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16 Common and Not-So-Common Signs You Might Have Liver Disease

Valuable Herb: How Dandelions Benefit Your Liver


Appreciate the dandelion – the weed capable of reducing congestion in your liver.

A common sight growing in springtime lawns, through sidewalk cracks and in rolling fields across the globe, dandelions are much more than a common weed. For those with liver health concerns, dandelion’s fat-digesting, bile-promoting and detoxifying properties make it an extremely valuable herb.

Symptoms of a Congested Liver

As declarations of needing to detox are heard more and more frequently, people seem to be recognizing when a congested liver is slowing them down. Common symptoms of a congested liver include fatigue, headache, bad breath, irritability, mood swings, sugar cravings, skin irregularities, indigestion, abdominal bloating and excessive weight. While those affected are correct in guessing that detoxing will help them feel better, they likely don’t realize that it can be as easy as incorporating dandelion into their daily routine.

Dandelion Facts

A close relative of chicory, dandelion is a common meadow herb of the Asteraceae or sunflower family. Herbalists have revered dandelion for centuries; however, this weed’s potential benefit to the liver is especially valuable to the millions of people currently in need of liver detox and support.

While several different forms of the dandelion plant can be used medicinally, the leaves and root are particularly beneficial for the liver:

  • The Leaves – If picked fresh, be certain the leaves come from dandelion. In addition, avoid dandelions where pesticides or other toxic chemicals may lurk. The leaves can be used in salads, cooked or dried to brew tea.
  • The Root – More bitter than the leaves, dandelion root is typically found in herbal liquids, powders and capsules. Dandelion root is the most frequently used part of the plant in herbal medicine.

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