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Sexual Dysfunction

Liver Disease and Sex: An Informative Guide

Liver Disease and Sex: An Informative Guide

This article discusses questions that may arise about engaging in sex while living with liver disease, including those concerning sexual dysfunction and low libido.

How Liver Disease and Depression Can Impact Relationships and Sexual Function

Your liver is so essential to your body that it has a big impact on both your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, that includes even the most intimate areas of our lives.

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Yes! Those with Liver Disease Can (and Should) Be Sexually Active


While low libido and sexual dysfunction are common in those with chronic liver disease, find out how they can be overcome with the right supplement.

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Pros and Cons of Sex for the Liver Conscious


Following a diagnosis of liver disease, many people place sexual relations on the bottom of their priority list. Learn the pros and cons of sexual activity for those with liver concerns.

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