damage than i am being told.

Jon K Nov 26, 2020

I have been reading about all of you. God bless you all and I'll Pray you are doing better. I am 53 and the past 13 years have been so sick it was hard to explain how I feel to my 7 doctors. I am a FF/EMT who is trained in signs and symptoms, and have taken meds like Methotrexate for 2 years. My arms, chest, and face turned bronze , my thumbs and index and middle fingers had large red knots on them at the joint that are painful and I couldn't bend them. All my discs in my lumbar ruptured then my C5-6 in my neck ruptured, so I'm fused at both places. I also had a T tube in my R ear for infections. In Nov. 2017 I woke up with blood on my pillow having a ear bleed, and this happened 4 times Jan. Fed. March of 2018. The bleeding stopped then in May 2018 I had foamy pink spit coming out of my mouth within a hour its blood coming up. I went to the ER stayed 3 days in the hospital they did a scope of my lungs and couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. By July 2018 I lost my ability to Spell , sleep, and couldn't remember anything, I had some blood work done to check my Liver it was swelling, enzymes climbing, and I had Uveitis in both eyes. A NP at my clinic seen my blood work and had me do them 2 weeks apart twice. My enzymes still climbing. Ultrasound showed fatty liver . In the last set of tests she had ordered " Iron Ferritin" I didn't know what it was I looked it up and its iron storage. Normal level high around 200. I was 1,264.2 my body has been in "Iron Overload" for 13 years and it was poisoning me. I was sent to a chemo blood doctor who took a unit out of me and did a DNA test checking C282Y genes. It took about 2 weeks and I'm told I have Heomchromatosis. I got one gene from my mom and one from my dad who are both passed and now I know why they had the problems they did. My mom's heart failed and they didn't know why, and my dad had Liver cancer both caused by Hemochromatosis. My doctor said my children needed to be tested, I have two girls one 36 with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and I have also. My other daughter is 32 and her test came back positive also which your children should be neg. or a carrier. So now we know this runs on my Husbands side also. I went every 7-10 days for 3 months to have a unit of blood taken out. Its the only safe way to remove Iron from the body. Now I go every 3 months, and my daughter 6 months, my 13 year old granddaughter is a carrier of it. My Liver enzymes are back to normal, but still have swelling, my skin bronzing is slowly fading. The knots in my thumbs and first 2 fingers are called "Iron Hands" still have them. So I Thank God for this NP she saved my life! , and I hope when you read this if you have or know anyone with these problems ask for a "Iron Ferritin" blood test. With Love and Prayers Take Care ya'll

Tammy Kelle Nov 26, 2020

On 01/18/18 I entered the E.R at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills Ca and diagnosed with stage 4 with complications cirrhosis with complications meaning my throat was toast the esophagus was bleeding I was yellow eyes beyond recognizing my blood pressure at check in was 298/187 and as I left 5 hours later I was given a few months without transplant. I had no insurance I was unemployed and death was eminent. One Sept 18, 2018 I was told by the head liver man at Cedar Sinai I had 15 days to live for they blew my heart cath test because my valves were so shot out the didn't feel I could survive transplant and then let the approval run out and with just days to live told me it would take weeks to reschedule BUT...! For the 1st time this Dr can recall he looks me in the eye and tells me to "get up and walk out the door your liver is healed, you don't need a transplant" My liver had gone from a bilirubin of 3.9 to a 1.0 basically over night under the microscope and a MELD from 23 plus and headed to the death zone to 11 and a miracle had taken place where the LIVING GOD spoke up in my life and changed it for good. Cedars was so baffled what they did is if I were able to pass the heart test they would put me to the board and then if placed I would go on a dormant list so if anything went wrong with the healed liver I would be top on list and placed and that is exactly what happened. And life went on just fine up till last Oct 10th when a small ulcer turned into a cardiac arrest in my Apt and I dropped dead! DOA at the Northridge Hospital over a combined 10 min dead and was told I'd never be more than a veggie if I ever woke up! Well 3 days later I'm AWAKEN oh sleeper and on route to Cedars where they activated me for my MELD in death hit 27 and put me top of the list but before I could walk out of Cedars 3 weeks later learning to walk again I was back at about 150lb and feeling fantastic! But that sent my situation to the red zone and literally on Jan 6th on a Sunday they call me in out of no where and it's on! I just took a bath after sun bathing it was a nice day and my weight at this point was 165 and skin color back man I was on top! Ya right! So that night they put me in the room Howard Hughes got on the 9th floor and woo! If that was to be my recovery room wow! But no I was the back up and the next day I went home and cool with me. 3 days later "GET IN HERE!" and that was that! I received a liver on 1/9 and faster than any person in Cedars history I was out of the ER and up to the 7th floor then 5 days after that OUT THE DOOR. 8 day turn around. Jesus saved my life and I had the honor to be in the presence of God during a death experience and now I'm just past the 8th month and even with covid I'm not with mask, no flu shots, walking by faith not by sight and in perfect health almost off all my meds really. Not one issue at all out side of a per-existing bad back from years of extreme skiing and other maniac related sports and life experiences in law enforcement and construction and jobs that included fighting so my back and nervous system with neuropathy are a challenge but what I can share with diet and other sources of natural healing by way Rick Simpson's run from the cure with THC/CBD and now even more potent CBG it's amazing what can be added to the recovery that works for believe me when I say I've gone beyond what the experts say I can't and they are dead wrong in areas I wish they would humbly admit and let healing rule not the drugs and $$$ but oh well. I'm alive and I thrive I'm raising a 7 yr old grand daughter and hoping to live to take a 3 year cake for sobriety for my drinking habit was purposeful suicide that my Father in Heaven saw fit to do something about. I'm set free from a bottle of fine tequila a day up to 100 proof for over 7 years compounded with high content beer and drugs on top so NO WAY should this man stand. God is good and all time for any who call, the answer is always YES! God bless All

kevin smith Sep 12, 2020

I am taking the Hydroxyurea 500 mg tables twice a day which lead to disturbance in lever related test SGOT and SGPT serum results on higher side and above normal range I have taken the Papita seeds powder in early morning and observed these reading comes to normal. I done twice and observed it brings higher reading to within normal range

Dilipbhai Gorana Sep 3, 2020

I was told my liver enzymes number had gone up . The Dr. said I had hepatitis B .
I was so hurt when I got that news back in 2012 and I had asked her if I could get the hepatitis b shot but she told me no , saying I needed to see a gastric Dr. but that appt came later than sooner .
Years passed by before I seen a gastric Dr. I didn’t want to believe I had it so I moved to Texas for about two months in 2017.
I hadn’t been taking any kind of meds for my liver disease until I came back to my hometown.
That’s when the problem started after eating an unknown brand of peanut butter . It stuck in my throat and wouldn’t dissolve and gave me a terrible acid reflux pain .
It then got so bad that I began to swell with water in my stomach and feet’s , legs and face until I had to start getting it drained, that didn’t feel good at all if I didn’t get a good dr. who knew what they were doing . Sometimes I would leave the hospital so sore and in pain , I hated it when I got an i compassion dr, but I stated in prayer and in my faith .
They finally put me on meds called enc... something and water pills but I had to monitor my water intakes and sodium’s , which I did a good job , I must say .
I don’t know why one state will give u a shot soon as they see your liver has contacted hepatitis b and another state want , I wish she had of done what I asked her to do regardless how she felt about it , but thank the lord I have a fighting body , good soldiers in me who fight well but as I get older I wonder how long can they stay strong against this disease , I can only pray .
They need to cure this thing and I believe they can but money is more important than a cure .
I’m doing good so far , haven’t had a drainage since 2018 , I consider myself blessed and thankful and grateful for The Lords favor .
I still got it and my liver is sore and mildly hurts when I try to eat the foods I love or clothing that are to tight around my waist. I’m 65 now but I offten worries about “when” .
I hope all of you be well and regardless enjoy your life and don’t let it stop you from enjoying yourself and your family and friends, I don’t ?

Sep 3, 2020

I was told five years ago i had fatty liver disease was told to quit drinking booze . Having been drinking for forty plus years i did not quit. I now have significate scarring of my liver.The first two weeks i quit drinking and only drank fri sat.I have been taking liver cleanse supplements with milk thistle and taking tummeric and vitamin E, I know i need to quit drinking all together but im at least trying.

Daniel Johnston Aug 29, 2020

Hello everyone, I'm 43 and I have been living with liver disease for 9 years but things didn't get serious til 2016. In the beginning I was ok with a few symptoms here and there, nothing serious so I continued my unhealthy lifestyle. Then in the beginning of 2016 I started noticing I was losing weight really rapidly. By the end of the year I felt low in energy and I was really thin. I ended up in the hospital with just a third of my blood, losing a lot of it from a heavy time of the month. ( Sorry boys ) I had a blood transfusion that included 6 bags of blood and 2 plasma. I had severe anemia and developed a heart murmur because of it.
Finally going to my GI with frequency I started focusing on taking care my liver disease more actively. I did everything he asked foam endoscopes to a colonoscopy at age 40. ( thank goodness for versed! Lol) My awesome GI recommended me for a liver transplant. But this girl was very far from being out of the woods.
I got on the list but in the meantime Im suffering from ascites. Turns out I had hyperportal tension. I went from having paracentesis once a month to one a week later on. I was going to San Antonio for my liver transplant evaluation and they suggested I get the TIPS. I was so tired of missing out on things ESPECIALLY anything that had to do with my kids. Bless their hearts they were so strong throughout my many hospital stays, ( weeks at a time )doctor appts and trips to San Antonio trying to save my life.

I finally got approved for my TIPS and got it this year in May. I ended up getting admitted to the hospital before that due to my kidneys not functioning right. But they fixed me and I was good to go! Besides another 2 week hospital stay ( My legs were swollen 3xs their size) they fixed me again and after 2 weeks send me home. My body has adjusted well to the procedure and my ascites is non existent. I have this sudden surge of energy I had not felt in 2yrs! I don't feel useless anymore. My kids have their Mom back and my husband his wife. I might not be 100% but I thank God everyday that I have life and I'll take whatever % he grants me.
Don't ever lose your faith and continue the to fight for your life. Take care you all!

Lori G Aug 4, 2020

Stage 3 liver. Cirrhosis my ribs hurt at night I never swim in between them my belly hurts all day and all night

May 20, 2020

Hi I have stage 4 autoimmune hepatitis. My ALT went up to 788 but with medication came down to 50 after 6 months or so. I take my prescribed medication, lots of exercise and supplements like Turmeric, milk thistle fresh bluberries and indian green berries(amla). I am now leading a normal life but no alcohol

Vino Saab May 14, 2020

I was detected a hcv positive case in 2011.First detected HCC on 2015. Started treatment like RFA with oral chemotherapy (sorafenib). Liver cirrhosis detected in 2016 operation for partial resection of right lobe of liver on 8 March,2026 at UPMC hospital Pittsburgh. But resection was not done due because liver looked cirrhotic.operation cancelled, instead doctor advised for TACE. TACE done consewutively for 3 occasion.cancer shrnked. Since then on continued nexavar tab for two years.But AFP fluctuates. Lastly SBRT done AGH hospital, Pittsburgh on April,2019. Rpeat SBRT done on January,2020. Now not talking any oral chemotherapy for I can't tolerate the side effects . Now only taking immunity booster medicine 'biobran' one chachet daily. Liver function markers were initially high toward 2009 to2016. Now the markets are in normal range including all umon, bilirubin and prothrombin time with INR. I'm now living normal life almost. Can eat, walk daily for 90 minutes, do normal household jobs. Due to repeated TACE left liver hypertrophied but without any problem. Right is atropied and it's function taken up by compensatory hypertrophied left lobe.This is one of the marvellous regenerative properties of liver for which I have been still maintaining normal life even with coexisting HCC and cirrhosis of liver.. May Allah bless us all.

Abdur Rashid Dewan Apr 16, 2020

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Autoimmune hepatitis which led to cirrhosis of the liver. I was scared when I was told I would probably end up on the liver transplant list. I was not willing to accept that I had no other options. I sought alternative medicine and was given hope for the first time. I followed a rigorous program for two years with a functional medicine doctor. My last MRI /MRE showed no cirrhosis. Only mild fibrosis! I have gotten a second chance through functional medicine.

Karen D Apr 7, 2020

I found out I had Hep C about 20 years ago and unfortunately then the treatment was so harsh. I refused interferon and ribiviran at the time and was monitored by my GI MD every 6 months. I had a liver biopsy along with yearly MRIs. After years of refusing treatment Harvoni came along. Still reluctant to try my fabulous GI MD assured me it was likely to work. Well after 12 weeks I cleared the virus and 4 years later am happy and healthy.
I thank god for this medication and while on it I felt like super women. Literally no side effects. I was blessed my insurance covered it. I pray for all others to get treatment

Cathy F Feb 18, 2020

Hi about 5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Liver Disease or Autoimmune Hepatitis. I do not have a virus, I do not drink alcohol and I never have. I don't know how this happened to me? The Gastroenterologist wanted me to go on chemo type drugs and steroids and I refused, so she said she could no longer be my Doctor. So I have been trying to help myself with going Keto/Low carb and taking supplements and getting more exercise. Within a year my numbers kept going down to where my GP said that according to my blood work I no longer had liver disease and my blood work showed I was no longer a borderline diabetic. But I still got pains in my liver and pancreas and was itchy, and my stool was still somewhat light? I fell off the nutrition wagon and I still have liver disease and insulin resistance. It's been a rough year and now I am getting my life in order again and have just started low keto carb again. When I am following this diet, I feel good, I have energy, and I feel hopeful. Last Christmas I ate sweets and pastries that were offered, thinking I would just binge for the holidays, but I became addicted again and indulged totally for the last year and all my blood work that showed AIH and diabetes came back. I am now back on track with Liver supplements, Keto and intermittent fasting and will continue to do so. Hopefully I will get my health and the hope that I can be well back again.

Donna M Nov 19, 2019

In the year 2014 my wife saw that her stool was of Black colour.She kept mum. Again next day she saw her stool was Black. She was scared and told me. I did not took it very serious and so I console her. But soon she started being Fatigue and used to remain usually tired. I consulted Cardiologist who, after having came to know as to what had happened, asked to admit in the hospital. Next day he took Endoscopy, give 3 bottles Blood and kept her there for few days till she was well. Few tests were also done there.Then he diagnosed her a patient of Hep. B. We were much shocked and were worried as to how this can happened. There was no family history of this disease. My wife is totally vegetarian and she even does not take opinion and consuming liquor we cannot think of it. This is how she became HBV patient.

Later on, she started blood omitting, Black stool and Endoscopy and Glu injection was only treatment besides giving other medicines..

On Jan.2014 she started blood omitting. We rushed to Hospital where she went for Endoscopy and Glu was injected. But soon it failed and blood was filled in her stomachem, severe cough started. Again she was rushed for Endoscopy but finding no relief Dr. came to me at about 2.30a.m. at night and was very worried. He narrated the whole incidence and suggested that her condition is very critical as we have not been able to stop her blood. He then consulted the Seniors who advised to immediately go in for TIPS procedure. I also gave my consent. Then all this procedure was done, MRI was done and she remained in hospital for next next week also.

Now she is feeling better then before. We visit hospital at regular interval for check up. Since 2014 she is constantly taking lot of medicines without fail. Main medicine is ENTECAVIR.

Now she very weak looking as her body is squeezed. She is unable to walk more, Fatigue, sometimes Feverish, strict to limited food and living a life of Uncertainty at the Mercy of GOD.

