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Yes! Those with Liver Disease Can (and Should) Be Sexually Active


While low libido and sexual dysfunction are common in those with chronic liver disease, find out how they can be overcome with the right supplement.

This discussion of sexual activity is intended for adults only in a safe, supportive context.

Often sidelined for seemingly more important necessities, sexuality is one of our most basic human characteristics. Unfortunately, those with chronic liver disease are more likely than the general population to forego sex for a number of valid reasons. By simultaneously addressing a handful of those reasons, an all-natural solution is available to help those with liver disease get back in the game and reclaim their sexuality.

Why Sex Is Important
Sex in a loving, intimate relationship has numerous health benefits – especially for people living with chronic liver disease.

·    Emotional Well-Being – Being or feeling sexual can enhance self-esteem, help ward off depression and perpetuate a more positive outlook on life. Known as natural mood-lifters, endorphins are chemicals that are released by the body during sexual activity and orgasm. Reveling in the joy of one’s sexuality is a legitimate way to ease the worries of managing liver disease.

·    Relaxation – An orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region. These contractions produce intensely pleasurable sensations that are followed by rapid relaxation. Besides fostering deep, restorative sleep, this relaxation allows the liver an opportunity to regenerate healthy cells.

·    Immune Strengthening –The stronger a person’s immune system is, the better chance he or she has of staving off the advancement of liver disease. Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., author of “Superimmunity,” maintains that sex in a loving relationship helps the immune system by increasing the flow of certain chemicals in the body.

Sexual Function With Liver Disease
While any chronic illness can be associated with sexual dysfunction, this is particularly true for liver disease. Those with chronic liver disease often battle fatigue and depression – both of which contribute to a decreased interest in sex. In addition, medications used in the treatment of liver diseases are known to cause sexual dysfunction and decreased libido. Finally, a person who doesn’t feel well is not likely to desire sex.

While each culture has its own customs for aiding sexual function, mainstream medicine commonly prescribes pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, prescription medications to aid erectile function, boost libido or otherwise increase sexual satisfaction are rarely proven safe for those with liver disease. On the other hand, there are all-natural herbs that have been supporting people’s sex lives for centuries. Two expertly crafted supplements safely combine some of the most effective substances for supporting sexual function while omitting herbs that are cautioned against with liver concerns:

1. Enhance For Him™ – This supplement supports a healthy sexual experience for men in the following ways:

·    It strengthens sexual desire, response and performance while minimizing sexual rebound time.

·    Invigorates blood circulation in and around the sexual organs to enhance erection size and duration.

·    Aids in the production of sexual fluids and supports their timely release.

2. Enhance For Her™ – This supplement supports a healthy sexual experience for women in the following ways:

·    Strengthens sexual energy, thus improving desire and responsiveness.

·    Enhances clitoral engorgement and sensation by stimulating blood flow in and around the genitals.

·    Helps balance hormones to boost sex drive and aids in the production of vaginal fluids for adequate lubrication.

Both Enhance For Him™ and Enhance For Her™ contain herbs to help those with liver disease overcome some of the more common obstacles to sexual fulfillment. Each of the 13 herbs in these formulas is treasured for their role in enhancing sex, including:

1.    Energizing Ginseng to ease sexual fatigue and restore vigor

2.    Horny Goat Weed to increase sensation in the genital region

3.    Deer Antler Velvet to boost hormones necessary for a healthy libido

For a full list of ingredients and how they can help restore sexual desire and function, click on Enhance For Him™ or Enhance For Her™.

Wanting a healthy sex drive and being able to perform is normal and attainable – even for someone managing chronic liver disease. Besides the physical pleasure garnered from a satisfying sexual encounter, those with liver disease are particularly in need of sex’s other benefits – like enhancing emotional well-being, achieving relaxation and strengthening the immune system. Since Enhance For Him™ and Enhance For Her™ contain effective sex-enhancing and liver-friendly herbal ingredients, they should be seriously considered by those with liver problems who are not currently enjoying an active sex life.

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