LiverSupport Health News

Four Nuts That Support Your Liver


Besides being a tasty snack, some nuts provide a surprisingly healthy combination of liver-protective substances.

Hair Color for the Liver Conscious


Hair color can improve self-image and thus lift the spirits of a person living with chronic liver disease. Before partaking in this beauty ritual, review these five suggestions for reducing the toxic load these products can place on your liver.

Liver Disease Bulletin: Should Iron Be in Your Multi-Vitamin?


To avoid a worsening of their condition, individuals with chronic liver disease should know which circumstances mandate taking a multi-vitamin with iron.

Does Alcohol Offer Stress Relief?

Even though many people use alcohol to ease stress, there is evidence that it does just the opposite – especially when it comes to stressing the liver.

The Mediterranean Diet and Your Liver


With over a quarter of American adults affected by fatty liver disease and countless more receiving a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, strategies to reverse these trends are in high demand.

Four Holiday Food Swaps Your Liver Will Love

Since many holiday recipes can aggravate liver disease, consider swapping them out for dishes that are conducive to the liver’s well being.

Seeking Solutions for Liver Cancer with Cirrhosis


Researchers from Japan are working on strategies to help those with primary liver cancer and moderate to severe cirrhosis.

Maple Syrup Could Be a Liver Ally

Foods that are sweet and sticky usually are not good for you – but real maple syrup has a pleasant surprise in store for anyone concerned with his or her liver’s health.

Anger Inflames Liver Disease

Proving that our physical bodies are influenced by strong emotions, excessive anger can wreck havoc on those with liver disease.

New Angle for Tackling Liver Fibrosis


Innovative research from UCLA could lead to a therapeutic approach for preventing liver disease progression.

Saffron Valued for Supporting Liver Health


Two studies appear to tout saffron as a means to protect the liver and prevent liver disease from progressing.

Simultaneous Support of Heart and Liver Health


When it comes to managing high cholesterol, people no longer need to choose between heart health and liver health.

Helping a Fatty Liver with a Sweet Tooth

Since sugary foods aggravate a fatty liver, consider these five strategies to reduce sweet cravings.

Ten Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease Fighting Tips


Besides helping to keep extra weight off, these easy to incorporate suggestions also help defend against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Fabric Softeners and Your Liver

The public has been hoodwinked into thinking that fabric softeners are hygienic and necessary. However, the facts reveal that those with liver disease have every reason to find alternatives to commercially sold fabric softeners.

Homocysteine and Fatty Liver Disease

Measuring homocysteine levels has potential for determining the stage of fatty liver disease. Additionally, lowering homocysteine levels could prevent a fatty liver from getting worse.

Breakfast Counts Towards Your Liver’s Health

In addition to providing steady energy levels throughout the day, find out why eating the right foods in the morning may prevent or reverse fatty liver disease.

Liver Disease and Multivitamins


In general, taking a multivitamin is a good idea for managing chronic liver disease – but choosing the right one requires awareness of three potential hazards.

Four Facial Liver Health Clues


Typically known only by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, discover which four facial signs could foretell of a liver problem.