Om Sharma Oct 8, 2019

Hey... my name is Michael and I’ve never done anything like this before I don’t usually like to talk about it but if my story can help or give hope to one person it’s worth my shyness anyway I was an I V drug user and alcoholic for many many years I was changing colors and everything if it wasn’t for the mother of my children who is also my beautiful girlfriend of 23 years forced me to go to the hospital I knew I had hep c already had it since 17 years old im 38 now so I’m in the hospital no insurance no drugs and pretty much aggravated the dr came back in and told me his boss told him to put out if I can’t pay but he said to me “I would never be able to live with myself if I send you home he basically said I have severe cirrhosis and hep c.. he said that I wouldn’t live another 2 years my girlfriend stepped up and took care of me i mean took care when I was so swollen I couldn’t get dressed or take a shower by myself... so while I was in the hospital for the first time out of many many times I my the nicest girl I’ve ever met ( Besides my sweet girl) she was in accounting we became friends and I told her how I couldn’t get any help so she told me to give her my info and she’ll call next thing I know I’m getting assistance there was nothing worse for me not to be able to work so now I can contribute any way went through severe depression and a few slip ups many visits to all kinds of of doctors almost gave up a few times but my wonderful family held me up no matter what kind of Attitude or how much I attitude I gave them... sorry let me speed it up my insurance paid for my teeth to get done and I started to feel better about myself I am very spiritual I meditate every day and And didn’t stray from God I’m not out the woods yet but I just finished my hep c treatment and I’m all clean of the hep c now my cirrhosis meld score dropped so low that they keep sending me for extra tests because my numbers are so good still can’t work and will have to be on meds forever and might be a transplant in the future if I don’t take care of myself I’m living on over a year of borrowed time and I live every day of my life like that sorry for rambling but it really felt good to share that if anyone wants to talk message me no matter what time or day it is thank you and God bless

Mike B Aug 18, 2019

I was diagnosed with HCV in 2009, probably had this disease for 30 years. My first dbl therapy treatment in 2010 FAILED. In 2012 triple therapy with incivek did the trick. Right in the middle of the 48 week treatment, I came down with HCC, (males in their 50's are most prone. A laparoscopic liver resection on my left lobe(removal #3 & #4 sections). Five years cancer free, in 2018 HCC showed up again on my right lobe #8 section inoperable, a relative new treatment was the only option TACE or Y90. After 3 more surgeries I was cancer free again. Today I take liver supplements, krill oil, super beets and multi vitamin. My lifestyle is active and I do work out on my total gym daily and now my new normal is an MRI every 3 months. Yes there is hope on the horizon with these embolization treatments but early detection is your best option, keep healthy, active with a good diet and obese free!!

pete d Aug 18, 2019

After 27 years of Service in the Army, I was ready for retirement and all the "good" life it brings with it....I did so and shortly after retirement I got this contractors job for Overseas that required all this lab test to get in this job......Thinking that I just retired from the service and they cleared me on my last physical exam, I was ready for this.....After my lab results came in that's when I found out that I was Hep C positive and my world just collapse in front of me.....I was the healthiest man in this Army and now I have WHAT.......How it was possible that after all this years they couldn't diagnose me ???? Now I,m without a medical cover and no where to turn... I spent two years trying to figure out what was the best course of action to take for me to get cure...I intensely read and research all about Hep C treatments and new drugs in the market until all these new medicine staring to came out, but at a great expensive prices that I couldn't afford... Luckily I went to my nearest VA Hospital and got referred to a great Doctor that did listen to me on for what I didn't want the old ribavirin and interferol method for the after effects and painful treatment it was like chemo-like side effects. .....Until the new Ledipasvir and sofosbuvir pill came out and was approved to be use at the VA foe free....So far my viral load is normal and no liver damage or tissues.....Just re-arranged my life to a better healthy one, because life gave a second chance to live longer......

Gus G Aug 15, 2019

I suffer from NAFLD but have also recently been diagnosed with GERD /gastric reflux decease
I have been prescribed Ranitidine for this I am worried that it might make my cirrhosis worse has anyone got any info as can’t find much on line

James Jackson Jul 29, 2019

Hi my Name Is Norm and I have to be honest about myself I grew up in and around Detroit city, and before I was old enough to drink that's what started me on the wrong path that led to contract hep c its a huge mistake to share the needle with someone I've experienced that first hand my brother Tom died of barbituate poisoning he is my second oldest brother, and just a few months later my oldest brother died of an over dose of methadone and alcohol. So anyway i want to tell you as long as you have breath there always hope and I'm living proof that no matter what trial you may be up against theres a light at the end of your tunnel! I treated 4 times on interferon, riboviarin that stuff is hard to take and that was over a twenty year period, and got to where I reached stage four liver disease , and since it had been improved some how it finally irradiated the virus on the last bout. The treatment now being offered is much more efficient and easier to take, one thing you need to do be kind to yourself, and only ingest things like fruits and veggies and things that you know that are good for you, and learning to take better care of yourselves and start being obedient to God's Word and confess your SIN in order to be forgiving of them and that times of refreshing may come for his promise to be fufilled and that you will be made perfect in his son Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life on our behalf, for it is written that he who knew no sin became sin for us that we may become the righteousness of GOD in Him.

Norman A. Jun 25, 2019

I contracted Hep C in 1969 in an 8-pint blood transfusion following the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy. Interferon did not work for me in 1990-91 so I had to create a way to survive until a cure came along. Between the Interferon and a cure in 2015 with Harvoni, I kept going by eating 90% organic, taking a variety of Chinese and other herbs, receiving acupuncture, doing things I loved to do that were healthy and creative, abstaining from alcohol and other drugs, drinking at least a cup or two of coffee daily, gardening, dancing, resting when fatiguedn, loving deeply and committing myself to living. A major turning point in how I felt about having a life-threatening illness arrived when I befriended the virus that had become part of me by living within my DNA. I made a deal with it. Because it couldn't live without me, I told it it had to co-habit with me and not kill me. After that I calmed down considerably about my situation until I decided to take Harvoni which I knew might kill my problematical bodymate. It did. I just realized while writing this I ought to give it a proper funeral. I learned so many important life-lessons while ill that I have gratitude for having the experience in spite of the long list of pain and losses on the other side of the column.

O\'Neill L. Jun 25, 2019

I have been living with Hep C for almost 20 years but have managed to work the whole time...I did research on the different supplements and used a tea mixture that helped tremendously. Just recently I was put on sertraline for depression and it is helping with that but I am feeling more of the symptoms of my Hep C , I think from the extra strain the medication is putting on ,my liver. I just recently quit my job after 18 years and now I am making my Hep C a priority. Im not sure where to begin because the medication is expensive . I found out that there are programs that can help pay for the medication because it can be expensive so I wrote a letter but I havent heard back yet, so Im still looking.

Audra C Jun 19, 2019

In 2006 my oldest son passed away with full blown liver cancer which the Dr. said it started from HTB, then I was diagnosised with HTB in 2013 ,then they said I gave it to him, which was a lie cause they didn't hear the whole story and no he wasn't gay . I didn't want to believe it when I heard it. I walked out the office in somewhat of a daze. Since that day I began to study upon it and learned that there isn't a cure. My system didn't get worse until 2017 when I swelled with water in my stomach and had to have it drained from March til August, I had taken control over my sodium no can or process foods and no more draining fluids out... What a relief! I'm not great but I'm doing a whole lot better. I have always seemed to be a spiritual person and my faith keeps me positive. I recall when lepers was considered a death sentence but when The Lord called MOSES to the mountain and demonstrated to him the Power he (The AlMIGHTY) has over all deasese, that's when my own faith seemed to had taken root into that scripture. I read,, He Is The Same Lord Then As HE is Now. There is Hope even though it's a daily fight, I got hope because I know now where the root of my Faith for a cure is at, it's at the top of the mountain where the burning bush is at, In The AlMIGHTY. ?

Rosie A Jun 11, 2019

Just recently I got a clear ultrasound and great blood tests for fatty liver disease. My advise is to eat super clean and not give in to pressure to eat otherwise. Also, NEVER give up on trying to overcome it. It took me 2 years to get good results. To fix this problem, I took Milk Thistle, glutathione and berberine. If I ate poorly one day, I got myself back on track the next day. The key is to give your liver a rest by avoiding gluten and trying to eat organic food. Dandelion tea and artichokes (bitter vegetables) really helped me. Take care.

Karen L. May 10, 2019

I was diagnosed in 2017 with NASH. I had a liver biopsy due to my liver enzymes were very high (700). I do not take any medications. I am overweight by 20lbs. My liver biopsy was normal. In 2018 I had a liver scan and I had no damage to my liver. I went on a low carb diet and did a 4 day juice cleanse. I stopped drinking coffee and drank organic apple cider vinegar (2 table spoons with a cup of water) every morning and night. I also took milk thistle and Vitamin E. I lost 20lbs. and my liver enzymes were normal all of 2018. Now 2019 I gained weight again and my liver enzymes are elevated but not as high.

Sandra D Apr 25, 2019

Hi, to everyone out there who had a botched gallbladder surgery. I have been in pain since July 2018. My liver enzymes were off the charts. The surgeon who spent 6hrs to repair my liver said that this would probably be my new normal. The last specialist that I went to said that if they continued to stay high I could get Liver Fibrosis or Cirrhosis. Not acceptable! I started on a Liver Detox with Milk Thistle, Licorice extract, selenium, choline, peppermint extract and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine just to name a few. Started on this product and the ALk Alkaline Phosphatase dropped 200 points in three months. I had a deformity where my gallbladder was attached to my liver. and the surgery left a whole in my liver. My stomach was dissected to re attach everything so my liver would function. All the opiates that I had with the acetaminophen for one month I blame for my abnormal liver function. But doing research I found out that DGL Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract coats my stomach and eases the pain. Peppermint tea also helps and different varieties are stronger than others. Beets, radishes, milk thistle and peppermint all thin the Bile in the ducts and help me with pain too! Green tea also helps with Liver Fibrosis. All the local specialist were covering each other and were no help at all. They just gave me meds that made me worse. When I found out from reading the last surgeons report that he had spent 2 hrs to cut away the scarring which is Fibrosis I decided to make an appointment at The Mayo Clinic. The pain comes and goes and am eating organic and fresh fruits and veggies, legumes [ beans ] all kinds for protein. Chicken and fish both settle. I believe they over dosed me with the Acetaminophen and that is what really hurt my liver. The AST and ALT enzymes are almost back to normal. These 2 enzymes show liver injury but I am struggling with the ALK enzyme. At the Mayo Clinic soon and will post again when I know more. Do your research it has helped me and given me hope and the strength to fight for my health and Life!

Pat B Apr 10, 2019

I am Doctor surgeon having 62-years of age. I checked my LFTs which shows ALT equal to 170
My Hepatologist asked me to do your Uotrasound and also Liver scan. The picture shows Liver disease stage IV but I have no symptoms of ascites, nausea, vomiting or loss of diet, Hepatologist has advised many tests because I am not smoker or drinker. In all tests result was as; HCV & HBsAg negative, ANA, ASMA are negative. But I wish to tell you that I am controlled diabetic 2 since 1993.

Dr. Ijaz S. Apr 2, 2019

I have had severe pain in my liver for 7 years since I had my gall bladder removed.. I have fatty liver and a large cyst on my liver.. I tried everything to heal it.. Lately I started using YHK.. A herb from Japan.. Im not fully healed.. But the pain is getting better.. I will order some more and keep using it..

rhonda myers-erskine Mar 13, 2019

I was diagnosed with The dreaded Hep C virus ? in 1997 I will never forget I had went to the GP for a blood panel just like a body MOT liver, kidneys, Thyroid Glands, etc and I remember when the results came back he wasn’t happy with my ALT levels just liver enzymes but are a solid indicator your white blood cells are at work fighting something in your blood like a virus 3 attempts and he sent me off to the Gastroenterologist or Hepatologist as they didn’t normalise and he could not find the logic behind my liver enzymes being so high as I didn’t drink much a couple of beers at the weekend, after 14 blood samples approximately half a pint of my blood they gave me the results weeks later I had the Hep C I couldn’t understand as only hepatitis I knew of was Hep A which is known as infectious hepatitis and goes away no problem with proper diet and rest and the other serum hepatitis which is Hep B a bit more serious and takes about 4 weeks to 2 months to clear out of the body, they offered me peg interferon and Ribavirin but said because it was early days and I was only 40 yrs old I would be good for 10 to fifteen years as long as I abstained from alcohol and junk food, I knew then the treatment was not for me as I went to Waterstones bookstore and ordered a copy of Matthew Dolans Hepatitis C Handbook and educated myself on everything to do with the virus and the digestive system the book is a plethora of information on the virus I think he’s wrote 4,more since 97 as that many strains have appeared A, B, C,D E, etc it’s unreal as the years rolled on I would goes for bloods twice a year and abdominal scans which I kept up for a couple of years then I’d get fed up and skip years due to work and moving around fast forward to 2015 this new Hepatologist is on the scene at the Hospital and he’s telling me I now have liver fibrosis but it’s not to bad but could progress to scerosis if not treated with his cocktail of and Riba and peg intaferon most of the people I knew went through this treatment only to come out much worse off that they were before treatment and the biggest percentage couldn’t finish the treatment due to its horrible side effects, this was now the time the trillionaire drug company Gilhead had put a price tag on their cure of $100,000 for a 12 week course of their magical cure which really sickened me they were playing God with peoples lives I think their was approximately 180 million people with this killer virus and this drug company didn’t and couldn’t care less about who was eligible for treatment and who was not, I couldn’t sit back and watch myself shed my mortal coil and let these people get the upper hand so on January 2017 I did some research and found Monkmed who were accessing and getting magnificent results using generic medication they are based in Hogwoth Tasmania and after a load of jumping through legal loopholes and form filling, and talking to the great Dr James Freeman he wrote me 2 prescriptions one for Sofisbuvir and Daclisbuvir it’s known as Sof And Dac for short he told me take 2 tablets one after the other either before bedtime or first thing in the morning I thought nighttime makes more sense as your body is busy carrying out repairs when you are sleeping plus if their was any side effects I wouldn’t know or feel them as I’d be sleeping never felt better after 4, weeks in to the treatment he also told me they the Australians stopped using Interferon and Ribavirin in 2006 as it done more damage to the double helix ? as it got right into to yourvDNA and created havoc that why I told my Expert Hepatologist I was not one bit interested in his treatment he was only trying to get rid of excess stock that the NHS had bought a bulk load of useless treatment so it put his nose out of joint but he still to this day can’t look me straight not congratulate me on my almost 2 years clean and the virus is completely gone and my liver enzymes have all normalised and I feel I can move on and enjoy my life the treatment cost me $1500 Aussie dollars $80 dollars for the Skype session with the GP in Tasmania and you get 20 minutes not like Here in the U.K. 5 minutes and it’s next please if anybody wants any information on who I spoke to and how to get in touch to access treatment I’d be happy to help, but things have moved on in our favor as you can get one tablet that will cure every genotype 1,2,3,4,5,6, 9 weeks and your viral load will be exterminated from millions to zilch never give in and don’t always think the doctors are always right I work with Gas and we have to sit exams every 4 years and the pass rate is ? % GPS only need 87% and that’s considered a pass it’s makes you wonder were told your dealing with gas and explosions people’s life’s are at risk ? What are GPS doing I now it’s a 10 year hard slog of learning but makes you wonder your life is literally in their hands? What if I never sourced that treatment myself I’d probably be on the transplant list for a liver God Bless everyone who had this virus ? or is on treatment or thinking of treatment or struggling with which road to take go with your heart not your head any questions are most welcome. Peace and love to all who are carrying this horrible virus ? it will be eliminated but it’s going to take time at least it’s getting a bit easier to get treatment than when they handed me a death sentence. Regards JA

John Aitken Feb 26, 2019

My hepatitis c was discovered when donating blood at age 40 as I was told I could not be a donor anymore My daughter had a blood transfusion when she was 4 and contracted. Neither of us knew till years later. Anyhow. I have been. Lucky as I have never had any elevated enzymes. And not been sick. Just the normal tired. But at 69. I guess I am doing very well. I started doing coffee enemas about 5 years ago and I truly believe they have made a difference. I do up to 3 a week and they cleanse the liver So I am lucky

Feb 17, 2019


FRED R Feb 11, 2019

I am now 48 years old but at the age of 21 I was diagnosed with B.R.I.C. which stands for benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis. My bile ducts get blocked about once a year for about four months.

