Did You Know? Home-Baked Pies and Liver Support

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Top 3 Causes of a Fatty Liver

6 Thanksgiving Tips for Digestion and Detox

Before indulging in this year’s Thanksgiving feast, make sure to review these six tips for taking care of your stomach and liver.

Foodies rejoice; Thanksgiving is almost here! The typical American Thanksgiving feast is one of the few times a year when dietary restrictions are trumped by culinary temptation. Although some traditional Thanksgiving foods can be healthy, most people overindulge in plenty of less than healthy holiday staples.

Especially for those who have concerns about their liver operating at full capacity, the gluttony associated with Thanksgiving can be problematic. Because the body is typically overloaded on this holiday, assisting with digestion and detoxification can help the liver get back on track.

Food Coma

A feast to give thanks for the recent harvest, the fourth Thursday in November is celebrated by a majority of Americans. The Thanksgiving meal typically features a roasted turkey, but it is also associated with overeating high-glycemic and fatty foods. Many are familiar with the post-Thanksgiving food coma – a bloated, lethargic state that follows the meal (and may continue for several days after). Experts point to the common practice of overeating foods that cause a sharp spike in sugar and fat in the blood as the primary culprits in post-Thanksgiving food coma.

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