Food & Your Liver

Liver Pros and Cons of Olive Oil

5 Mar 9th, 2011

Regarded as one of the most healthful oils today, olive oil harbors protective benefits for the liver. However, if not handled correctly, find out why olive oil is capable of having the opposite effect.

Love Your Liver With Lemon Water

Love Your Liver With Lemon Water

16 Nov 1st, 2010

Discover why there are few beverages as beneficial as lemon water when it comes to actually helping guide your liver towards better health.

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New Evidence Suggests Chocolate for Cirrhosis

Sep 1st, 2010

Complications from advanced liver disease can be serious. However, researchers have discovered that munching on dark chocolate could prevent a serious cirrhosis complication.

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Keeping Food Sweet With Liver Disease

4 Apr 22nd, 2010

By looking at the facts about artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and table sugar, those with liver disease can make informed choices about how to best eat their sweets.

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What Is Gluten and Will It Harm My Liver?

1 Apr 1st, 2010

Further confirming nutrition’s role in liver health, many are experiencing a connection between gluten intolerance and liver disease.

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Sodium Benzoate: Reducing Soda’s Harm to the Liver

Mar 4th, 2010

To keep soft drinks fresh and prevent harmful bacteria from growing, sodium benzoate has been used in soft drinks for many years. However, discover why this common preservative has been implicated in being a detriment to our health – and find out how you can help minimize any potential toxic and mitochondrial damage from sodium benzoate.

How Much Water Does Your Liver Need?

How Much Water Does Your Liver Need?

5 Dec 30th, 2009

Learn why the most basic of beverages is also your best choice for healthful drinking, particularly when living with chronic liver disease.

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Red Wine and Fatty Liver

1 Sep 28th, 2009

The potential health benefits of drinking a daily glass of red wine now include fatty liver disease prevention. However, alcohol’s risk for inflaming liver disease prohibits endorsement of this experimental strategy.

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The Liver Disease Guide for Microwaving With Plastic

Sep 9th, 2009

In our modern society of quick food preparation, the microwave reigns within many households. Food that historically took hours to prepare can now take nearly minutes in a microwave, allowing for a greater range of nutritional consumption for a person on-the-go. However, a great deal of mystery surrounds its safety. Since the device’s entrance into the market, qualms have circulated about the potential harm of microwaving food in plastic containers or wrapping. Read on to discover four tips for microwaving safely with containers or wraps – tips that will help minimize any additional toxin load on your liver.

Important Facts About Salt and Cirrhosis

Important Facts About Salt and Cirrhosis

2 Aug 19th, 2009

Upon being diagnosed with cirrhosis, physicians typically advise their patients to completely avoid, or significantly restrict, sodium intake. Learn why eliminating foods with salt from your diet is absolutely necessary if you’re living with cirrhosis – and find out some helpful hints on how to minimize salt intake.

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Green Tea Promotes a Lean Liver

5 May 13th, 2009

A recent study was conducted on how green tea impacts a fatty liver. Discover why experts now encourage those living with fatty liver disease to make drinking this beverage a daily ritual.

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Veggies, Liver Health and Hepatitis A

Apr 1st, 2009

We all know that eating your vegetables is good for you. Unfortunately, they occasionally transmit a hepatitis virus. Especially if already living with liver disease, learn how to reduce this risk so you can benefit from the healthfulness of vegetables.

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Meat: Is it Liver Friendly?

Aug 28th, 2007

Living with chronic liver disease means working to preserve and maintain the health of your liver. Learn how lifestyle adjustments, such as limiting your intake of processed meat, can help reduce the risk of further damaging your liver.

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How Tastes Affect Liver Health

Jun 19th, 2007

The food choices we make every day impact the health of our liver. Discover how flavoring your food affects liver function and what combination of tastes best support a healthy liver.

Soda and Your Liver

Soda and Your Liver

2 Apr 26th, 2007

According to the American Beverage Association, nearly 30 percent of the total beverages consumed in 2005 were carbonated soft drinks, easily making soda America’s most popular drink. Anyone concerned with the health of their liver should read this article to learn why soda should not be their drink of choice.

Valentine Treats for the Liver Conscious

Feb 12th, 2007

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are several factors to consider when giving and receiving the traditional gift of the holiday: chocolate. Discover what types of chocolate you can enjoy while still supporting the health of your liver.

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Mandarin Oranges to Prevent Liver Cancer

2 Jan 18th, 2007

While they have long been recognized as a delicious fruit highly concentrated in vitamin C, new research demonstrates how mandarin oranges can help prevent cancer in those with liver disease. Learn why mandarin oranges should be added to the shopping list of anyone interested in protecting and support their liver.

Toxic Items for Your Liver

5 Surprisingly Toxic Items to Your Liver

7 Sep 12th, 2006

The liver is responsible for keeping potentially harmful substances that enter our system out of our blood supply. Some of these substances are obvious, while others may be a surprise to even the most health conscious among us. Discover five such items that may be threatening your liver and learn the signs of exposure to them.

Coffee's Liver Health Benefits

Coffee’s Liver Benefits

3 Jun 16th, 2006

With new research pointing to coffee’s ability to minimize the advancement of liver disease, there’s even more reason for those with liver concerns to enjoy their favorite morning blend of brew.

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