If anyone know anything about treatment, causes, cures or what triggers this please let me know.

Thank You,

Charles H. Jan 28, 2019

I am here to tell you not to give up. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2003. I started with a stage 2 liver drawers. 15 years later I developed cancer in the liver and that shot me up on the transplant list. 8 months later I got a call from the Hospital. They had a liver for me. Two months ago I had the surgery and I am doing fanstastic. I just keep following all the rules and don’t miss my medications. With God on my side I will live a normal healthy life. God willing
So I am here to tell you to keep the faith
There is a lot more to my story but I don’t have the time right now to tell you.
All I can say is it was a blessing from above.

Joe Flores Jan 24, 2019

In 2017 I was told I had cirrhosis of the liver i got worse and worse.I was having my stomach drained every few months and it came to the stage where I was having my lungs drained every other day. I was told I could go on the liver transplant list on the 3rd of january 2018 and on the 21st of February I had that phone call to say a ambulance was on its way to pick me up and was rushed to hospital as there was a liver waiting for me.The transplant went ahead with no problems until I caught septic bacterial meligitis and was seriously ill went to intensive care for a while and it affected my heart and kidneys but came out on top in the end thank god. My message to you all never give up keep fighting xx

Joanne T Jan 15, 2019

I was infected with Hep B at age 11. My father died of Hep B, so I helped care for him and watched him die of this cruel disease. I have lived with Chronic Hep B and in 2000, my viral load went very high. I began taking medication to reduce the inflammation. I have been on three different medications. I currently take Viread. After two very painful biopsies, depression, mental lethargy and changing my diet, my friend who is an RN and into natural remedies, linked me to a Peruvian herb called HERCAMPURI. I did my research. It fights Hep B and is a virus killer. Now, I believe that God has given us every herb to heal us. This is one. I seroconverted from Hep B in 2008. I still take the Viread, however, when my doctor stated that they could not find it in my system, I cried like a baby. All I could say was, "Praise the Lord." I believe this root has been very beneficial in my seroconversion. I order it online, and boil water, and use about one teaspoon to steep for about 15 minutes. It tastes extremely bitter, but I drink it and will do anything to stay healthy. I hope this helps those of you reading. I read so many testimonies and am praying for everyone. Your health means EVERYTHING. Blessings.

Diane P. Jan 15, 2019

In 2011 I went to the emergency room for some pain. I was given 72 hours to live. I was in liver failure. They sent me to 4 different hospitals around Florida with no results as to why. Finally they sent me home on hospice care. My central nervous system started to shut down and I became a quadrapalegic. Slowly I started to get better learned how to walk again and graduated from hospice. It is now 2019 I have nerve damage in my hands and feet but that is about it. I am off all 20 medications that they had me on. Which i believe did more harm than good. I do not take any over the counter meds whatsoever except 500 mg of Ibuprofen (only if in dire need).

Crystal Sloan Jan 11, 2019

I don't have a personal story but we just found out something is up with my husbands liver after he went for tests for something else. We are currently waiting to see a specialist to find out exactly whats going on so we can move forward. He is only 26 and we have a 4 year old son and 19 month old daughter. He is pretty calm saying he isn't going to worry until he is told there is something to worry about, but I am freaking terrified, we have been together 10 years and I can't lose him. What do I do in the meantime? How do I stop panicking. :'(

Stephany Zechel Dec 19, 2018

I had been on the transplant list for 10 years but Hansen stable. My male score was always 12 to 15. But 10 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer in my liver. I had a mass of 3.5 cm. 3months later it grew to 5.9 cm and I had a radiation treatment. The mass stunk back to 3.1 cm two months later I had chemo and then it stunned to 1 3 cm. I was scheduled for another chemo treatment in December. But on Thanks giving morning I got a call from the transplant hospital. You have 3 hours to get to the hospital we have a Liver for you. Within one hour of arriving at the hospital I was on my way to the OR for the transplant team was ready for me. 10 hours later I was recovering from. Successfull operation. Thank the Lord. After 7 days in the hospital I was released. 1 week later I had my first follow up. And every thing is going great. It has been a life changing expireance but I am so grateful for a new lease on life. First of all I want to give thanks to the Lord ,the Doctors,the transplant team, my wonderful wife,my family for their support.

Joe F Dec 13, 2018

I get small outbreaks of psoriasis on my elbow and one big toe and I apply an Organic liver formula and it goes away.

I strongly believe psoriasis and liver function are connected

Ellen K Dec 11, 2018

I wanted to blog about my experience with my Mom and the events leading up to her liver transplant.
She had a rare side effect to her liver failure that seemed to perplex her hepatologists and led to a treatment path that was near deadly.
Liver failure patients often experience problems regulating sodium and experience hyponatremia or low sodium saturation. The treatment for this is almost always fluid restriction. The sodium saturation number goes up after fluid restriction if that is what is causing the hyponatremia. In my Mom’s case she had refractory ascites which is fluid in the abdomen and refractory because of the large volume that did not change with treatment. At one point she was draining 3 liters a day of ascites. This is typically caused by an increased pressure in the vascular system. However, her ascites was pink in color and was chylous in nature. Chylous ascites comes from the lymphatic system and is different from the typical ascites caused by vascular pressure.
It appears that the combination of chylous ascites and the refractory nature caused the hyponatremia. It was dehydration or hypovolemic hyponatremia. There was a correlation between the removal of an IV and a severe crash cycle and negative feedback loop where her physicians were trying to treat the low sodium with fluid restriction which only depressed the sodium further.
Unfortunately, they were not the ones to discover the pattern and it took a great amount of effort and pressure to get the team to listen. Luckily, I was able to convince one of the hepatology team physicians to review the crash cycles and intervene when necessary. It was also difficult because the team rotated each week and some of the doctors were not so open minded.
There were several times where she was a day away from certain death and it took a great deal of patience and forceful negotiations to convince them to intervene. Trying to convince an entire team of specialists to give IV fluid to a liver failure patient (fluid can be dangerous by overloading the system since the liver is already stretched in accommodating the fluid in the body hence ascites) must be done by presenting a valid, unemotional, well thought out argument. It also needs to be backed up by data and since in my mom’s case there wasn’t any online I decided to write this blog in the hopes of helping others.
The result was enough intervention to get my Mother a liver transplant (Live Donor Transplant from my brother) and as of 11/26/2018 is doing very well and in near perfect health.
When I spoke to the team post-transplant they informed me that patients like my Mom most likely pass away quickly since the condition dangerous and counter intuitive to the current treatment of fluid restriction. This combination of Chylous refractory Acites is rare and there is no data, training, or feedback to update their treatment modalities.
Although I won’t mention individual doctor names in the blog, if you encounter this and need help convincing the medical staff to take appropriate action, let me know and I will get you in touch with the doctors that best understood the condition and took appropriate action to compensate.

Jonathan F. Nov 27, 2018

I had blood transfusion at the age of 6. I m now 38. I was diagnosed with hep c in 2018 and got cured with DAA in 3 months. I would say if your hep is without cirhosis, there is 100% cure. Myhep all is the drug i took for 3 months. May allah bless me and you all.

Nov 24, 2018

In 1987 I was given the hep C virus from a blood transfusion during a back surgery that was precipitated by a 16 foot fall. I have the most aggressive or hardest to get rid of. I think it's type 1. My enzyme levels have (SPT,SGT) have hovered near 200 and viral load stayed at 2.5 million for a couple decades until I started taking milk thistle (UltraThistle), Vit C and selenium. That combination dramaticallt reduced the mental confusion and my viral load to 600,00. However the enzyme levels never budged. I recently came across a product I am anxious to try that I found at yhktherapy(dot)com. It works specifically to lower the enzyme levels. I am hoping other will try it and report their results back here like I plan on doing. It sounds promising and I look forward to the results. Although I have not suffered any harsh symptoms of the virus I think it is prudent to manage the enzyme levels (inflammation) for long term health. I hope one day there is a safe way to kill off the virus, but for now these are the best treatments I have found. I am not in favor of drugs, although they may work for some, it's a personal choice. I believe not even drugs can kill every last virus in the body and in time it returns which requires recurring treatments. Drugs don't have a good long term record, so I will continue living with the aspect of managing the virus with what God provides. Ultimately my trust is in Him. Best wishes to all my fellow carriers fighting the battle.

Thomas F. Oct 31, 2018

Hi everyone. My story is long like everyone else's. I've been blessed to be living as I was diagnosed at age 17 with autoimmune hepatitis with cirrhosis.
I saw a lot of questions and concerns on here by others and I completely understand. I had and still have questions about treatment options and alternative methods to treat the pain that is often a side effect of prednisone or the condition itself. May God bless everyone on this site. I know we've all been through a lot and are looking for answers to our many questions. Please hold on and find things that make YOU happy. Please everyone read below for helpful tips especially Sonya S. Be blessed everyone!
To Sonya S.: God bless you and your family. I know you must be scared. It really helped me to regulate my diet. I lowered my sodium intake to about 2000mg per day maximum, I carefully read food labels, I cut out processed foods, I exercise in moderation with caution so I don't overexert myself (it's important to pay attention to how your body feels; if you get winded then rest), I don't drink alcohol at all. I mostly eat fruits, veggies, chicken, turkey, fish, use onion & garlic powder and Italian seasoning for cooking, eat plain yogurt with honey, and I eat lots of kale. Blueberries are great antioxidants by the way. I also take my meds as prescribed. This has all seemed to help me stabilize my health. For pain in my muscles, I dilute 50 drops of peppermint oil (found at Walgreens) into 100ml if Grapeseed oil (found at Walmart) and massage into the muscle. Also Gurunada (brand at Walmart) has a "Calm Muscle" essential oil blend that works wonders when diluted in carrier oil (grapeseed oil)! Walmart has a bodywash, "Village Naturals Muscle and Pain Relief" that works well also for muscle pains. I hope this is helpful info to you and your husband and anyone else who may need this info. God bless y'all!

Alexis H Oct 26, 2018

I havent posted in a while..last time i posted my husband had locked himself in the bathroom and EMS had to get him out. Since then it has become too much for me. Too much sickness and hospitals frequently. He developed HE severely and was once again admitted to the hospital. From there it was decided to place him in home care. AMAZINGLY he is still living. Has ascites, swollen legs and feet., doesnt want to be drained so i try see him every other day and still work. We live about 1& half hrs away. Even that takes its toll. I keep wondering if ive done the RIGHT thing. A couple days ago the nurse told me he had a couple weeks. He was on oxygen has a hard time breathing because of the ascites. When i see him it breaks my heart but i rise to the occasion. Thought he was going to leave me a couple days ago so i spent the night in his room. He slept all night but the next night he had energy like you wouldnt believe.. Was it because he wasnt given his regular meds..i dont know. Im just wondering if anyone has their lived one in home care..The rollercoaster of this disease is like from hell. Wouldnt wish it on ANYONE..My heart goes out to you and your caregivers.

Jackie A. Oct 20, 2018

I am a "walking, talking miracle", according to Hepatologists, as I am apparently amongst the 2-10% of lucky ppl whom have COMPLETELY eradicated the Hep C virus from my body within 10 months of contracting it, AU NATURELLE!!! I was also an alcoholic so the odds should not have generally been in my favour, however, as soon as i was diagnosed, **I WENT ON A BEETROOT & CARROT JUICE DIET!** i drank litres of it each day & am still 100% clear, 8 yrs after!! I also believe that doctors are synthesising a cure from the blood of such ppl as myself. Therefore, cld it then be said that our blood wld simply cure others infected, if they are to catch within first 12-24 months?? You be the judge!!! LOVE & LIGHT!!! XxxX

Lana D Oct 17, 2018

I am feeling joyous and thankful today! I just found out that the Hep C virus is no longer detectable! I started out with a viral load of over 4 million when I was diagnosed.
I am going on 67, and found out in early August 2018 that I had Hep C. What a shock! Looking back, I can think of many instances where I could have contracted it: snorting drugs in the early '70's, a tattoo, minor medical procedures that involved injected sedation, and who knows? I was born 2 months premature, back in the '50's and probably had needle sticks back then, plus all those pleasant vaccines and penicillin shots as a kid...
I am very health conscious, and for some intuitive reason, have taken a liver/gall bladder tincture for at least a dozen years. That must have helped! And then, as soon as I got the diagnosis, I did research and started on Turmeric, NAC ,Alpha R-Lipoic Acid , Maximum Milk Thistle, Selenium and Liv.52, plus started juicing more. I wasn't going to take any drugs!
Long story shorter...Got wonderful guidance at a clinic that specializes in HIV and Hep C. And I went onto a drug called Mavyret. They have such wonder-meds these days - not like the Dark Age Interferon. I had no side effects (drank lots of water and exercised and ate healthy) and now, halfway through my 8 weeks, I am free of that awful virus in my blood.
I still have another 3.5 weeks to go on the medication, and then will be tested a couple more times. If I'm still clean by the end of January, I'm deemed 100% cured!!!
I watched my brother die last year, of cirrhosis (stemming from 30 years of having Hep C). The most loving thing I can do, in his memory, is cultivate a vibrantly-healthy liver. My liver is in pretty good shape, considering how long I've probably had this virus. But as soon as I get off Mavyret (I had to stop taking my supps when I started the drug - not because there is anything wrong with them, but because the drug is so new, they haven't tested herbal etc. supplements that might counteract the effectiveness of the drug) I will dive back into my nutritional support, to help my liver get REALLY healthy again.
I believe that reparation is possible, with great, targeted support. I would recommend the above supplements, a very healthy diet, moderate exercise and juicing such things as apples, carrots, green leafy veggies, beets and maybe throw in some fresh ginger root or turmeric root. That's just my take on it.
I read a lot of comments and stories from a lot of people with liver disease, and they gave me hope and inspiration. I hope my story will inspire others, too! Many blessings and good health to you, in your journey toward wellness!

