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Did You Know? Papaya and Indiana Jones

Papaya Seeds for Liver Health


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Sep 14th, 2015

Learn about papaya seeds’ digestive enhancing enzymes, and why seeds from this fruit are an ally for liver health.

Overall, papaya is a powerful, liver-friendly food. The fruit and the dried, ground seeds as well as papaya seed extract offer powerful antioxidants and aid in liver health by providing aid in digesting high protein foods. Anyone dealing with challenges to liver health, whether from cirrhosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or even fatty liver, may benefit from the addition of papaya seeds to their diet.

Use Papaya Seed for a Liver Healthy Smoothie

Caution: Papaya produces a latex-type fluid, especially before ripe, that may cause irritation and bring on an allergic reaction. Papaya seed extract has also been shown to have contraceptive effects in large doses, but has not been tested in humans.

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  • Patricia S.

    I love papaya smoothies, can i just add the fresh seeds to the blender?,or they have to be dried and ground first?

    • asdddf

      Read the mssg. carefully

  • Danny

    I know that papaya is mostly GMO!

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