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Metabolic Syndrome

A New Way to Fight Fatty Liver

A New Way to Fight Fatty Liver

The time of day may play a part in liver fat accumulation, a discovery that could change attempts to treat fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.

The Link Between Psoriasis and Fatty Liver

What is psoriasis, and how is this skin condition linked to fatty liver?

Dragon Fruit Shields Against a Fatty Liver


Despite its whimsical, fun appearance, dragon fruit is serious when it comes to your liver’s health.

Overeating Will Be The Main Reason for Liver Transplants in 5 Years

“It’s predicted that by the end of this decade, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease will be be the most common underlying reason why people are required to have liver transplants, overtaking alcohol.”

Transforming the Future of Liver Transplant Therapies

A new stem cell technique shows potential to aid a range of patients – including people with inherited metabolic liver problems, type 1 diabetes, as well as patients needing a liver or pancreas transplantation.

The Mediterranean Diet and Your Liver


With over a quarter of American adults affected by fatty liver disease and countless more receiving a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, strategies to reverse these trends are in high demand.

Homocysteine and Fatty Liver Disease

Measuring homocysteine levels has potential for determining the stage of fatty liver disease. Additionally, lowering homocysteine levels could prevent a fatty liver from getting worse.

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News Brief: Liver Hormone Linked to Insulin Resistance

Of particular interest to those with a fatty liver, researchers have identified a liver hormone that is integral to insulin resistance. This discovery could lead to new therapeutic options benefiting a wide range of health conditions, including fatty liver disease.

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The Natural Supplement for Metabolic Health

Metabolic syndrome has risen as the premiere catch-all phrase describing the declining health condition of our modern culture. Learn what causes this increasingly common condition and the benefits of taking a natural supplement to aid in the support and protection of your liver.

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Probiotics Help Support Liver Health

An imbalance of the digestive system’s delicate environment may be the underlying cause of many ailments, including fatty liver disease. Healthcare practitioners have long suspected that an abundance of certain intestinal bacteria renders its host vulnerable to disease. Discover how certain probiotics can support the liver by preventing fat accumulation in this crucial organ.

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