SKYE G Oct 15, 2018

Well I’m so blessed to have found a place to tell my story I went to the emergency room at holy cross hospital in Mission Hills California January 18 of May 2018 basically my liver explode inside my body I was dying . My meld score in June was 20 and they didn’t look good I walked out of Cedars Sinai two weeks ago and they told me I don’t need a transplant I would really love to go into detail about that

Kevin S Oct 3, 2018

hi, I don't have a story yet.. but I have a question.. I have a series of health issues. I am taking nucala shots for my lungs, taking orencia for my RA and lupus, taking also methrotraxate something like that. and im diabetic . last week the doc said the liver function show was too high.. today he call me again and said I have a very high number and need me to take another blood test.. why they send me for more blood and what that supposed to be .. Im not scare but I want information. how you started and what is the diagnostic.. and what its that.. only level is high or it means that im going to start having issues..or its nothing.. im looking for info but I really don't know what I supposed to look into.. they said normal is 30-130 ...I had 167 last week from prior blood, now he said it was way too high.. I only see numbers and I don't know.. believe me im lost on medical things.. thank you if any can help me with any infor.. do I have to worry or not.. you all know the docs never tells you everything... but believe me im not scare at all...

nora g Sep 27, 2018

my husband has stage 4 liver disease w/ cirrhosis diagnosed in 2016 as I have seen my husband decline at the young age of 45, i refuse to sit here and let him die, we have too much to do in life like growing old together,and being grandparents hopefully soon!!!! so amI looking on this site and researching on what to do and help my husband live a better life than what it is now... he some acities ,hepatic encelopthapy,just feeling nauseous all the time,and on top of all this he has chronic back pain due to failed lumbar fusion.
so I will say this I know doctors say you cannot cure cirrhosis, but you can try and slow the progress by eating healthy and keeping a positive attitude.Sure i want a miracle for my husband,I wish for a cure but we cant sit around waiting we are in for the fight for his life. I am going to purchase the vitmains and Shake stuff this website offers and go from there,and see how things go. I would love for his MELD score to be below 9, right now its a 13... Mayo clininc of Jacksonville,FL id the best and the LiveTransplant Dept is awesome!!!!.

sonya s Sep 25, 2018

I am 31 years old and just got diagnosed with severe Cirrohis of the liver on top of Esophageal Varrices due to my liver problem. I was out of town when I had to be rushed into ICU where I spent my birthday getting a blood transfusion due to throwing up insane amounts of blood. The doctors said to me its a miracle how my body did not go into shock and kill me. The doctors also could not believe how young I am with issues I now have to live with until it kills me. I have a 6 year old son who needs his mommy! I know how hard it is stop drinking, but I also know it can be done! Prayer is what I feel that I have to live by forever. Prayers that I wake up every morning, prayers that with some crazy miracle that my body can and will heal as well as everyone going through similar difficulties! Anytime I have the urge to crack open the bottle or just drink a "FEW" beers I will come back to this page and read real life stories because it is not any of our time to go! It is now the time to live forever HAPPY, HEALTHY and most importantly SOBER! ???

Brittany D Sep 21, 2018

Thank you, so much for registering me onto your website, and for sending me so much information, especially for the beautiful, very colorful recipe cookbook. I spent more than three hours on your website yesterday and saw so much more information, clear information that was so helpful to me. Your web site is a God-send! I was diagnosed in 2014 but the doctors who diagnosed me with this dangerous disease never told me what I needed to be doing to protect my liver from further damage. I just learned that my disease may even be killing me. I started my investigations after my stomach suddenly became enlarged and I suspected it was ascites as I once worked as a Data Manager for the Hematology-Oncology Clinic at the University Hospital in my city and patients would present with enlarged abdomens and this would be the diagnosis - ascites, which showed advanced progression of their cancers. I started researching and found that liver disease also brings on abdomen ascites. Too bad doctors treat liver disease so casually. I now only want to see how to do the best I can for my liver until I die from the disease, which, I suspect, may be soon. I have an ultrasound of my abdomen scheduled for next week and from that, I hope to learn if I'm going to die very soon, or maybe I'll have a few months left to live. I doubt I'll live long enough to obtain a liver for a liver transplant considering the wait list vs available livers for transplants. I just wish I'd been advised of just how dangerous NAFLD really is. I wrongly assumed that since it was not diseased as a result of alcohol that it was not as dangerous. My mistake. I regret not researching this from the day I was advised of the disease back in 2014. I will be utilizing your website very frequently as it had now become the favorite site for the best information I've found since doing my personal research on the Internet. THANK you for giving such clear and understandable information, information that non-medically educated human beings, but just plain old ordinary, every-day people/patients can understand. God's blessings to all of you.

Jericho S Aug 27, 2018

I'm 32 years old. I'm an alcoholic addict from a family of addicts. I've been in and out of prison detox rehab, but always worked and maintained appearances while free. I drink everyday but have been trying to quit after being hospitalized for acute liver failure. They diagnosed me with alcoholic hepatitis. I dont know exactly what enzymes are but mine over 9000. The hospital kept me 9 days until they went down. They gave me detox meds and I never wanted to drink one time in the hospital. But as soon as I was released I couldn't wait to get away from my friend and get some cheap wine. I have a lot of friends in recovery Ive been in and out of meetings since my teens. I know where to go for help, I know what I'm supposed to do to stay sober. I know this should have been a huge wake up call. Unfortunately it just feels like the best excuse yet to say f**k it and stay drunk. Like what do I have to lose I'm already sick. I wish I didn't want to drink but I do. Now I'm exhausted all the time and although I'm drinking way less than I always have I don't feel like even getting up until I get a buzz. I've always had a full life and worked overtime. Now I can't work at all. I can barely walk to the kitchen without feeling short of breath. I don't want to die but I don't really care either. I'm not exactly sad about dying but I do feel guilty for the worry and pain I cause others. On top of that I feel pretty ambivalent about my current situation and hopeless about my future. Im afraid my health is affecting my mind. I feel confused and tired constantly. Unless I'm drunk I have no desire to talk to anyone. I have no appetite. My eyes are changing from the dark brown they have always been to hazel. I don't know if anyone will read this but I can't say it to people I know. They all want me to stay positive and act like it's all okay so I just don't talk about this until they start pointing out that salt, vodka, cigarettes, sleeping too much, not eating etc are bad for me. I know recovery works I've seen it with my own eyes. But to be honest Im unwilling to put in the time work or sobriety to make it happen. My whole life has been affected by my illness and Im just over it. I don't know how to make myself care again.

Crista B Aug 21, 2018

I was infected by HCV 1a and treated with INT+RIB which I failed , I stopped the cure cause the medication was eradicating me before the virus, it was so hard.
I am a coffee drinker, and I started to eat healthy
Green vegetables, black radishes, red beets, avocados, asparagus..
olive oil … all super foods I mean.
And my Viral load was dropped from 1750K to 1100 K
At the beg. it was 8M and dropped to 1K with the cure and rebounced to 1750K
any way I was cured with polymerase inhib. and in 2 weeks it was 0 undetectable.
So eat healthy, drink good coffee, buy it in grain and grind it yourself put no sugar no milk or whitener,
drink red beet juice and your liver will recover..
Good Luck .

Osman G Aug 20, 2018

I had back surgery at 29 yr's of age after a 16 foot fall. I was given hep C from the blood transfusion during that surgery in 1987. Today I am 60 and my overall health is very good. When I learned I had it I did everything possible to find the optimal nutrition to be consuming. Over the last 15 yrs I've used milk thistle, vitamin C, selenium, magnesium and other good quality vitamin supplements to support my liver. I consume many raw fruits and vegetables and limit red meat intake. Although my enzyme levels hover around 100's I have no symptoms or indications that my liver is suffering. I have no tenderness, swelling or discomfort in that area. Everything else is working good. Sex drive is good, appetite is good, mental functioning is good, sleep 7 hrs an night and my physical stamina is good for my age. I have always liked lifting weights so I workout every other day and I recently began using a more convenient meal replacement with plenty of protein called Isagenix. I also drink lots of water. I am 6'1" and 175 lbs and I have stayed lean my whole life. I have the genotype 1 strain which is considered more aggressive and less responsive to treatment. I tried interferon-ribovirin but could only tolerate it 4 months. Besides the suicidal ideations, it was torture on my body. I concluded it was better to trust in God for something natural one day, so I have, in effect, treated myself according to my condition as best I can. I researched harvoni but it's a drug and I don't trust drugs. I have recently read that harvoni patients are getting liver cancer from the treatment. A month ago I came across a combo-botanical treatment at that I am anxious to start on. It's expensive but it comes from Japan and it lowers liver enzyme levels, so I have decided to give myself an opportunity to see how it works. Whether it will be long term, time will tell. Until then my go to supplement is Ultra-Thistle which has stood the test of time for me and kept me going as strong as I can be. It is proven and I trust it. It's funny but growing up in central Louisiana, milk thistle was growing all around us in the open fields. Amazing stuff. Whatever my long term outcome, my total trust is in God. My life is in His hands. He has brought me this far, He will bring me all the way. Glory be to the Righteous God and Savior! He is my King. Do you know Him? That's all that matters.

Tom F Aug 20, 2018

Want to say there is hope with cirrhosis. I lost the ability to walk and had to be hospitalized for a monrh with severe pain. Told this was it. Cut to me 1 yr later walking, no need for daily help, and found Indica strains to stop my pain and help me eat/exercise. Just afraid of gaining weight now..Also use 4in1 Tens and vibration machines for nerve/muscle repair. Lost 125 lbs & no more acsitises. dairy, animal protein, berries, avocados, greens, salsas, ice cream coffee/tea Lots of hydrating drinks, snacks. Off Midodrine so much better so far..

David T Aug 14, 2018

I discovered that I had stage 4 liver disease (cirrhosis) in May of 2017. I was already dealing with fatty liver disease. This was quite the shock but I was told it was non-cancerous and non-alcoholic. Although I did drink many years ago, I have not been a drinker for a long time. I have been told that I am a perfect candidate for a study, which will involve having a liver biopsy and being put on a new medication. The medication has been used in a smaller study and is ready for a bigger one. This study will take 2 years with 1 biopsy each year.

I have several other health issues, including diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, acid reflux, diverticulitis, severe back issues and am on many medications. The most significant change I made is my diet. I have lost 25 lbs and with medications have brought down my blood sugars and my liver has improved slightly.

Diet is paramount to keeping many issues under control. I am not a staunch advocate of denying myself foods that are a no no, but I am a staunch advocate of doing the very best I can under the circumstances. It is a lifestyle change that I plan to continue. I even went out and bought bathroom scales, and I am glad I did. It keeps me in check!

I am still learning how to cope with this disease. One thing I did learn is do not sit on the computer and do research about longevity! I was so sure that I only had a few years to live. I have been told that my life decisions will dictate that. So I decided to eat as healthy as possible, drink a lot of water and try to stay away from fatty foods and diet colas, 2 of my guilty pleasures. I still have more to learn, and am open to suggestions but listen primarily to my family doctor and liver specialist.

I hope everyone who has to live with this disease is able to enjoy the rest of their life journey while managing their lifestyles to do so.

Andrea S. Aug 7, 2018

NED 5/24/18. I was diagnosed with liver cancer in March 2003. I was very ill. I was put into a clinical trial for the Spokane Indians even though I wasn't Indian. I did everything wrong and still survived. Usually people dont survive liver cancer, let alone survive 15 years with liver cancer. Some of the Drs decided it had to be Hep c instead of cancer, but there was that nasty little tumor. Now I am in recovery, off chemo since 5/21/18, and still trying to get some energy up and going.

Ellen B. Aug 1, 2018

Diagnosed with fatty liver.
Ultra sound should show a gray liver but mine is white.
I don't drink, never have. I'm on several meds including Tylenol.
Trying to find a list of foods I can have and print it out, do you know have one to share?
I have several other health problems and looks like some of them are related to this liver. My Doctor will have the full ultra sound report in a day or two.
Everything I put in my mouth bloats my stomach.
At the grocery store a few days ago some guy said to me
Too old to be knocked up aren't you ?"
So yes I do look pregnant.
Dr. said that's due to the liver.
He will probably send me to a Gastro Dr.
I'm worried and scared.
Don't know what to eat, cooked is better or is raw?
How much of each food?
Exercise but I have to do low impact because of other problems.
Please Lord help us all.

Karen G Jul 10, 2018

In 1978 l was diagnosed with shingles it finally went away. I was back to normal and everything was going good.. Then one day in 1997 l had flu symptoms l remember going to the doctor my temp was 104 and he told me to go home and drink plenty of fluids and it will run its course and you will get better. My husband said l went back and saw his PA and he said the same. I don't remember this and l think that when l started to lose consciousnes. I had 5 young children at that time. My family said l was doing some weird things. Like speeding on the highway, going to the mall and not knowing where l was and l guess l was in and out of consciousness. Then in 1997 l was finally diagnosed with viral encephalitis. I was told l was in icu and l almost died. I went to rehab after being in the hospital. They transferred me by emsa. I had all the therapies and the thing l really can't understand is l was talking to people and l didn't even remember they came to see me. Then l finally got back to normal but only problems l had wascognitive issues, balance and walking. Seizures and they say mood disorder. I was going to a psychiatrist who kept giving me drugs and notlistening to me to help me. My vision got worst and l had to have cathartic surgery. Even through all that l went to college and got my degree in occupational therapy assistant. I was so proud of myself and l was ready to began becoming a therapist. This was in 2011. I was still having my same problems and l kept falling. I told my doctor and he just wouldn't listen. I had to had a fractured foot and then a torn acl, shoulder surgery, back and foot surgery. In 2014 after a beautiful women's cruise l fell and hit my head and was admitted to the hospital again. Now my diagnosis was autoimmune encephalitis, encephalopathy, seizures, MS, and mental problems. I went to rehab once again. I was in rehab in patient and outpt for years. The most devastating thing l can remember is being in restraints and l finally found out l was agitated and uncontrollable because of meds l was allergic too. Since then l had to have a tip surgery which l have five shunts in my liver. I been to so many neurologist. Then l went to the Mayo Clinic after so many falls and doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. I even fell in the store, they said l was hallucinating and as soon as l got to the hospital the psychiatrist came and they wanted to admit me to the mental unit. So when l went to the Mayo Clinic l saw the internal med doctor first and she ruled out mental illness. Then l went to the neurogist and she said it everything comes back normal l will send to behavioural medicine because she thought she knew my diagnoses was accurate especially conversion disorder and mental health. I went to see 2 psychiatrist and she wanted to send me to a third one but she cancelled the appointment. I had PET because they thought l had frontal dementia but it came back normal. Finally she said you been misdiagnosed. When l went to the vascular med doctor he told me one of my shunts their was blood seeping through. I went to the hepatologist there because he thought they would have to do the procedure again but they didn't but this doctor knew about all my symptoms and he told me if you have anymore problems l want you to call me. Well praise God a doctor that finally listens. I came home and my new hepatologist said l had hepatic encephalopathy. My rheumatologist said l elevated liver enzymes and elevated ammonia levels. I was having problems again with dizziness, slurred speech , numbness and shaking. I told my doctor l wanted my ammonia level tested and sure enough my levels were high again. After bringing taken off of lactulose l am back on it again. Last week again slurred speech, shaking, unable to walk and having problems with my sight. They thought l had a stroke after all the test the doctor said everything came back normal again. Next day l got a message to check my results from all the test and it said abnormal EKG. After being told it was normal. So now l just annoying my head with oil and pray and its free. And pray that l am finished with doctors and the medical community. And being only allergic to 1 med now it's so many the doctors are scared to prescribe me any. In all things l am so blessed and thankful until God l am still alive, So.l learned finally not to get upset just be aware and pray. And if he didn't tell me what to say or do l we ould still be just an experiment for those who don't care or at least listen. So be your own advocate that will it keep your sanity and definity pray. It cost nothing...

Lisa F. May 30, 2018

Hello everyone!

I was diagnosed with Hep C back in the day when they called it Non A - Non B Hepatitis. I had a liver biopsy and my liver was fine. I was fine for years with no liver damage that I knew of when I started itching and had something like hives, mostly on my back. I also would get a bloody nose every once in a while, out of the blue.
My doctors never even mentioned that it might be Hep C. They knew I had the virus. I had not quit drinking alcohol at this point.

Anyway, several months later I vomited blood all over the bathroom floor and passed out. Luckily I happened to be at my parent's home, so they called an ambulance. After one stop and the local hospital, they sent me to a bigger hospital in the big city about 2 hours from where I live. Sirens blasting all the way. Talk about a nightmare!!

