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Tamarind Fruit Offers Liver Protective Qualities

Easy, Homemade Mixture Helps Your Liver


Nicole Cutler

Oct 15th, 2015

It couldn’t be simpler. A sweet, natural concoction that you can make at home helps improve immune, digestive and liver health.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a mixture of two or three common cupboard ingredients could help you fend off illness, strengthen your digestion and improve your liver’s health? Based on an old Ayuverdic medicine recipe, such a mixture exists.

Known as “Golden Honey,” the combination of raw honey and turmeric is revered as a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer blend.

For those with liver concerns, “Golden Honey” is an ideal concoction to fend off colds and improve digestion while shielding the liver from toxicity.

About Turmeric

Exhibiting a warm and bitter taste, turmeric is the main spice in curry. Turmeric’s primary chemical compound is curcumin, a yellow substance with a long history of aiding liver health. Numerous studies have linked curcumin to reductions in liver cancer and liver fibrosis.

  • According to a study in a 2012 edition of the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, scientists found that the livers of diabetic rats were repaired and even regenerated with the help of turmeric.
  • According to a 2009 study in the journal Liver International, curcumin showed an ability to inhibit several factors (like nuclear factor-kappaB) that helped reduce liver inflammation. In addition, the authors found that curcumin helped protect against liver injury from known liver cell toxins.

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13 Comment(s)
  • Inc.

    Will that help anyone with most liver diseases. No it won’t. Maybe good for over health though. If you have hepatitis C the virus is causing damage and inflammation no matter what you try and supplement with. But it is better to eat healthy to not cause more damage.

    • jack

      Did you just contradict yourself by saying this compound will not slow liver damage but “healthy” eating” will? I guess I should trust you though,anyone with a screen name of inc.(incorporated) has to be accurate.

      • LisaV

        Lighten up, Inc. was trying to give sound general advice.

      • Taylor Y

        Removing all toxins and eating a healthy diet of organic fruits and vegetables, sans the meat, sugar, processed foods, wheat (weaponized) fast foods (weaponized) and drinking lots of pure (distilled) water will eventually halt the progression, if not cure all diseases. Once you give your immune system what it needs and take away the crap that is destroying it, you will find that all your annoying minor and major problems disappear.
        I too took Harvoni. I have no detectable HCV in my blood now after having it for 40 years, but I will tell you this, I felt “better” before taking Harvoni than I did afterwards. The very expensive drug has sides effects that we have yet to learn about. I know that it destroyed the gut microbiome that I had achieved and now I cannot, now matter how much I try, eat many varieties of vegetables that I once enjoyed. (Raw or cooked beyond recognition)

    • Janine Evans

      I agree Inc. nothing stops hep C from damaging the liver cells, but the 3 ingredients are well known for their goodness in helping the gut and more. They sure can’t hurt; I don’t use this mixture, but I do have honey everyday and use tumeric in my cooking, great in curries. I understand your frustration at being constantly told this and that will heal the liver, if like me you have Cirrosis,(spelling? I have brain fog so excuse please), then there is nothing that will reverse it, but healthy living may help to slow it advancing. Good luck to those who choose to go for these remedies, but I know it doesn’t suit all of us, each to their own I say. Good luck Inc; it’s a tough road to travel! Cheers J

      • Rodaja

        Hi Janine, interesting comments to me. Last year I was told that the cause of the Hepatitis is a factor in progressive cellular damage in the liver. When that causal factor is removed, in our case cured, the cellular damage stops; the cirrhotic damage will slow down and then stop. I was told to liken it to the time we were teenagers. Remember the pimple outbreak? Some of us have reminders of that period of time because the scarring can be seen on our face. Like cirrhosis, the scarring can be stopped if we are cured of the virus and our diet is healthy/balanced. It is very important to find out other “trigger” foods that affect our livers. Alcohol, sugar, not drinking the daily requirement of water/fluids and one we may not think is a trigger — stress! Remember, Nichol wrote about something when combined helps liver function, it was not intended to be a remedy.
        There is a road though, that we can travel if we so choose that will lead to a cure!!!

      • ArleneB

        The only remedy is Harvoni. I am blessed that it came to my rescue.

  • Bill

    what proportions of turmeric and honey? always want to keep healthy.

  • Rodaja

    Wow, grammar and sentence structure are the hallmark of effective communication. You won’t find it in this diatribe.
    Research findings helps us to appreciate things we can do to ease our situation in coping with Hepatitis. Refined food stuffs, drinking beer with alcohol, and sugar can undermine our determination to live with Hepatitis C until such drugs like Harvoni can cure those with this disease. I just wish to thank those who share positive reports about food stuffs that promote sound liver maintenance. We all should recognize that balance is so important in the things we ingest to maintain a modicum of health.

    I imagine that we could use 1-2-3? Each of us like varying degrees of sweetness. As for turmeric – 1 part, ginger – 2 parts, and honey, a bee hive . . . just kidding, 3 parts, or to your liking. It is good for you.

    • Barney

      Maybe comprehension on your part ?

      • Rodaja

        Hey Barney, if you mean the act, or fact of grasping the meaning, nature, or importance of liver health strategies; maybe. Turmeric tastes terrible on it’s own. Ginger not much better. I’m not a nutritionist, but I, maybe like you have been around the block a few times. Anecdotally speaking, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric can make a “try” a one time event! It is the same with Ginger. Honey appears to buffer the pungent flavor of both turmeric and honey without compromising the values. The portions I suggested are meant to be open ended due to the individual pallet. Where would we be without “trial and error”? Come to think of it, we can ask Nicole.

  • frances stewart

    l mix part of turmeric, rice syrup and coconut oil together, l take about tablespoon every a.m and p.m. this is really help me a lot with pain.

  • Rodaja

    What I find that is very encouraging are the posts that look beyond grammar, who do not criticize individuals who are passing something along that is their experience, their journey in dealing with this virus and the after effects of the drugs that “cured” them. Sometimes its better to think about what is said for a couple minutes and try to see what is being said as opposed to knocking someone down just to make themselves better, or more intelligent. The nutritionists and those who are experts will tell us what is bad for our liver. After all they are the ones who develop guide lines for us to think about to aid our personal decisions. Thanks Janine, Taylor, Arlene, Lisa, Bill, Frances. Enjoy the life you have. Treat your bodies as a great gift you possess and recognize that soon all these afflictions will be done away with forever according to HIS promise. (Rev. 21: 3, – 5)

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