Things to Avoid

Avoid These 3 Common Holiday Liver Hazards

Learn how you can be proactive this holiday season and bypass the typical December potholes that endanger your liver.

Nov 30th, 2017

Foods to Avoid for Liver Health

3 Nov 21st, 2016

While we all indulge once in a while, choosing a steady diet of these types of foods may lead to liver damage over time.

6 Strategies to Improve Liver Function and Help You Lose Weight

Feb 24th, 2016

The liver’s role in fat metabolism makes this organ’s health vital to achieving your weight loss goals.

Warning: Tick Repellent and Lyme Disease Both Stress the Liver

Jun 12th, 2015

Preventing tick bites without toxic chemicals is a win-win for everyone – especially for those who have chronic liver disease.

Impact of Food Color on the Liver

Jan 19th, 2015

Don’t depend on the FDA for your safety. Know which synthetic food dyes may be harmful to your liver.

Do Antibacterial Soaps Impact Your Liver?

2 Dec 1st, 2014

We wash our hands to keep clean and prevent the spread of infection, but hand washing might also pose a liver cancer risk.

Third-Hand Smoke Is a Liver Disease Foe

10 Jul 23rd, 2014

A cigarette’s harm goes beyond its associated clouds of smoke, especially for those with liver disease.

The Link Between Liver Disease and Dairy Problems

2 Apr 22nd, 2014

Likely a consequence of small intestine bacterial overgrowth, many people with chronic liver disease may have difficulty digesting dairy.

Cirrhosis Warning: Skip These Salty Dishes

2 Mar 12th, 2014

Find out which high sodium meals people with cirrhosis must avoid when dining at these 10 popular restaurant chains.

Liver Health Ideas: Pumpkin Seeds Trump Chips!

1 Oct 21st, 2013

Discover several reasons why those with liver concerns are better served with a handful of pumpkin seeds than a bagful of chips.

FDA Approved Weight Loss Supplement May Cause Permanent Liver Damage

1 Dec 13th, 2012

New study reveals possible liver, kidney and other organ damage caused by the FDA-approved weight loss supplement, Alli.

The Anti-Anxiety Herb Controversy

2 Jun 28th, 2012

An herb known to relieve anxiety, kava is at the center of an intensive effort to uncover the validity and etiology of reports claiming it can harm the liver.

Over-the-Counter Painkillers and the Liver

54 Mar 1st, 2012

Those with liver disease must be aware that the three most common pain relievers could be hazardous to a compromised liver – even at a reasonable dosage.

Does Alcohol Offer Stress Relief?

Nov 30th, 2011

Even though many people use alcohol to ease stress, there is evidence that it does just the opposite – especially when it comes to stressing the liver.

Simultaneous Support of Heart and Liver Health

1 Sep 2nd, 2011

When it comes to managing high cholesterol, people no longer need to choose between heart health and liver health.

Fabric Softeners and Your Liver

Aug 12th, 2011

The public has been hoodwinked into thinking that fabric softeners are hygienic and necessary. However, the facts reveal that those with liver disease have every reason to find alternatives to commercially sold fabric softeners.

Can a Healthy Lawn and a Healthy Liver Co-Exist?

May 26th, 2011

Since a popular weed-killer has been found to kill liver cells, those with chronic liver disease are advised to go old school with lawn and garden maintenance.

Spring Allergies and Liver Wellness

Spring Allergies and Liver Wellness

Apr 6th, 2011

If you have liver disease and take any of these five popular allergy medicines to fight hay fever, make sure you know about their potential to stress the liver.

LiverSupport default article image

Protecting Your Liver From Nuclear Radiation

Apr 6th, 2011

As the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan unfolds, some folks on the United State’s West Coast are worrying about radiation exposure. Although those with liver disease may be more prone to illness from a nuclear accident, there are several ways to mitigate the danger.

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