Anyway, I ended up finding out that I had stage 4 cirrhosis with esophageal varices. I was in shock and very scared. I was in the hospital for 5 days, 2 of which were in intensive care. I almost died from losing so much blood.

Here it is a little more than 2 years later and I've gotten rid of the hep C virus and am taking awesome supplements for my cirrhosis and also eating a clean diet. I'm doing great. My lab tests came back almost normal after clearing the hep C virus. My meld score is currently 10, but I'm doing my best to get it down to 6, which is good.

So, my story is, no matter how bad you think it is, you will make it through it. Definitely QUIT drinking alcohol. I don't drink at all now and to be honest, I barely miss it. Sure it's a pain in the butt sometimes to have to take so many supplements and eat right, but it's worth it. I'm even losing fat!!! :) Hang in there! You can do it!
Kathy :)

Kathy B May 25, 2018

After many trials from 2006 up to last year 2016 on top off news I was stage 4 chronic liver hep c geno1 I was put on Harvoni 1 pill for 12 weeks but I was told there was an energy buzz wow a buzz I never got any sleep 5 weeks wacky state to be in as I tried to seek help surprise surprise off the meds end off , but on bloods non detectable yes I was very confused I never trust any one or believe them after years off let down , I now am trying to live some normal life style that suits me , the policy of waiting till your stage 4 is counter productive for all involved, I hope that you to get a chance , this harvoni is maga cool at killing hep c , never give up you can't you owe yourself a chance especially if your from old school 50 ish major respect to be still around where all square pegs in this round hole world
Stay cool .

S H May 24, 2018

When i had my first child in 1983, I had to have a blood transfusion and ended up with Hepatitis C. In 1998 I found out and was put on interferon and Ribovirin which I only took for a very short time, since I had an anaphylactic reaction. I had severe tiredness and some pain throughout the years. Then when Solvadi and Olesio came out I was put on them for a 3 month period and am Hep C free now. So much more energy and better health now. Unfortunately I have chirosis of the liver and have to have MRIs and labs done every 6 months to look for cancer. So that’s a worry. My 3 children were tested when they were younger just to make sure they did not get it from me. My husband has also been tested. We’re all good. We try to live a healthy life, very little or no alcohol, healthy diet and exercise. I will be 59 this year and feel better than when I was my 30’s.

Nancy P. May 24, 2018

I had cancer years ago myself, Lymphoma B a very fast spreading cancer. I went through chemotherapy but after I was released and cancer free the Doctors said it will come back. So I started
my own computer information search. I found out a
German Dr. in the late 1800's or early 1900's found out cancer is killed by oxygen. It had to be oxygen through physical exercise to fill the blood with as much as possible and a high heart rate, not just breathing pure oxygen. So I remember from high school health class cross country skiing is the best aerobic exercise. So for around three years after I started my own exercise program, about three times per week I would turn on the music and "cross country ski" in my bedroom. Open the windows or even go outside for greater clean fresh air. Stand still, bend the legs and swing both arms at the same time like you do when you cross country ski using only your ski poles to propel yourself up small inclines. Just after two songs the sweat was rolling off the body. Heart rate would be more than double after 20 to 30 minutes. Then let the body cool down. Another thing I have changed is my eating habits. Sugar is what cancer lives on, and Americans are highly exceeding their daily sugar amounts. But if you do this exercise I recommend starting slowly, especially if your not in good physical shape. Also find a way to increase your daily dosage of magnesium in the body. Through Epsom Salt baths or Magnesium supplements. There is also a lot of natural cancer fighting remedies through Dr. Axe website or Dr. Mercola website.

Jeff D May 12, 2018

I'm a mother my son was diagnosed with cirrosis 18 months ago through Drink he's 42 years of age he was an alcoholic but was in denial for a very long time we were and are devastated he has been sober for 2 years never touched another drink but he has tried to overcome this it's very hard for him only he has coronary heart disease and is insulin dependent this is all caused because of drink and drugs ie cocaine I am so proud of him he''s helping others who are in the same position he was in but my son nearly died with burst varices the work he is doing to help people is recognised by so many people and he can stand up and talk about it

Rodney S May 12, 2018

Greetings, I got hep-c from a tattoo back in the late 70s. In the early 90s I was finally diagnosed with it. I've been taking milk thistle since then. I've taken really good care of myself and kept it at bay. They put me on interferon which my body rejected halfway through the program. I've worked very hard to keep my enzymes normal through diet, being very positive and an array of various herbs. Two years ago they finally put me on harvoni and I am hep-c free, although they also put me on blood pressure medicine which gave me cirrhosis. I will never stop fighting to correct this, just remember your liver is the one organ in your body that can rebuild itself it can regenerate. Change your mind and change your life! Good luck and good life to all!

S Ayers May 10, 2018

I live in hell everyday with severe back..liver and stomach pain and nausea since i had my gallbladder liver kills me and gives me horrible pain and i barely eat..

rhonda m. Apr 4, 2018

I contracted hep C in 1974. A bit over two years ago I was sent to a liver specialist, then another specialist and it was discovered, thru a scan, that I had hepetucel carcinoma, liver cancer, I was lucky as it was still operable. I had 1/3 of the liver removed plus my gall bladder. To cut it short when I got out of hospital I started a 90 day course of Havani. Thru scans it had been discovered I now had five small Timor's in my resectioned. I took the course of Havani and it acts like fertilizer on Tumor's and I think it made the Tumor's worse but it killed the hep C The doctors were nice but wrote off any chance of living. They told me I would go into hepatic encolopohy fall asleep and die. I had altered my diet to my version of anti cancer. Have used milk thistle herb for years. The doctor put me on Nexivar tablets. The most I could tolerate was one a day,any more and I was useless. After months of exercise,walking,clean food but still smoke? This is with three monthly scans etc I have been declared cancer free! This doesn't happen or very rare. Now the cancer has been gone for more than six months but I am told to keep taking one Nexivar plus three blood pressure tablets to off set the effects of the Nexivar. I am now cutting all my meds in half everything at half dose with a view to stopping all of it shortly The doctor has to say keep on taking the meds because no one knows what stopped the cancer. I am sure the Hepatitis C caused the liver cancer and just as sure it won't come back because the Hepatitis C is gone. Best wishes and good health to all. Chris

Christopher W Mar 30, 2018

At 16, was hit by a car. Was given tainted blood products to save my life. 1993, told I could not give blood due to 'Hep C antibody contact'. Cure, at that time, sounded WAY forward, spouse noticed belly distention and yellowing eyes.
Dx: Hep C, cirrhosis. Rx: Take Harvoni--viral load reduced from millions to zero...6 mos later increased to 91000; 2nd Rx round, different drug prescribed. Wait! now there's a 'mass'!
WARNING: Hep antivirals MAY lower one's immune system enough to 'allow' cancer to grow.
Next: radioactive beads placed/injected toward tumor
Decision: NO ALC or refined SUGAR, flour or foods; Change to-- ALKALINE diet (cx loves sugar/acidic hosts); to-- alkaline-hydrogen fauceted H2O system (Ultrastream)
Increase: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals through foods, smoothies and supplements.
No symptoms; belly swell and eye yellowing gone; energy level great; happy
Will keep you posted!

Brick M Mar 27, 2018

I was diagnosed with a fatty liver NAFLD about 4 years ago. I'm 6'2" and weigh 340lbs. I've been having pain on/off around my liver area since 2008. Two years ago I was told that my liver has scarring fibrosis that is one level below cirrhosis. I'm a very obese person having been fat all my life. I've lost weight several times in the last few years on diets only to eventually fail miserably and end up in the same lifestyle that led to my fatty liver. I'm so incredibly upset and disappointed in myself that I haven't been able to save my own life and eat correctly. In two days I'm going for another fibrosis scan and i'm afraid that i'll be given some really bad news. I can feel my health slowly failing over time, especially over the last 6 months. I deal with bone sucking fatigue, malaise, liver area pain and a general ill feeling. My symptoms can come and go from day to day or week to week or month to month. When I lose weight I usually feel better for a while, but my diet never seems to last. Recently I started eating poorly again and have been dealing with constant fatigue for the last 3 weeks. Sleep helps a little, but this kind of fatigue is not cured by rest. I'm trying once again to set goals to lose weight for myself. I need to think big picture and long term 2-3 years in order to succeed at saving my life, but I have to focus each and every day going forward to eat to lose weight and eat healthy. I have two kids age 10 and 7 that I love so much. It would haunt me in my grave if I couldn't live long enough to see them grown up as adults. I would love to live long enough to see my daughter get married one day. I have a deep sadness for what i've done to my own body and I don't understand why my brain constantly chooses to eat too much and/or eat the wrong foods. My very life is at stake, but somehow I'm too stupid to consistently do the right thing. I guess an alcoholic might feel the same way. I just hope that THIS time when I try everything will be different. If anyone else is in a similar situation I'd sure like to hear from you.

Thomas L. Mar 21, 2018

Sir my husband suffering from liver cirrhosis and done tipps procedure in the Year2016 but Still taking alcohol from last eleven months pl help by answering me

Satvir M. Mar 12, 2018

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with hepatitis two months a go. Due to financial problems on my side I couldn't do routine test to know whether is hepatitis A,B,C,D,E.
Three days ago I started feeling dull pains on my right upper of my abdomen, the next day I started seeing rashes on my wrist to the fingers and today too I'm feeling another sharp pain on my right chest. I sat down and recalled what ate through out the month and I got to know that I consumed red meat a lot. I would like to advice the fellow hepatitis patients that if only they can cut off eating red meat it gonna help them.
Thank you so much

SAM O Mar 12, 2018

Hello, my name is Pamela. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis when I was 14. That was 43 years ago. I want to share my story of a childhood journey that affected my whole life. I’m not even sure if I still hav it or not. I have been told both a couple of times since catching it 43 years ago. Doctors have confused me more than anything. How I live today is how I live. This is all I can write for now. I will continue soon.

Pamela F Mar 12, 2018

I am going to finish my Epclusa medicine to treat the Hepatitis C that I got through a quack hairdresser in pakistan. I will write in detail in the 1st week of April when I finish my medicine.

Bashir A Mar 12, 2018

Hello , my name is Leigh, im from Tuscaloosa alabama,(ROLL TIDE), I've been married 19 years this past feb.11, 2018 to the love if my life, my high school sweet heart, who was dignoised with NASH, nonacholic cirroshois, two years ago October 9, 2015 we were giving the most selfless, gift anyone could get, he was called with a matching liver. He has been doing awesome until now, his liver enyzens are elevated for the 2nd month in a roll, now he has to have a liver biopsy. Im sad, scared and don't know which way to think. In the back of my mind in thinking oh no, here we go again. His biopsy is scheduled for the 16th of this month. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, knowledge oh why this could be going on. Anything positive, negative , caring words or thoughts. Please help.

Leigh M. Mar 10, 2018

I had my gall bladder taken out a few years ago and they saw a "spot" on my liver....doctors sad it was s hematoma and it was not cancerous. Last week I had an attack of pancreatitis (history of that since gall bladder thing!) and now the "spot" on my liver is 6 cm.....still non cancerous, they say but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make that go away because it hurts when I bend over. I'm trying to eat better, healthier...and I don't drink alcohol so....what to do??

Tina H Mar 8, 2018

I had Hep C for over thirty years. I'm sure it contributed to my heart and kidney failure. When a cure for Hep C came I was lucky enough to have insurance that paid for the thousand dollars pills. One of the tests I took showed my liver had zero level fibrin. I think this was because of the liver supplements I took to fight my disease. In twelve weeks I was cured! it felt amazing. it's giving me new hope. All I need now is a kidney transplant or an artificial kidney. I've seen a lot of my old friends die of liver disease. Don't be one of them.

Stephen W Feb 22, 2018

I'm 63 & recently diagnosed with NAFLD. I was raised Italian on a Mediterranian diet & other fast/comfort food. I became obese even though I was an avid walker & home cook. I do not smoke or drink. Researching liver health I discovered Eat Right For Your Type. I now eat Greek & Asian only, have lost 30 lbs in 2 months, have normal blood pressure. Hopefully my liver will revert to normal though my Dr says it will be a couple years. I can only hope and pray.

Jean S Feb 13, 2018


I hope all my facebook contacts read this and and give this some very, very serious thought. Has many of you know about 2 yrs. ago I anounced that I HAD Hep C and beat it, and I emphasize "HAD" as there is a "CURE" yes I said CURE!!
It has been just over 2 yrs now of being totally 100% cured of this horrible disease and feel I have got a new lease on life, and have got to spread the word as much as I can to help other people. There are sometimes no symtoms at all for a lot of people and they feel perfectly fine for many, many years, while others get very sick. Everyone is different. I did not find out until I saw a new Dr. many years ago that was up to date on blood work for signs of Hep C on blood tests and knew what to look for. If it was not for her I would have never known and probably would not be here to tell my story. Every Dr. can issue these tests but you have got to insist they be done and not take no for an answer. Not all Dr.'s are educated about Hep c and are quick to say you will be fine when you are really not. Stand your ground and insist!!.......Get a different Dr. if need be. Remember The squeeky wheel gets the grease!

The new CURE drugs are as simple as just one pill a day for 8 to 12 weeks, (I had to go 24 weeks) depending on what geno type you are, (I was type 3 one of the toughest ones to clear) with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!.....YES NO SIDE EFFECTS!! Thankfully the old dreadfull interferon-ribavirin combination treatment (basically chemotheraphy) is now a thing of the past for the most part. I had gone through this old treatment for 3 yrs with no sustained results, but with the new drugs out, I was totally CURED for good within 6 months.

Here are some things one should ask ones self: Are you a baby boomer (people born between 1945 and 1975), were you vaccinated in the 50's and 60's for chicken pox, polio, mumps, measels etc. because the sterilization procedures back then were very questionable, prison, personal, Have you have ever had a blood transfusion, done intravenous drugs (even just once), received any blood products before 1990, do you have any tattoos, exchanged blood with anyone, ie: fighting, blood brothers etc., had any surgeries, colonoscopies, questionable dental work etc. etc. prior to 1990. Anything that has involved the exchange of blood,
Hep C is ONLY transmitted through tainted blood. It is NOT in any other bodily fluids unless they contain blood.

If you match any of the above criteria you owe it to yourself, your family and friends to get checked out. I have lost way to many friends to Hep C and do not wish to hear of anymore, SO I BEG YOU, Get tested and checked. One cannot fix what one does not know or understand

The World Health Goal is to eradicate this disease 100% within ten to 15 yrs. which can be done if the masses are informed, educated and CURED.

Don L Feb 13, 2018

Never thought I'd submit any info until I experienced a very serious but privately hidden health experience. about a week or 2 ago I was almost out of my pain management prescription so I tried to supplement it with some other OTC product for my severe lower back Pain. Soon I began having severe abdominal discomfort and lack of appetite. God spoke to me and gave me answers to my concerns but I was truly afraid about the consequences I was experiencing. Please, protect your gut but do trust in the truth of His Promises.

Crosby H Feb 8, 2018

I'm a 57 yo female with End-Stage-Liver-Failure. Transplant is my only option. I am trying to live with what little liver function I have left. I'm learning diet is everything. I also have Esophageal varicies, a result of liver cirrhosis. Salt and sugar are the enemy now, as well as alcohol. I've learned all processed food is bad. If you're taking meds for Gert, don't take tumeric, bad cramping. Milk thistle really helps in my opinion. I am always looking for liver friendly recipes, and juices to drink with no high fructose corn syrup! Stress is also an enemy. You must have emotional health as well. The toughest part for me is extreme fatigue, and my joints hurting. Any help out there for that? Constant pain/pressure can be so exhausting! Does anyone else ever feel alone, on a deserted island? This disease... is a lonely one.

