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Is Bleach Bad for Your Liver?

Four Nuts That Support Your Liver


Besides being a tasty snack, some nuts provide a surprisingly healthy combination of liver-protective substances.

When it comes to questioning their healthfulness, nuts are not always portrayed in a positive light. This perception is largely due to the popularity of honey-roasted snacks and other nut products prepared with lots of additional fat, sugar and salt. However, nuts in their raw form are actually a kind of super food – protein-dense morsels loaded with nutritious substances. Because of the additional nutritional needs of a compromised liver, individuals living with liver disease are typically advised to include nuts in their diet.

Nuts are an excellent natural food, perfectly adapted to our taste and ability to pick, dry, store and crack. Because they have hard shells and are picked off large trees with deep roots, nuts are relatively well protected from pesticides and environmental pollution. Corresponding to pesticides and pollution, the liver is the organ responsible for neutralizing any toxins found in the bloodstream. For someone with liver disease, this function may be impaired. To ease the stress of detoxification on the liver, foods with a low level of toxicity, like nuts, are ideal for people with liver disease.

Learn more about liver cleansing and how antioxidants in supplement form, such as Alpha R-Lipoic Acid, are also useful for aiding with detox.

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