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Rezdiffra: First FDA-Approved Drug for Treating Fatty Liver Disease

Rezdiffra: First FDA-Approved Drug for Treating Fatty Liver Disease

The FDA has approved resmetitron (brand name Rezdiffra) for adult patients with moderate to advanced scarring of the liver due to fatty liver disease.

Mar 26th, 2024
Resmetirom In Line to Become First Medication-Based Treatment for MASH

Resmetirom In Line to Become First Medication-Based Treatment for MASH

Feb 19th, 2024

What is resmetirom and how might it help treat this liver disease – MASH – metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis?

You Can Check Your Liver's Health At Home

You Can Check Your Liver’s Health At Home

Jun 7th, 2023

Find out what at home liver tests check for, and what to do if you have concerns about your liver’s health.

Improved Liver Evaluation Test Available in the U.S.

7 Jan 13th, 2014

The FDA gave FibroScan® the green light, an approval projected to drastically improve liver fibrosis testing.

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Seniors Are Good Candidates for Liver Transplants

May 18th, 2010

Although the risks associated with most operations are much higher for people over the age of 65, studies prove that liver transplant surgery is an exception. As transplant centers learn of this realization, age will no longer limit a person’s transplant eligibility.

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Sulfasalazine’s Potential for Reversing Fibrosis

1 Mar 17th, 2008

Investigation into why a liver becomes fibrotic and possibly cirrhotic has led English researchers on a quest to stop this undesirable chain of events. By discovering that sulfasalazine holds promise for reversing scar tissue in the liver, they may have changed the future treatment goals for liver disease.

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Liver Transplantation for Hepatitis C Patients

Dec 7th, 2006

In addition to being the reigning cause of chronic liver disease in the United States, Hepatitis C is also the most common reason for liver transplants in this country. A liver transplant is typically performed as a last resort, and is only considered when all other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful. Referred to as […]

Take the Mystery Out of Liver Tests

Take the Mystery Out of Your Liver Tests

4 Nov 6th, 2006

Are you unclear of what your doctor tests to assess the health of your liver? You are not alone. Learn to understand the conclusions drawn from liver function tests so you aren’t left in the dark about your own diagnosis.

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Understanding Interferon Therapy

1 Jul 6th, 2006

Being informed leads to the best treatment decisions. If you are a candidate for interferon therapy or simply want to learn more about the most common medical treatment for viral hepatitis, this article can be your introduction to how it works, and more importantly, how effective it is.

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Hope for Liver Cancer Patients

Jun 15th, 2006

For good historical reason, liver cancer is a feared consequence of liver disease. Learn more about the array of inventive options modern technology provides and the encouraging reasons why hope may replace the fear that previously gripped liver disease patients.

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