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Potential Fatty Liver Drug Created at Scripps

Boost Brain, Heart and Liver Health in One Sweep

Phosphatidylcholine can benefit the liver while also offering distinct health advantages to preserving neurological and cardiovascular health.

In our predominantly linear comprehension of which substances aid specific health issues, it seems nearly unfathomable for one supplement to beneficially impact several body systems at once. In an effort to appreciate phosphatidylcholine, we must expand beyond the one-on-one associations of supplement and ailment that we are comfortable with. Traditionally taken for supporting the liver’s well-being, phosphatidylcholine (PC) seems to break barriers by also demonstrating an ability to protect cardiovascular and neurological health as well.

About Phosphatidylcholine

A chemical found in eggs, soybeans, mustard, sunflower and other foods, PC is sometimes considered to be interchangeable with lecithin. Although frequently confused for one another, there is a difference between the two; PC is a component of lecithin. Ordinary lecithin contains between 10 and 20 percent PC, but some products are concentrated so that they contain up to 90 percent PC. Lecithin is metabolized into PC; thus, phosphatidylcholine is a more direct and potent source of this valued chemical.


  • is a predominant structural element of cell membranes.
  • is a precursor to messenger molecules between cells.
  • is a major source of methyl groups, which are needed for many chemical reactions that take place in the body.
  • aids in the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • is vital to the metabolism of fat.
  • is an important component of lipoproteins, which transport fats through the bloodstream.

Health Benefits of PC

Because of its various roles in the human body, PC has many potential health benefits. Three of the most common reasons people supplement with PC include:

  1. Liver Disease: Research indicates that PC protects liver cells from viral damage, reduces fibrosis, and prevents cell death from drugs, alcohol and other chemical toxins.
  2. Memory Loss: Because the body uses PC to make a brain chemical called acetylcholine, it is often used to help neurological conditions like brain fog, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and manic-depressive disorders.
  3. High Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis: PC increases the solubility of cholesterol and so it helps decrease susceptibility to atherosclerosis.

Two Liver Formulas

Due to the undisputed worth of phosphatidylcholine supplementation, it is included in many different types of health-affirming formulas: especially those targeting the liver. Without adequate levels of PC, both fat and cholesterol accumulate in the liver. For people concerned with their liver’s health, two formulations are especially effective due to their inclusion of PC:

  1. Clinical Liver Support – Based on its ability to help transform fat in the blood and protect liver cells, PC is a prominent component of this comprehensive supplement that helps optimize liver function and protect against fat accumulation in the liver.
  2. Maximum Milk Thistle or UltraThistle – Milk thistle is the top herb for supporting the liver; however, it is notoriously hard to absorb. Maximum Milk Thistle and UltraThistle are highly effective because they contain milk thistle in a phytosome form, where milk thistle’s most active ingredient is in a complex bound by PC which helps cells absorb the substance.

Recognized by scientific and clinical health professionals, phosphatidylcholine’s value to those interested in preserving their liver’s health is undisputed. Studies over the years have not yet produced irrefutable, reproducible evidence of PC’s ability to clinically reverse high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and memory problems, but countless people supplementing with PC have seen improvement in these areas. On account of phosphatidylcholine’s role in cell membrane preservation, nerve impulse transmission and fat metabolism, it is easy to see how choosing a supplement containing PC can benefit the liver, cardiovascular system and brain – simultaneously.

Editor’s Note: A good supplement for heart health is Cholesterol Support. It is a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients designed to support normal, healthy levels of both low-density lipoproteins (LDL, aka “bad” cholesterol), and high-density lipoproteins (HDL, aka “good” cholesterol), as well as healthy homocysteine levels.

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