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Three Studies Finding Alpha-Lipoic Acid Helps a Fatty Liver


Those who are in danger of developing or who have already been diagnosed with fatty liver disease have good reason to supplement with alpha R-lipoic acid.

Liver Antioxidants – What to Pair with NAC


Learn how N-acetyl cysteine helps protect your liver from oxidation – especially when it is paired with another common antioxidant.

Four Recipe Substitutions That Favor Liver Health

Replacing four ingredients with other kitchen staples will make a big impact on the fat, sugar and preservatives your liver must process.

Do You Have High Liver Enzymes or a Fatty Liver?

Do You Have High Liver Enzymes or a Fatty Liver?


If your doctor delivers news of high liver enzymes or a fatty liver, make sure you understand what that means.

FDA Approved Weight Loss Supplement May Cause Permanent Liver Damage


New study reveals possible liver, kidney and other organ damage caused by the FDA-approved weight loss supplement, Alli.

The Scoop on Poop – When Stool Color Signals a Potential Liver Health Problem


Some people may think that checking on poop color is gross, but poop color could be a warning sign of poor liver health.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Liver Disease Get You Down

Since happiness appears capable of preventing liver disease progression, finding joy has never been more important.

Is Cranberry a Good Choice for Liver Health?


Going far beyond their bright addition to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, the cranberry provides some surprising liver health benefits.

What Does Our Tongue Tell Us About Our Liver?

Find out how tongue observation can reveal more about the liver’s health than most people realize.

Knee Osteoarthritis and Limbrel: A Liver-Friendly Solution?


Medical foods are a relatively new frontier in healthcare. A medical food used for knee osteoarthritis seems safe enough at first glance, but may pose a hazard to those with liver disease.

Liver Health May Be Reflected in the Fingernails


Learn why changes in the fingernails could be an indicator of a liver problem.

Keep Your Liver Lean with Apple Skin

An apple a day could help prevent fatty liver disease, as long as you don’t peel off the skin!

Supporting Metabolism to Help Liver-Related Fatigue


For anyone with compromised liver function, healthfully raising your metabolic rate can reinstate adequate energy levels.

Antibiotic to Treat Respiratory and Sinus Infections May Lead to Liver Damage

TORONTO — A commonly prescribed antibiotic appears to increase the risk of severe liver damage in some older patients, researchers say.


Can Flaxseeds Support Liver Health?


An ingredient well known in many health food circles, flaxseeds are a terrific addition to a diet crafted for a healthy liver.

New Hope for Liver Scars


Those with chronic liver disease can pray for the reversal of liver fibrosis, but new research gives hope for a more scientific approach.

Nutraceuticals Show Promise for Fatty Liver


Those combining the wisdom of nutrition and pharmaceuticals are making inroads into preventing and reversing fatty liver disease.

Liver Awareness – Hot Car Paranoia Email


A toxin scare gone viral has many unnecessarily fretting over immediately using their car’s air conditioner.


Can Vitamin E Ward Off Liver Cancer?

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Vitamin E is good for many things, including prevention of heart disease, strokes, cataracts, and possibly some signs of aging. Now, a study finds that consuming higher amounts of Vitamin E can lower your risk for liver cancer.