Kristina J Feb 7, 2018

I was prescribed Elcupsa and 90 days later I was cured. No sets tion of the HC viruses detected. I relieved a blood transfusion back in the 70s, so I. guess that how I got the disease. I was never an intranveous user nor anyone I dated to the best of my knowledge. The side effects of the medicine were no minimal. My medication was also free, thank God. I used to tire easy. I had a lot of stomach bloating and a lot of flatulence. In glad to be cured. My energy level is normal now. Medicare paid for my prescription. I also had great Hep C doctors, of whom I was referred to by my personal physician. My liver also used to hurt, my urine was very dark. My urine is the Corte color and my enzymes are normal again. Glad to be cured.

Charlotte H Jan 23, 2018

I have liver cancer and it sucks. I have no social life because I'm either going for blood work cats cans or doctor visits. Thank God I'm with the loving woman that understands

Andy P Jan 22, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hep C 25 years ago. From that point on, I tried to take better care of my organ, but that only involved cutting down on my social drinking substantially. At the time, there were no resources that provided additional recommendations. Two years (maybe 3) ago I was successfully treated with Harvoni, and I thought I was home free. Then a year and a half later by virtue of an MRI that was done to follow a couple of benign cysts on my kidney, there appeared a hepatocellular carcinoma on my liver. I had never heard of one of those before, and when I did some research, I got scared. The hospital that discovered it could only offer open surgery, and their description of the procedure caused me to look for another way. I found a presentation on line by a surgeon at Johns Hopkins who performed the operation laparoscopicly, and that’s where I went. The surgery was a resounding success, but the high recurrence rate still makes me nervous. As a result, I have altered my diet drastically, subscribed to a number of cancer related websites, and begun taking a boatload of supplements recommended by these site and by lla very knowledgeable local herbalist. I’m now getting MRI’s of my liver every 6 months, and so far, so good. The bottom line here is that 1) Harvoni is very effective; but 2) you could still be at risk for liver cancer. Do everything within your power to take care of this important organ. Follow the advice given on line - only organic foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, very limited alcohol if any, and zero sugar or sugar substitutes except stevia, which comes from a plant. Also cut down on high glycemic foods like bread and pasta. These recommendations are common throughout the websites I follow.

Jay H Jan 19, 2018

I was diagnosed with hcv type 1a in 2009, stage 3 cirrohtic liver and perhaps 30 years of this disease which led to sever scarring and bridging fibrosis, 12(dbl therapy) & 48 weeks of triple therapy talaprevir finally did the trick. Right in the middle of the second treatment I came down with hcc(liver cancer) which caused me to have a lar (laproscopic liver resection). I have been cured of hcv, sections 3&4 of left lobe completely regenerated, I feel very lucky and do know there is no cure for hcc but I everyday is the best day of my life, I have completely recoverd and second chances do not come often but today I am in better shape than 20 years ago with a great daily exercise regimen and with an excellent diets and supplements, I never look back. My advice to anyone is to do Harvoni(a piece of cake compared to old therapies), get well , make some changes, you also will never look back again too!!

peter d Jan 16, 2018

I was diagnosed with advanced liver disease/cirrhosis 3 years ago. My mother and sister, unfortunately, lost their battle to this illness and I was next. I grabbed the bull by it's horns: drink pure lemon water in the morning, on an empty stomach, high quality milk thistle supplements, dandelion root and relaxing exercise (walking on the beach, yoga). Peace is a must. Don't forget to have a clean diet, cut way down on sugar and drink water.

T F Dec 26, 2017

Some history: I am a 78 year-old male and have always been active and, except for Reumatoid Arthritis, have been quite healthy. I mention the arthritis because, I believe, the arthritis medications --- infusions and other oral medications I was prescribed over 20-years ---led to my current liver problems. Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage-4, non-alcoholic cirrhosis. My Oncologist told me there is no cure and the only thing he could do was to help keep me alive a little longer than the 5-year expected life expectancy --- his main concern at this time was to help prevent cancer from developing. He prescribed loss of weight through exercise by walking at least for 1/2-hour, 3x/week and proper nutrition. In June, 2017, I was diagnosed with a bile-duct tumor that was not accessible for surgery nor radiation --- so this left chemotherapy. We tried infusion, then the pills, but my body reacted negatively to the chemo. At this particular time the mother of a friend told me she began taking CBD (cannibisoil) for breast cancer and in 6-months her cancer was all but gone. I did not believe it, but I tried it anyway --- what did I have to lose. I obtained proper licensing and medical advisement (I understand it is legal most everywhere now) and I began taking a 300mg/15mg ratio of CBD/THS (THS is the component that gets you high). The THS is low enough that it does not get me high. Here are the results thus far: In June I was diagnosed with a bile-duct tumor and I began to take the CBD 3x/day -- my C19-9 marker was 200; In August, my C19-9 marker was 181, and most recently in December, my C19-9 marker was at 100. I began with a dosage of 3 drops-3x/day for one-week and gradually increased the dosage to 1ml-3x/day. I have just increased the cannibis ratio to 500ml/9ml 3x/day and have also just started taking Flax Hull Lignans every evening before bed. Merry Christmas and I am praying for all of you with this terrible disease.

Frank B. Dec 24, 2017

So I need help and info i had my gallbladder removed in March my surgeon did bioposy of my liver because he said it didnt look good, the results came back f3, my family dr didnt recommend a liver specialists So I made my own now its December and my results are horrible. NASH, Cirrhosis, Hemachromatosis. Hepatatic encephalopathy, I drink no alcohol am diabetic, no hepatitis, so from my understanding hereditary anyone know of any alternative medicines? I'M still in shock

billie w Dec 23, 2017

It sucks. You can't do anything you want.rather be dead.

Neil W Dec 10, 2017

Been an alcoholic all my life. BAD! About a year and a half ago I started feeling weird mentally and went into a brain fog for about 3 or 4 months, accompanied by indecisiveness, slow movement, panic attacks and shaking feeling from inside out, then lost my appetite for about 3 weeks. About the time I was coming around mentally and getting my appetite back I started having a swollen feeling in my abdomen. I didn't know what was happening. Then started having bowel problems including lots of mucus in stool. After all the testing I had done the only thing I had was a grossly enlarged diffusely fatty liver. I didn't stop drinking till about 6 months ago cause the doctors I saw during this time never said my liver was the cause. They just shrugged their shoulders and told me they didn't know what was wrong, which left me feeling frustrated and devastated. One doctor told me though the enlarged liver can push over and down on everything in your abdomen. Pretty well got to be the problem. Things are getting a little better, not mental anymore, bowels are slowly starting to work better. Swollen feeling hasn't gone yet but I've been told that could take a year or better. All the fat has to get out of the liver before it can go down in size any. I'm still waiting for this.

Ronald r Dec 5, 2017

I was diagnosed with PSC an autoimmune Liver Disease over a 11 yrs ago and in March of 2017 underwent a Liver Transplant that has given me back my life. The journey with PSC was crazy at times with many symptoms that I’m sure are common across other Liver Diseases. The symptoms included severe itching, cholangitis attacks which occur when the bile ducts of the liver become blocked. Also fatigue. This was the hardest part of the illness to overcome. If you would like to read my story in more detail and would like to learn more about PSC, I’m writing a blog at

Matt L Nov 26, 2017

Hi there, my story is long but very educational for anyone who is or has suffered from Liver Cirhosis. just over 5 years ago I was successful in receiving a life saving liver transplant. That is why this is so hard for me to write. I went alcohol free for 5 years. approx. 1 1/2 years ago I began casually drinking again, not cronic by any stretch but fairly regularly. appox 6 months ago I quit, cold turkey again because I felt guilty and ashamed that I had done this after someone saved my life...I have, again, been diagnosed with cirrhosis. I have a healthy diet, work out regularly at a gym, walking at least 3 times a week and it still got me. I have virtually no symptoms except a bit of water retention which my doctor told me that reducing or eliminating salt would help that immensely. I am embarrassed and ashamed that I drank again because it was so easy for me to quit. I was totally flabbergasted to find out I had cirrhosis again but I was told it came on so quickly because I was already compromised by medication I am taking for anti rejection etc. I don't mind saying I am more than a little scared and was wondering If there is anyone out there that has been through what I have and are feeling like I am.....I need some emotional reinforcement to get me through this. thanks for listening

Norma M Nov 10, 2017

Hi. I was diagnosed in my 30's with NAFLD. It wasn't my diet that caused it, it was actually Excedrin use. I had no idea that NAISD's could cause so much havoc on a person's health. I used to take an Excedrin and within 20 minutes would have pain in my liver area. After much research, I learned about Milk Thistle and NAC supplements. I've been taking them for years and have completely corrected the NAFLD. I still take Excedrin from time to time as I have migraines, but I don't experience the pain anymore! Praise God!

Michele Cole Nov 9, 2017

40 years ago I worked in a machine shop as a custodian. Came in before the machinist and cleaned up oil and mopped floors with 111 Trichlorethelene. In the following years, whenever I had a blood work done with a physical exam, I always had elevated enzymes in my liver tests. Doctors couldn’t explain why, it was only years later did I make the 111 Trichlore association. I read about Liveraid/Liverite. Started taking it and when I went for my Executive Physical at Cedars Sinai, my doctor was shocked that after years of elevated liver enzymes, my liver was now testing in normal ranges. He told me that in all the years he practiced medicine, he had never seen this kind of improvement. I got a big smile on my face...he asked me what I had done...I told him about Liveraid/Liverite. He was beyond shocked and took the information down. And as I usually do, I then take my Executive physical results to my primary care physician at Kaiser for follow up items and she immediately noticed and asked me what I had done. Told her as well about Liveraid/Liverite. So will be taking this product for life! Thanks so much. I am very grateful for this product!

Chuck K Nov 9, 2017

It started by Donating blood in 1993. I was written back and said my enzymes were extremely High. And to not donate blood any more. They suggested I go to a Gastroenterologist. I did and He said they did not know much then and whatever script I wanted he would write it. I started leaving. Then he says you know the top Doctors who are studying is this Place and this Dr. I called and had a. Biopsy they wanted me coming back for 6 months I believe it was as some People can fight it off and others progress. I was the latter and Diagnosed with Hepatitis C. On Biopsy I was Stage 2. At this point in time we estimated I could have had the virus 10 to 16 Years. I always wondered why I always felt tired had a low grade fever and my spleen was enlarged. In 1997 i was asked to Participate in a study for Pegylated Interferon. I think it was a year of meds. Then 6 months they Followed you. I did pretty good. Then the side effects started happening. My children were young. I had no help and I asked to leave the study. It was changing me. Mentally. It was really horrible stuff. Since about the year 2000 i have had my blood work monitored and Biopsies. In 2013 i was Hospitalized to run a test to see if I had Cancer. It was not. But I remember the Dr. Yelliing at me to get out and get seen for my Liver. So i did I had a Fibroscan.i left crying by that year i knew my virus had gone into Fibrosis. So I was shocked when the nurse told me my Liver looked like a "burnt pot roast" and I was in Cirrhosis. My Dr. Put in for treatment. Denied once appealled with the info needed and I was approved for Harvoni. I went on it and had no side effects and My virus that was killing my Liver is gone. 3 months of Harvoni. I need to have blood tests 2 times a year make sure it does not come back then ultrasound to make sure I do not start heading into Liver Cancer. These days I am dependent and Have a caregiver and not yet 50. I also have had a stroke after 2 major back surgeries. Having back problems and Cirrhosis is very hard. I am easily fatigued. I have not been able to work since my back surgery as I did caregiving. So I hope I find something soon. I don't get Disability. I am scared pretty soon I will be Homeless. So this is My Story I know quite a lot about the Disease as I have had it for quite a long time but known for 24 years. I don't drink nor do drugs and try to do my best. One day at a time. A lot of People don't understand that when you kill the virus the Cirrhosis is still there. Scarring from many years with the virus. I was Lucky I had 2 Children and they were tested both Negative. Any questions contact me. Where will this story may be shared? Thank you,Jena

Jena S Nov 3, 2017

Hi, I am rashid, Now i am 43 years old. I am married. My job criteria is Graphics design. every time i have some trace regarding my job circle and family also. from the 10 years and above i have constipation and my body immune system is not properly working for the day to night. every time i have some absent mind and irritation. my liver function test ALT result is Mild fatty liver in 4 years ago. all time i feel dresseling and all time stomak gas spread in all body. this is very much harmfull for my life style. pls. suggest me for better cure.

Md. Harunur R Oct 28, 2017

I am 57 and was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Failure due to alcoholic cirrhosis. I knew I was in trouble when the whites of my eyes turned yellow. I swelled up like the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka! They gave me my first "tap" and took 6 liters of brown fluid out of my gut. I am 5'1". I was given six months to a year. I quit drinking, went to treatment and then church. My "Meld" score is currently 12. I was on the transplant list, but got better so I'm in the "pending" column for now. 4 years now and I'm always extremely tired. My joints ache terribly. My urine is Amber color most the time. I take Lactulose to "flush" the ammonia out. It helps me think better as well. Milk Thistle helps my liver. I believe cutting out processed foods, salt, sugar, all the fun stuff, helps enormously. Your whole diet can make such a big difference. Just reading about other people's experiences helps me Alot. I wish nurses and doctors would stop judging and assuming, and basically treat you like a "drug seeker" when you go to ER in pain, not knowing if your dying, or you have cancer now, or your liver (what's left of it) is exploding. Every body has a unique story, a different cross to bear. Believe me, I didn't set out to become an alcoholic, and I am 4 years sober now, and there's not alot of support with this disease, only judgement and ignorance. Just filling us up with pharmaceuticals is not helping a person whose liver is not functioning properly. The most important thing is to keep your system flushed and eat only fruits, vegies, nuts and legumes. That's just my opinion. Thanks for reading my story.

Kristina J Oct 27, 2017

I got Hep c from the tainted blood scandal by the Red cross for buying tainted blood. And Bill Clinton for selling it to the free world killing over a million people. Gays prisoners drug addicts alcoholics with poison in their blood. It's about money. I've studied this scandle nice 1991. I was in the hospital dying but as always I've kept myself alive by doing herbs that our Lord used to heal everyone with. I've been told I've not got long. I'd like the monies owed. As a real true blooded Canadain lost my great grand farther. My two uncles and my farther in the forces they died or killed. Think that makes me a true blooded brother.

Ron R Oct 27, 2017

Hello Everyone my name is Ron and I live in Calgary Canada. I contacted hep-c from tainted blood sold to Canada by a certain source. i know the source ive studied hep-c now for twenty yrs. I've had it since 1986/7. I got hooked in a meat plant under my arm it just missed a main arterie. But I was bleeding out so I got blood there is a big ambulance and on my way to the trauma center then they fixed me up. I have not drank for 33 yr August 22. Never smoked and never done drugs. It took a few years to find out why I was sick all the time. They even thought it was my gull blatter so they removed it in 1989. After that I went from 240lbs to 172 lbs. Felt a little better but I told my family doc I don't have gull troubles. He said yes you do so I went and had it taken out. Never should have it was the hep c in my body. So after that I moved and started travelling Canada the country I love. I went 10yrs feeling great. I went on herbs used for thousands of yrs to help me. Well it worked for a bunch of years so I thought I was me along. No way anymore. I moved to s small town got married have two young children uninfected by this deadly virus. Well in 2008 I started feeling sick again. I have contacted the hep c compensation people three times in the last dew years without a response. I'm due the funds owed still from 1987 . Later in 2015 I went on Havoni it stopped the hep c but I got it to late they tell me so a transplant is out. My liver is not strong enough to go through a transplant makes know sense. My guts are sticking out of my body now pain every minute. My legs swell up Hugh even walking 10 minutes. My family I've lost my wife is way younger Ryan is 16 my boy and Shardae is just 13. There both clean as same for my wife. She Peggy my wife said she cant take anymore so ive lost my new family. The compensation has taken me 33yrs to get this far. I know I'm elagable for the comp what's the hold up. I've wait years now. I'm poor very poor and sick. I have nothing left now at 63 i am living with my sick mother. Im in so much pain for so very long. I'm now lossing the battle. My Hugh and distorted very ugly. Anyone out there want to help just text or messenger me. May God be with you and your loved ones.

