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The Debate for Bananas and Liver Wellness

As long as you consider the banana guidelines described below, this popular fruit could be a great addition to your plan for optimal liver health.

3 Milk Thistle Benefits You Should Know

Discover why milk thistle goes above and beyond supporting healthy liver function.

The Link Between Obesity and Liver Cancer

What is the connection between being overweight and developing cancer?

Dragon Fruit Shields Against a Fatty Liver


Despite its whimsical, fun appearance, dragon fruit is serious when it comes to your liver’s health.

There’s a Liver Hormone That Can Stop Your Addiction to Sweets!


Researchers have discovered a liver hormone that can stop or lower your sugar cravings.

Four Spices that Aid Weight Loss and Liver Health


Four spectacular spices can make your food extra tasty while also helping you achieve a healthy weight and protect your liver.

Top 3 Causes of a Fatty Liver


Learn the top three reasons people get a fatty liver and tips to help prevent or reverse it.

6 Thanksgiving Tips for Digestion and Detox

Before indulging in this year’s Thanksgiving feast, make sure to review these six tips for taking care of your stomach and liver.

Diabetes and Liver Disease Are Entangled


November is National Diabetes Month. Learn how closely liver disease and diabetes are connected.

Transforming the Future of Liver Transplant Therapies

A new stem cell technique shows potential to aid a range of patients – including people with inherited metabolic liver problems, type 1 diabetes, as well as patients needing a liver or pancreas transplantation.

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