Super Omega-3 Fish Oil

Harvested From the Best Fish Sources - 1000 mgs EPA and DHA Per Serving - Support Cardiovascular Health - 60 Softgels: 30-Day Supply

Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Bottle
Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Supplement Facts
Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Label

60 Softgels: 30-Day Supply

Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Bottle Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Supplement Facts Super Omega-3 Fish Oil - Label
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Made with non-gmo ingredients Gluten free Manufactured in the United States Made in a FDA registered facility Current good manufacturing process Third party tested


The advantages of fish oil supplementation are widely publicized, but “fishy burps” and questionable ingredients can get in the way of these benefits. Super Omega-3 Fish Oil stands out from the rest.

Super Omega-3 Fish Oil is an all natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade vitamin and dietary supplement. It is endorsed by healthcare professionals from several disciplines of medicine. You can be confident that Super Omega-3 Fish Oil has the highest level of quality, and is formulated using cutting-edge technology backed by science, education and research.

  • May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. FDA evaluated the data and determined that although there is scientific evidence supporting the claim, the evidence is not conclusive.
  • Each dose contains optimal levels of active omega-3 fatty acids - 600 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA
  • PCB, dioxin and mercury free.
  • Sourced from sardine and anchovy, they contain the richest and highest concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids among fish.
    • Sardines and anchovy are small, lower on the food chain, have shorter life spans and are therefore less likely to be affected by environmental pollutants.
    • Sardines and anchovy are also a sustainable source of omega 3 fatty acids. Unlike the krill that are used for krill oil, harvesting sardines and anchovy does not negatively affect their existence nor the existence of other species that rely on them as a food source.
  • Enteric-coated gels
    • The enteric coating reduces the fishy odor and after taste and protects the softgel until it reaches the lower intestine where it can be better absorbed and utilized most by your body.
  • No “fishy burps”!
  • Promotes natural anti-inflammatory actions, which can help support the health of your liver.
  • Supports normal cardiovascular, platelet and blood vessel function, insulin function, brain function, as well as cholesterol levels already in the normal range.
  • No artificial colors, artificial flavors, chemical solvents, yeast, starch or gluten

Fish oils have been known to lower concentrations of triglycerides, positively impact serotonin levels (thus improving mood and sleep patterns), and reduce inflammatory conditions that impair healthy liver function. Supplementing with high quality fish oils, like Super Omega-3 Fish Oil, can also help ease hypertension and support healthy joints.

Nearly every inch of the human body can benefit from omega-3 supplementation, particularly when the nutrition is delivered in a tolerable, enteric-coated softgel manufactured from the best fish sources available.

Whether you are targeting a specific challenge or looking to improve your overall health, the breakthrough formula of Super Omega-3 Fish Oil provides nutritional support for a wide variety of bodily organs and functions – in an affordable and clinically-proven way.


Review this product

Firstly, let me start by stating, take this product first thing in the morning before your coffee or breakfast with a full glass of water. In my experience, taking the product as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach I do not have any fishy burps whatsoever. If I forget and say maybe take later in the day, this is where I do experience those distasteful burps. With that said, I recently visited with my doctor and my cholesterol was at 24/7. My cholesterol levels two years ago were around 253. I have since gained a few pounds and my levels should have gone up. I have been taking the Super Omega faithfully for about two months now, and like most, should be exercising more. I am not, but I do believe taking this product is working to reduce my high cholesterol. I will continue to keep taking this product, and have recommended to two other people who I know are now purchasing this from Natural Wellness.

Clarice Franks


Each bottle of Super Omega-3 Fish Oil contains 60 softgel capules. As a dietary supplement, take 2 softgel capsules once daily with a meal or as directed by a medical professional. Physicians may increase dosage.


Consult your medical professional prior to use if you have, or suspect you have, any medical condition, are currently taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are allergic to seafood you may also be allergic to fish oil, use with caution.

If you are taking medications for high blood pressure you will want to use caution when taking fish oil as it can cause your blood pressure to go too low.

Super Omega-3 Fish Oil Ingredients

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