Ron R Oct 24, 2017

I was suffering from fatty liver disease after liver donation to my father. His liver was completely damaged due to hepatitis c. After 6 months of liver donation i developed fatty liver because of alcohol use. No i quit alcohol and started taking vitamin E cap. twice daily. I also tried a vibrating massage at low power mode or you can say on minimum vibrating mode over the upper abdomen right side where liver is placed by God. I really took some few days for recovery from fatty liver. Note: you will have to stop drinking as soon as possible if you came to know that your liver is fatty.

Yogesh V Oct 24, 2017

I am 54 years old and in 1984 I was married and I had lost two pregnancies that year… The last one being an etopic pregnancy. The tube had ruptured earlier in the day and I had to have emergency surgery. I almost didn’t make it through the surgery… I needed 2 blood transfusions. 30 something years later I’m having some health issues more to do with allergies but while we were testing my blood for different things I kept seeing the commercials for hepatitis C… Being born in 1963 I said test my blood. Sure enough. My insurance covered Zepatier. My medication arrived… ( Packaged like I have never seen any medication packaged before my life!!) my medication was $54,600 for the 12 weeks that I personally need to take it for… One pill a day… For 12 weeks I felt absolutely nothing while I was taking the medication… Nothing… I didn’t feel more sleepy I didn’t feel anything… I just took the medication. I went overseas for three weeks right when I was done taking the medication… When I came back my doctor had sent me a prescription to have my blood taken .Which I did. A certain manner time went by and I did not hear back from my doctor so I called them… They said they would have her call me back… A few minutes later my ACTUAL doctor called me! ( A rarity these days !!) I pick up the phone and she said “you’re cured“! ( her office specializes in treating hepatitis C but she is also my Doctor Who performs my colonoscopy is… So I know her fairly well ) . I said I bet you don’t get to say that very often knowing that she is also a colon doctor.She said “yeah ,unfortunately not”. We started talking about my liver and she said my liver looked better than any liver she has seen in so long… I said you’re kidding me? She said no your liver is just about pristine… I was thinking about all the drinking I did in my 20s… LOL and the link the drinking I still do now occasionally ( very occasionally more just joking !!) but regardless I’m thinking about how I couldn’t believe that it was as good as she sad. Couldn’t believe the medication really worked as described… Couldn’t believe I was truly cured! Having breast cancer five years ago I never thought I was going to get good news again! Anyways the main reason that I wanted to write this was I wanted to know if somebody else experienced this as well because I have been putting this in Google trying to see if this is happened anybody else and if it has can somebody contact me and just let me know that it has I have been waking up my whole life or almost my whole life at 5 o’clock in the morning 5 o’clock in the morning has been my time even when I was younger… I’ve had hepatitis C over 30 years… And almost that whole 30 years or I would say that whole 30 years I’ve been waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning . Going through menopause I’ve been waking up at 4 o’clock as well… But almost to the day and this is not a joke… To the day that I stopped taking those upper tier and I was cured I started sleeping till 67 even sometimes 8 o’clock I sleep in like a normal person… If I go to sleep later while then I wake up later if I go to sleep earlier well then I might wake up at 6 o’clock but I haven’t woke up at 5 o’clock I don’t think once since I heard the words “ your cured”. Coincidence? I suppose so… Almost to the day… How strange… I’m thinking it has to be connected… And that is the gods honest truth I have not woke up once at 5 o’clock in the morning since being cured. If anything similar has happened to anyone here my email is above I would just be curious to know… Thanks for listening! Or reading I should say! I hope everybody has the good luck that I had… Modern medicine ??????

Patricia P Oct 18, 2017

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver three years ago but I don't know how long I've had it i am 37 and i was a alcoholic but been alcohol free for three years + I've had a fibro scan which the score was 79 but I've not had any information on what this means only that'll need a transplant in time at the moment am in good health but recently I've been feeling really bad pain in my liver for the last few days and my stools are black most days and when I we it smells absolutely disgusting and brown in colour I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what it means I'll be great full for any information thankyou

Garry B Oct 18, 2017

Received a blood transfusion in 1980 when my daughter was born. A few weeks later, I became jaundiced, itchy, very fatigued & my dr said it was non-A,non-B Hepatitis. Wasn't called hepatitis C yet. Against my GI dr wishes I chose not to do the standard route of interferon & ribavirin. Instead I did all I could to optimize my immune system. I found a dr in NYC & went for monthly vitamin C Infusions. I did this for almost 20 yrs until Harvoni came along. I'm now cleared of the virus. I didn't drink at all throughout those years. My liver has some signs of cirrhosis but w a healthy diet it's beginning to reverse itself.

Dianne M Oct 17, 2017

I contracted hep c at the age of 17 when I ran away and only shot up for 2 weeks using a needle after someone I thought was clean. I got severely ill and went to the hospital. They told me I was infected. I waited 2 yes to get on treatment bc I ran away again. I was a troubled teen and at the time I didn't really know what it was but I thought it was a joke. When I went to get on treatment the first Dr told me that he didn't treat lesbians(not even joking) so I found another one who say I was worse than most older adults she has seen. I was down to 98lbs I was put on a 12 month treatment. I was only on it for 10 months and was cured. I went back 6 months still cured and even 2 1/2 yrs still cured. But I gained almost 100 lbs after(I'm now 220) treatment and now have a fatty liver. I'm sick all the time depressed and have pains under my ribs. I go from having diarrhea to be constipated every other day. I feel horrible at the time but they say it's not back. I mean u can see my liver just by looking at my stomach. I just wander if having her c so badly has hurt me in other ways even after treatment. IDK but it's hard to work or have a normal life now bc I'm so sick. And most days I can only eat once or twice but small meals and I'm still gaining more weight even though I barely eat. I have not lost weight even w a gym membership. Am I the only one?

Lindsey C Sep 11, 2017

Just found out a few months back I have liver disease but that's it. I don't know what to do from here. I quit drinking. I also have Lupus. Would that make me never qualify for liver? Any recommendations on my diet or some advice
Please and thankyoy

Heidi R Sep 9, 2017

I had a massive blood transfusion in the mid '70s, By the late 80's I was feeling something was very wrong health wise, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog etc. Doctor after Doctor said nothing was wrong with me. I bought medical text books and started reading until I found a case that fit. I asked my Doc for a test in '97. Hep C positive, viral load 9million per ML. Two genotypes, 1a & 1b. I treated from early '98 to late '99, 80 weeks with INF and Riba. I felt worst after treatment than before. Four years ago I found a product called Reset. It has given my life back.

Pop S Sep 9, 2017

I've had the HepC virus for 15 yrs (didn't know). Last 5 years I've suffered IBD, severe skin issues, lots of colon & intestinal problems, diverticulitis, etc. Took several bouts of antibiotics and steroids which worked short term but conditions came back with a vengeance. Saw several doctors, colonoscopy, etc. 2 yrs ago I started researching the internet (tell you in a sec). About 9 months ago my PCP did a complete blood panel showing vitamin deficiencies, H.pylori, Wilson's disease, poor circulation causing skin ulcers that would not heal & more but mostly the HepC virus. He recommended several vitamin supplements as well as other supplements for inflammation and suggested a "Paleo Diet" (NO sugar, NO processed foods, only FRESH or FROZEN veggies (no canned), lean beef, white meat chicken and cold water caught fish. I started all this immediately and with further intense research online started taking more supplements (about 35). Expensive but worth it. I'm elderly and disabled and on low income disability. My supplements are costing me about $475 per month. Most of them were for liver, cell & tissue regeneration, DNA repair, inflammation, circulation, etc. about a month ago my PCP referred me to Hepatologist (keep in mind I started these supplements almost a year ago). No blood work was done other than the initial one which showed everything, mostly the HepC virus which worried me to death. Anyway Hep Dr. scheduled me for liver biopsy.....RESULTS WERE STUNNING !! Even the Dr. was surprised !! Pathology report & additional blood work revealed NO HepC virus at all NONE. It had been completely eradicated. Liver was perfect, no scarring, no cirrhosis, no fibrosis, not in bloodstream, completely 100% perfect. For my benefit I asked my PCP for another blood panel (peace of mind) which is scheduled for 9-12. My tons of research including the LiverSupport website GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. All the supplements & vitamins I am taking are expensive but well worth the price. You can't put a price tag on LIFE. If you are interested in the supplements I was & still am taking, you can email me at: (Long list). Anyway that's my story. HAVE A LONG & HAPPY LIFE ?

Vicky Miller Sep 8, 2017

i am a recovering alcoholic i have severe liver disease my consultant told me if i drink i will die i also used a lot of drugs iv been clean for over 2 years now an i must be one of the few becouse i dont want an y addiction in my life anymore i sit in pubs with mates and dont feel the need to drink my liver is damaged so much it will not heal its self i had the last rights heppetitis of the kidneys i suffer with a lot of other illnessess cos of the life style i had im on tabs for the rest of my life but i live a clean an as healrhy life as i can and i often think of all the wasted years cos of my addiction so it is hard if you let it but i think if you put your mind to it you can do it thanks for reading

chris o Aug 24, 2017

Boy reading these stories brings back memories and not good ones either. I have a similar story to tell. I have always gone to the doctor for ailments, flu, cold, etc, nothing earth shaking. With all of the blood tests I've had over the years, nothing turned up at all. I have never even tried any drugs, and was just a social drinker with a 1 and a half drink limit because I would fall asleep. After having my second son, I hemorraged and needed many blood transfusions. Advance 40 years and I'm finding out I have Hep C, what a shock. I felt so embarassed because I didn't do anything. So common I find out. I had 2 different treatments with Interfuron and Ribavirin, both very hard to get through, long treatments and both didn't work. Then by chance I find out I have liver cancer and end stage liver disease with about 1 year to live. I'm already on the transplant list and bumped up so I get a liver transplant in 2009, and I'm so very blessed and fortunate. After about 6 months to a year, my liver numbers start to go up and the Hep C is attacking my new liver. My doctor puts me on Solvoldi and Olysio for treatment and the pharmacy called to find out where they should be delivered. Sounds easy huh? I asked how much my co pay was and almost hit the floor. It was almost $10,000.00 and I had to stay on this for 3 months. They got me some help and I went on the drug and success. No body says I'm cured but they tell me there's no sign of Hep C in my blood tests. I am so very blessed and fortunate. Thank God for this help. The older treatments are very hard for the Hep C not so much for the cancer. I just wish I had kept a journal about this disease and treatment. I think sometimes you have to go back and reflect on what you have done and how you have fought the good fight and won. It's good to know you can fight.

Patricia B Jul 25, 2017

I contracted HepC when I was 16yrs old - 50 years ago. At that time, the doctor said it was HepA. I was sick and out of school for two months, (traumatic for a teenager) but once cured it was cured, right? They didn't know about HepC in 1968. I don't know why, but over all the years, I always let my doctors know about the HepA, and so they typically ran liver function blood test which were always fine (even now). A couple of years ago, a new doc recommended I be checked for the Hep C virus because of the CDC's new protocol- and blam- there it was! He put me on a regimen of that nasty shot and pills and I got sick (almost as bad as chemo when I had breast cancer) and it didn't work for me. Three years later another Liver Doctor introduced me to Epclusa. No side effects and so far no evidence of the virus in blood work. It is a miracle drug. The downside for me is that in the 3 short years between diagnosis and successful treatment with Epclusa, my liver went from mild inflammation to cirrhosis. But that's okay. I'm grateful to be alive and ready to fight another day. Now is the time. Get checked, Get treated, Live!

Marlene L. Jul 25, 2017

I am 56 and was diagnosed when I was in my 30s...I contacted Hep C in the very early 80s thru drug use. Due to the nature of my work and my interest in a natural health, I worked toward eliminating all drugs and alcohol from my diet. I also focused on my health and strengths and did alot of meditation and moderate exercise. It has been a holistic process for me. I have always been able to keep my liver count down to almost normal. I had shingles many years ago and think it was brought on by stress. I feel that i work very hard on my wellbeing and drink lots of water with lemon and when I was younger, I use to do a yearly fast. I only know what works for me and have learned to trust the wisdom of my body. I have also done years of accupunture and herbs. I try to always take Milk Thistle and Vit D. Am now also doing Tumeric. I believe that everyone is different and I am only responsible for what works for me. I have no judgements about what others do. We are all different and that in my opinion needs to be respected. I can honestly say, I have never been sick a day in my life with Hep C. I finally got a doctor a couple of years ago and when I feel at the top of my game, I get blood work done. I don't make decisions based on fear and I don't let others decide what is best for me. I trust myself. I see my Hep C as a reminder to take care of myself. I don't do things that will make it worse.

M A Jul 20, 2017

When I first found out I had contacted Hepatitis C, I was in denial. Backwards tracking, I researched all aspects of my life. It all came together when it was determined the Hep C came from the USMC tattoo I got in the military. Apparently, back then, the cleanliness of the tattoo parlors weren't yet under government scrutiny like now. The Hep C symptoms didn't start until 6 years after being notified by the county health department due to a blood donation I had been giving yearly. Ascites, tiredness, loss of appetite, and hepatic encephalopathy symptoms became more prevalent. Trips to the hospital for stomach/ lung fluid drainage increased. My body was failing, and I knew I was near my life's end. I asked my father in heaven to give me the spiritual strength, and positive attitude to help myself through the suffering. I felt like I was carrying this cross, this heavy burden, up a mountain. After returning home from my primary doctor's appointment one day, I said to my Lady, I don't know how much more I can go. I'm failing fast. Then about 45 minutes after being home, the phone rang. It was the hospital stating they had found a perfect match for my liver replacement. I had been on the liver transplant list for 3 years, up to that point. I felt like I had reached that mountain top, and there waiting for me was God, with an answer to my prayers. Waiting so long in denial resulted in cirrhosis of the liver, which had advanced to stage 4. Even though, after the transplant, the Hep C virus was still in my body, which was then cleared with antiviral drugs; Daclinza: Ribavarin This August will be my cure date. God is Great, Life is Good !! Live it to the Fullest ! AND HAVE FAITH !! ?

