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Do Underarm Deodorants Impact Liver Health?


Those with chronic liver disease ought to know how their deodorant could be straining their liver.

Why Liver Problems Require a Look at Celiac Disease


Due to an apparent link between the two ailments, those with liver disease are advised to be evaluated for Celiac disease, and vice versa.

Is Bleach Bad for Your Liver?


Whether it’s in your water, hair dye, laundry detergent or toilet bowl cleaner, learn why bleach is not the most liver-friendly compound.

Hair Color for the Liver Conscious


Hair color can improve self-image and thus lift the spirits of a person living with chronic liver disease. Before partaking in this beauty ritual, review these five suggestions for reducing the toxic load these products can place on your liver.

Anger Inflames Liver Disease

Proving that our physical bodies are influenced by strong emotions, excessive anger can wreck havoc on those with liver disease.

New Angle for Tackling Liver Fibrosis


Innovative research from UCLA could lead to a therapeutic approach for preventing liver disease progression.

Simultaneous Support of Heart and Liver Health


When it comes to managing high cholesterol, people no longer need to choose between heart health and liver health.

Ten Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease Fighting Tips


Besides helping to keep extra weight off, these easy to incorporate suggestions also help defend against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Protecting Your Liver From Nuclear Radiation

As the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan unfolds, some folks on the United State’s West Coast are worrying about radiation exposure. Although those with liver disease may be more prone to illness from a nuclear accident, there are several ways to mitigate the danger.

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A Happy Liver Will Make Your Holidays Happier Too

Learn six tips that can help your liver and your holiday season abundant with joy and good health.

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Detoxification Revealed

Learn about the importance of detoxification, our liver’s role in removing toxins, as well as four valuable tips for detoxification – such as eating nutritiously and relieving stress.

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Will Recent Oil Spill Impact Those With Liver Disease?

We are heading into the summer season and British Petroleum’s oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico is still gushing. Thus, vacationers in the vicinity with liver disease should be aware of potential oil-related risks to their health.

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A Sport Crafted for Liver Health


Find out the four characteristics of outrigger canoeing that make it a sport with a unique attribute – promoting a healthy liver.

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Tips for Managing the Flu With Liver Disease


Even with the vaccinations available for seasonal flu and swine flu, many people are still getting sick. Discover six natural approaches to fight the flu for those who have fallen victim to one of these flu strains – an especially helpful list for those with compromised liver health.

Six Holiday Traditions That Are Kind to Your Liver

Many holiday traditions can turn mild liver disease into a more severe illness. By making these six healthful holiday customs your own, liver disease need not put a cramp in your holiday style.

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The Link Between Liver and Heart Health

Learn about astherosclerosis (a health condition that causes high blood pressure, heart disease and can even contribute to some liver diseases), as well as the study that undoubtedly demonstrates the interconnectivity between liver and heart health. You’ll also discover seven lifestyle choices that are beneficial for liver and heart disease prevention or managing your health while living with one of these conditions – tips that can help prevent and reduce astherosclerosis.

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Liver Health and Osteoporosis

Medical workers have consistently observed a higher percentage of osteoporosis in people with chronic liver disease. By understanding the connection between these two illnesses, anyone can positively influence both liver and bone health by instituting several lifestyle changes.

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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Despite the havoc this time of year can wreak on the liver, there are four do’s and don’ts that can help keep your liver healthy during this holiday season.

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Financial Worries Create More Issues with Liver Disease

Worrying about our economy could intensify physical woes for people with liver disease. Until the American dollar rises, Traditional Chinese Medicine may help relieve your worry-related symptoms.

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