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Toxicity in Arts and Crafts

Jul 7th, 2010

Artistic hobbies, such as painting and photography, are great ways to relax and express oneself creatively. However, these activities may use industrial, toxic materials – which could be hazardous to someone with liver disease. Learn about the most common known offenders, as well as important tips to help protect your liver from the toxins in art supplies, so you can still safely reap the benefits of these fun hobbies.

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10 Liver-Friendly Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes

Jul 6th, 2010

These 10 suggestions for keeping mosquitoes away, naturally, can have those with liver disease enjoying the great outdoors – without putting their liver’s health in jeopardy.

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Detoxification Revealed

Jun 9th, 2010

Learn about the importance of detoxification, our liver’s role in removing toxins, as well as four valuable tips for detoxification – such as eating nutritiously and relieving stress.

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Will Recent Oil Spill Impact Those With Liver Disease?

Jun 8th, 2010

We are heading into the summer season and British Petroleum’s oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico is still gushing. Thus, vacationers in the vicinity with liver disease should be aware of potential oil-related risks to their health.

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A Sport Crafted for Liver Health

1 Jun 7th, 2010

Find out the four characteristics of outrigger canoeing that make it a sport with a unique attribute – promoting a healthy liver.

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Is Vitamin E Wise for Liver Health?

May 19th, 2010

New research on Vitamin E suggests that it could play a role in treating a fatty liver. However, one of Vitamin E’s characteristics does not necessarily make supplementing with it a good choice.

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Seniors Are Good Candidates for Liver Transplants

May 18th, 2010

Although the risks associated with most operations are much higher for people over the age of 65, studies prove that liver transplant surgery is an exception. As transplant centers learn of this realization, age will no longer limit a person’s transplant eligibility.

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Keeping Food Sweet With Liver Disease

4 Apr 22nd, 2010

By looking at the facts about artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and table sugar, those with liver disease can make informed choices about how to best eat their sweets.

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Update on Toxins Harming the Liver

Apr 20th, 2010

While large quantities of environmental toxins used to be implicated in liver damage, new research claims that even small amounts of chemicals are sufficient to cause liver problems.

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What Is Gluten and Will It Harm My Liver?

1 Apr 1st, 2010

Further confirming nutrition’s role in liver health, many are experiencing a connection between gluten intolerance and liver disease.

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Yes! Those with Liver Disease Can (and Should) Be Sexually Active

1 Mar 30th, 2010

While low libido and sexual dysfunction are common in those with chronic liver disease, find out how they can be overcome with the right supplement.

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Cirrhosis Warning: Caution Behind the Wheel

Mar 5th, 2010

Cirrhosis can envelop the liver if chronic hepatitis advances to end-stage liver disease. Experts estimate that at least half of those with cirrhosis have some degree of hepatic encephalopathy, and research demonstrates that this combination could increase the risk of driving mishaps.

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Sodium Benzoate: Reducing Soda’s Harm to the Liver

Mar 4th, 2010

To keep soft drinks fresh and prevent harmful bacteria from growing, sodium benzoate has been used in soft drinks for many years. However, discover why this common preservative has been implicated in being a detriment to our health – and find out how you can help minimize any potential toxic and mitochondrial damage from sodium benzoate.

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Omega-3’s Benefits Now Include Liver Protection

4 Feb 9th, 2010

Liver protection is now among the reasons to eat or supplement with omega-3 fatty acids. While this is great news for those with liver disease, make sure you know about the cautions associated with this supposedly healthy oil.

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Newly Discovered Fatty Liver Mechanism Supports Antioxidant Use

1 Feb 8th, 2010

Recent advances in cellular biology found a direct relationship between cellular stress and a fatty liver. Because they impact the exact mechanism forming this relationship, antioxidants are an absolute must for those with fatty liver concerns.

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Can Laundry Harm Your Liver?

Jan 19th, 2010

Learn about five common components of laundry detergents and whether or not they pose any serious health risks. Also, find out three helpful tips to help minimize the potential toxicity associated with detergents.

Why a Healthy Liver Equals Healthy Eyes

Why a Healthy Liver Equals Healthy Eyes

3 Jan 18th, 2010

Anyone can struggle with eye problems. However, the connection between the liver and eyes means that those with liver disease are more prone to declining eyesight. Luckily, there are strategies to support both of these valuable organs.

How Much Water Does Your Liver Need?

How Much Water Does Your Liver Need?

5 Dec 30th, 2009

Learn why the most basic of beverages is also your best choice for healthful drinking, particularly when living with chronic liver disease.

Six Holiday Traditions That Are Kind to Your Liver

Nov 17th, 2009

Many holiday traditions can turn mild liver disease into a more severe illness. By making these six healthful holiday customs your own, liver disease need not put a cramp in your holiday style.

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