Bart R. Jul 20, 2017

Suprise diagnosis - tried to donate blood & Red Cross sent envolope with the "bad news" (which was due to a blood transfusion @ daughter's birth some 20 years prior!). Did LOTS of of homework, on line, about boosting our bodies' immune system, and underwent a course of weekly belly injections + 4 capsules / day. Prescribed by a university hospital. Cleared the virus in LESS THAN A MONTH. Nobody could believe the "luck"... Don't ever give up. Get involved in your OWN CARE. Get those immune soldiers fighting your battle ... it is more than possible to win! Good luck & keep the faith

Kate J Jul 20, 2017

I'm 48 years old an have stage 4 chronic hep c an cirrhosis I have fatty liver infiltration on top of it. I have had it since I was 15 years old an never knew it until 2010 when I put on lots of weight an had so much fluid build up doctor said probably had 12 pounds of fluid in each legs fluid in my lungs. Well I no how I got it it was from sharing dirty needles with couple friends. I did the inferon an ribavirin for a yr. It showed it wasn't active. I have bn sick from liver not filtering. so I got sepsis. I am so terrified of the extra suffering when it's my time to go to heaven. In an our of hospital at times. I stay sickly a lot of the time my belly is huge from enlarged liver an spleen. It's pure hell for me but if you happen to catch it early plz take care of yourself cause it's a gruesome death. No alcohol or drugs. I never even heard of it when I was 15 so never think ur invincible cause you will be where I am for u kids. I accept it an thank God for all the understanding of my mind during treatment. I'm living my life to fullest. Hope my story helps someone. Thank you for letting me tell it. Yours truly Brenda. God bless

Brenda M Jul 9, 2017

I was in the navy and remember a corman giving several of us shots with the same needle and when he finished each injection he placed it in a cup of alcohol . this took place in 1972 and a short time later I felt the effects of hep and was told it was serum hepatitis . after discharge I was shooting dope and became yellow and sick for weeks. Years passed and I quit drugs at that time was diagnosed with C and B . I take responsibility for my disease and am looking for treatment near the cincinati area . The VA claims Harvoni is not prescribed due to cost.

Skip S. Jun 16, 2017

Had Hep-C for probably 35 years contacting it through blood transfusions in a 1980 operation. Luckily I have NO liver damage at all and was treated successfully with Harvoni. It's been almost a year since I finished the drug treatment and after two tests no sign of the virus. Have been trying to get my energy levels back to normal as the drug regimen left me very exhausted...also the cost of the drug at 1,000 a day per pill is outrageous and shameful. My medication was fully covered by Medicare but the cost remains a disgrace... recommend lots of greens and fermented vegetables for people trying to addition a lemon in water first thing in the a.m. helps stimulate the liver to cleanse...milk thistle is another supplement I use....

Mary B. Jun 2, 2017

Hello since last year January I went for some general check up with my wife after some month I go back doctor tell me that I have hepatitis b chronic is like my word is gonna be end that very day .. pont is i have a lot of pain in my chest and my stomach and my doctor say then cant not give me drog now because the varis is not much on me.. What can do now

Moses O. May 1, 2017

Hello I'm Svetlana Scheiwein Bulgarian 43 year's old *homeless living in leicester city England more than 6 year's absolutely alone i didn't have . Everything started at 2014 with horrible pain days and nights, months because I was living alone it's was really hard depressed for me. Remember that i was going to many to hospital and the doctors telling me every time that im OKAY! !! At may 2014 is strat my itchings , cant walking distance tired my hands ,body and face was red can't eat and drink my dayli life was extremely bad. Then i been to the GP she chek my blood pressure is was really high she get blood test and the end she tell me yhat i have liver problem she refer me to gastrointerologe and 10 month i was waiting for meeting up with the gastrointerologe. He do new blood test agane more high all my liver enzymes. I was in X ray, MRI ,scan all but not seeen noting then he refer me to liver biopsy after 8th month i bedn there but get scared and back . From this day till this year February i didn't know nothing about #Primary billiar cirose autoimmune hepatitis# Now im waiting agane to meet the gastrointerologe at 30/06/2017 with out any treatment. Dear friends my local Advice and support Down centre in leicester they don't want to me to help me . They always says to me that no place for me because is busy last 3 years . I don't have benefits zero financial no social care help All they tell me go back to Bulgaria. Im on the street at the moment alone i ask my GP practical doctor for Urosofalk 250mg and she give me. No foods no roof no best friend. Im on depresion+panic attacks +schizophrenia . I apply to many times for ESA they send me letter im not allow for ESA because law say that and because I didn't pay NATURAL CONTRIBUTION

Svetlana S May 1, 2017

I was diagnosed of hepatitis B disease since 2013. I live in abject poverty and have been treating it myself hoping that God will bring healing to my body. I also thank God for helping me to discover this website. I believe I'll discover advice and encouragement from others. God bless!!!

John J Feb 26, 2017

I was diagnosed in 2006. I didn't believe my results and had my doctor re test me 3 times. Yes all three said Hep C. I also was diagnosed with a fatty liver, high cholesterol and hypothyroid all at once. Once I found out I went through the lows of knowing but trusted that with my strong mind set I would clear the virus on my own. Sounds crazy but during one of my specialist appointment the doctor came in and said "what exactly are you here for" so I told him and he said "but you don't have Hep C" . I went back to my family doctor and got checked and rechecked and TRUE I had cleared the virus. Every year I do all my blood work and always Clear. I'm sharing this because even though I cleared the virus I have been suffering symptoms since. It has progressively gotten worse where I have liver pain, itchiness, periodic fatigue, irritability, inflamed saliva glands, adrenal fatigue, high iron, candida and those are only Some of my symptoms. I keep following up with my doctor but he just reassures me that my blood test are clear and my liver function test always come back good. For years I thought all these symptoms were due to working out at high intensities (as I'm a fitness intrustor) but that is not the case. I quit exercising for a year thinking it was making me sick and I only got sicker. I have all the symptoms of Hep but no Hep? Makes no sense to me but it's real.

Karen T Dec 11, 2016

Thanks God for all , first of all i am hoping for each person to recover from that disease . i get it from where God know , i discover it 2006 , i cope with no medicine except milk thistle and ginseng nature until 6 months ago , i got the new medicine sofaldi , i use it for three months with other 2 liver medicine according to the protocol , i analyses 2 times and i got the negative result hoping it will not be back again , and i am active now not like before at all and thanks God in the end

Dec 3, 2016

I have had hep c for decades now . I am awfully lucky. I had a very good friend that just found out he had hep c. He died 2 weeks latter. That scared the hell out of me.
I also had an affirmative with an alcoholic....found out later she was drinking one gallon of cheap vodka a day.
She had it in her purse. Being a man that like to use women in sex I went with it.
Finally I kicked her put, she took a bus back to Apalacia and died on the bus broom lever disease.
Of course now I am freely really shameful and much more aware.
I saw a specialist that had a unique method for looking at my liver. Instead of a biopsy he inserted tube down my throat to liver with a small camera. Works well.
Anybody try this? Anyway I was told I had cirrhosis. I have been clean now for about 2 years and was amazed that my blood test showed me almost cured! I was also taking milk thistle. From all I read, I still think the test was wrong, because I don,t think the liver ever regains good cells to rid of scaring. Any body else have this experience with blood tests? I believe there was an error but my doctor won,t test me again.

Glenn H Apr 26, 2016

I am 65 years old and I found out 5 years ago that I had Hepatitis C just from a routine checkup. My doctor reminded me that I had never had a physical and asked if he could draw my blood and have it tested. Sure I said I didn't have a problem with that. When the results came back I was floored. I did remember when I had my 3rd child back in 1977 my urine was discolored and I was told I had Hepatitis but not to worry an antibiotic would clear it, and it did. The only place I think I could have gotten it was after the Vietnam war when my husband to be came home with it and was a drug user. I had an ultrasound and a biopsy done which showed that my liver wasn't damaged. Mind you I had no symptons whatsoever. My doctor wanted me to go on interferon and ribavirin but after researching the treatment and reading testimonies that the treatment was horrendous I decided to wait until new treatments came out that I was reading about. I waited 5 years and kept getting my levels checked yearly. Then in 2015 Harvoni came out as a treatment. I took it for 8 weeks with absolutely no side effects and my viral load went from over 4 million down to zero. There is hope so never give up

Fran T Apr 5, 2016

I was diagnosed in 1994 with chronic, active Hep c. I tried interferon but had to stop from convulsions. I have cirrhosis, COPD, high blood pressure, and hemochromatosis iron overload load disease.

I started Harvoni I on Sept 13th. I will be finished December 11th. I was told by my doctor that is was a cakewalk. Maybe a few headaches, trouble sleeping, and general fatigue. That has been anything but true. I have been unable to work because it is way beyond general fatigue. It's called “can’t get off the couch” many days. I feel that these Drs have not been educated on all of the side effects therefore the patients find out the hard way.

I have been cured and am very grateful however when I started having a lot of side effects Dr dismissed me like I was crazy so I got on the internet and did my own research and found many people having the same problems . So my advice to you is to do the homework. Don't trust your Drs info, get your own.
Godspeed to everyone fighting this battle with a cure we have waited so long for. If I can just help one person that will make me feel great. Getting ready to rock my new lease on life soon! God bless to all! We have fought the dragon!

Dec 1, 2015

Hi, about 10 years ago I had a live function test. Got told it's a bit fatty. Did not know what that meant. I moved and found a new doctor who explained that I had a fatty liver. He said many people do, don't worry. But he re-did a liver function test he said your liver is a bit high. He left got a new doctor and explained to her my liver is a bit high, what does that mean? She did a test and, yes, it is a bit high. She wanted to know if I would like further tests. “Yes, of course!” I said.

It came back Hep C. I was embarrassed and upset. I felt dirty. I have never done drugs with sharing needles, never even smoked a bit of dope.

Anyway, I saw the specialist on 8-18-15. She scanned my liver with her machine and a ticket comes out tells how bad your liver is. It is scarred very badly now. Cirrhosis of the liver. There is a brand new medication out but $70.000 a course. I’m on disability for other health issues but she believes they might accept me for a trial for the new mess.

They think I've had it over 30 years from prison in the late 70s. I am drinking apple cider vinegar and lemons squirted in to water with milk thistle, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and spinach in a blender once a day . No one told me I've just been reading what your liver likes. Please, can someone tell me that it does not have to become cancer? I've started a group on Facebook. Damaged livers could use some help. Please help by joining and sharing ideas. Please cirrhosis does not have to mean cancer!

Daniel K. Aug 28, 2015

First of all I was diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis in 2004. I drank somewhat but for depression and boredom. So it wasn't hard to lay the drink down for good. I received a liver transplant Aug. 2003 and almost died as my donor was allergic to Bactrim (as sulfa antiviral) and they couldn't find the cause of my platelets being hardly 2000. After 4 weeks, and after process of elimination, they found it was due to donor liver being allergic. I was also diagnosed with Hep-C and they said was at very low levels. Even after the transplant I received a liver biopsy every year for 7 years, for about a total of 10 in 9 yrs. I still have Genotype 1 and my transplant nurse said I was an ideal candidate for the Harvoni and Ribavirin. I started taking it 2 weeks ago. Headaches, metal taste (which faded), and my right side hurts. Would like to know how other post transplant patients faired with their treatment. I have 10 weeks to go. Pray for me. I get confused at times and very tired but I want rid of this disease. Let me know how you are and thank God for all who have been cured and for those about to be and for those who are waiting. I will be praying for you all.

Patricia B Jan 16, 2015

I am a nurse and have been for 26 years. I was stuck by a dirty needle 20 years ago before anyone was screening for Hepatitis C. I was getting a routine lab a year and a half ago and found out my platelets were low and liver enzymes elevated. After further testing I was diagnosed with stage 3+ beginning cirrhosis genotype 1a. I started triple threat immediately. I was on Incivek, Ribavirin, Pegasys for 48 weeks. I had to go the full length since I had cirrhosis. I wanted everyone to know that the treatment is hell (mainly the first 3 months) but I am undetected!!! I just had my 3 month after treatment lab and it is still undetected. I cannot say I am cured until after I get my 6 months lab. I was fortunate to have a lot of support, I had some of the many side effects but minor compared to others I read about. But do it people. I was tired, weak, nauseated, but I am cured!!!!

Char S Jul 30, 2013

In 2013 in the month of February, I had done a liver function blood test for some of my symptoms like nausea, constipation, weight loss, weakness, insomnia, and the result came with an increased level of sgpt, sgot, bilirubin count. The local doctor prescribed me some medicines but they are of no use since I am taking them for 15 days. I go to another doctor and she told me to do a hepatitis blood test and it came back hepatitis b positive and hdseag positive. My doctor described it to me. I got so frustrated. They say I can't do anything with the virus. There is no medicines or cure for it. They only suggest medications when there are signs of liver damage. My usg was normal. Right now its July 16 2013 and my symptoms are still continuing. My weight reduces by 5kg and I am very weak. My life has become a hell and all of my dreams are shattered.I left my lover for this....

Soumen W Jul 15, 2013




MILTON R Dec 23, 2011

Hi to everyone . I wanna share my problem regarding to my condition by the way im from philippines. I have hepatitis B i discovered this when i was in college im nursing student at that moment when i found out that i have hepa b i was so sad, all my dreams have gone. Now im still ok and i already accept it , live like normal. But theres one problem i cant find regular job.Im already 26 yr old but i cant find regular job because of my condition. i failed in medical . i really need to find regular job , i feel discriminated because of my condition. but i dont lose hope may be God have other purpose for me..Thank you

ella s Apr 21, 2011

I was diagnosed with hepatitis b in the early 70's. I was kind of sick for a month and oh so yellow. Then i was better. Blood tests for the following 30+ years showed only antibodies to the hep b and all doctors told me my body had fought off the virus.

Now, 33 years later I find out by accident that I am possitive for hepatitis c. I was shocked. I'm not sick at all. Additional blood tests show that i have an undetectable viral load and the doctor says no treatment is necessary. Seems that back in the 70's there was no test for hep c and i've probably had the hep c all along. It's strange, i feel different but not sick. Doctor says my immune system basically put the hep c in a neat little package and tucked it away. I can't find much on the internet as far as a story like mine. Anyone else ever heard of anything similar?

barbara b Jun 10, 2010

I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension after passing a kidney stone about 4 months ago. I went to a local doctor and he said it was because I was an alcoholic (I haven't drank in 20 years) and when I did it was for about 4 years from about 17-20 years old! After some labwork the doctor told me that it was HCV. Now that made more sense. The doctor said that it was because of drugs! But I never used needles! I told him that I was a nurse and had been for about 20 years! I have been exposed to blood on more than a dozen episodes where I came up on a wreck or when I was working as a EMT. I decided to get a second opinion and that is where I found out the truth! I have been on Interferon and Ribaviron therapy for going on 6 weeks. I do great from Monday to Thursday, but on Friday evening I take the shot and I feel like crap the rest of the weekend! Some weekends have been not so bad! While others are terrible! I try to exercise during the week and I play full court basketball 2-3 days during the week for about 1-2 hours each time. In the beginning I had a terrible bout of depression and felt like the world was coming to an end and I was taking Wellbutrin! The doctor raised my dose to 100 mg three times a day and that seemed to do the trick! I still get a little emotional at times and have to be careful about watching movies that can make me cry! LOL!

My wonderful wife and three daughters have been very supportive for me. I have two that are away to school (19yo, 21yo) and one left at home (16yo). I have a very supportive church family as well! I do not know what I would do if I did not have Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord! I found out this last week that my viral load was down significantly and the doctor is very excited at the progress of the eradication of ther virus! I am able to work and am thankful of having a flexible schedule! There are days that I wish that I would just die and am about to lose hope, but those are the days that I have to reach way down and pull myself up by the boot straps! Some time you have to just put on your big boy pants and just deal with it! I am 44 years old and have alot to live for! More importantly, I am not afraid to die since I know where I am going, I think that is what keeps me going! The only problem that I am having is that my platelets stay really low (thrombocytopenia)! And that does concern me! I just keep focused on God, family, work, and a hobby (I am building my own camper). One day at a time!

Eric L Apr 25, 2010

My daughter was an alcoholic and was drinking very heavily right before her death. She felt like she had the flu so she was taking a lot of tylenol. Before we knew it she was in need of a liver transplant but didn't make it to ever receive the transplant. She died very young and very tragically and it is something I never want to see anyone go through again. I would love to share my story with everyone to prevent this from ever happening again.

eileen v Feb 15, 2010
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