Eat These 6 Foods to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

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3 Ways Fatty Liver Is Affecting Your Life (and 2 Immediate Solutions)

Fatty liver is a common diagnosis by doctors and a cause of concern for millions of people throughout the world. In fact, doctors are alarmed at the growth of fatty liver in the past 10 years. Find out 2 steps you can take today to protect yourself and help reverse this condition.

More and more people are becoming afflicted with fatty liver disease, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Our modern lifestyles create a perfect storm of conditions which make it easy to develop a fatty liver.

Many think of fatty liver as being a “silent” disease. But fatty liver can begin impacting your life long before it progresses to cirrhosis.

Here are three ways you may be feeling your fatty liver even now…and two solutions to help you do something about it.

Impact #1: You may be suffering from some serious fluid retention.

Fluid retention? How bad could that be, right?

But fluid retention does more than make it hard to get into your clothes. It can lead to lower back pain, even in the early stages.

It can also turn dangerous by leading to edema, a swelling in your extremities which can even start to restrict your mobility by causing severe joint pain, or massive long-term damage to your body.   

Impact #2: You may be experiencing skin problems you’ve never had before.

Toxins the liver can’t take care of can start to impact other organs. Your skin is the largest organ you’ve got. Is it any wonder that fatty liver disease can start to cause massive skin problems?

There is, for example, a known link between fatty liver and psoriasis.

The links are clear enough that the Fatty Liver Foundation reports that addressing the underlying liver problem is often the best way to deal with this persistent, distressing skin disease.  

Impact #3: Your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke is far higher than it used to be.

Fatty liver does not have to progress all the way to cirrhosis to be very dangerous. Studies show developing a fatty liver vastly increases your chances of developing heart disease, developing diabetes, or of getting a stroke.

Your risk of dying from heart disease is in fact twice as high if you have NAFLD. Researchers haven’t entirely decided why this is the case yet, but the statistics are well-documented. It should be enough for you to sit up and take notice!

Solution #1: Choose the Fatty Liver Diet

Experts will all tell you losing weight and addressing dietary issues is one of the most reliable ways to combat NAFLD.

Find out what to eat, and how you can make following the fatty liver diet effortless, by visiting this link.

Solution #2: Support Your Liver with Milk Thistle

Your liver truly is an amazing organ. It is the only organ in your body capable of regenerating after it has been damaged. You can reverse fatty liver disease if you supplement with milk thistle, one of the most powerful natural remedies for restoring liver health.

Milk thistle, such as UltraThistle that is physician-recommended, is safe to use. Here at we offer one of the most potent milk thistle supplements on the market today.

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