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Chemicals and Indoor Air Pollution – Is Your Liver at Risk?

May 13th, 2008

Do you know about the connection between common household chemicals, indoor air pollution and your liver? In this article, you’ll find out more about the major culprits of indoor pollution, safer alternatives to common household chemicals, better vehicle picks to reduce pollution inside your car and solutions for minimizing pollution’s impact on your liver.

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How to Protect Your Liver from Secondhand Smoke

1 Feb 14th, 2008

Known to contain hundreds of poisonous chemicals, secondhand cigarette smoke requires the liver to filter out these toxins from the body. Luckily, there are ways you can protect yourself from this hard to avoid source of air pollution.

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Alcohol’s Negative Impact on Liver Disease

Nov 21st, 2007

Understanding why alcohol accelerates liver disease can help a person make the important commitment to stop drinking. Find out for yourself exactly why drinking is no longer an option for someone with a compromised liver.

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Pros and Cons of Sex for the Liver Conscious

2 Oct 3rd, 2007

Following a diagnosis of liver disease, many people place sexual relations on the bottom of their priority list. Learn the pros and cons of sexual activity for those with liver concerns.

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How Cold Weather Impacts Your Liver

Dec 19th, 2006

For those with liver concerns, the arrival of the winter months must come with an increased awareness of cholesterol levels. Learn what you can do as the temperature drops to help support the health of your liver.

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8 Tips for Summer Liver Care

Jul 3rd, 2006

The liver is particularly vulnerable to summer’s excessive heat. Uncover the tips to ensure you’re doing the most for your liver as the mercury continues to rise this season.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Liver (a la TCM — Traditional Chinese Medicine)

2 May 8th, 2006

Just as the environment adjusts to each seasonal change, so does the human body. The liver is activated in the spring, providing us the opportune time to enhance this organ’s health. Learn why the spring release of stored emotions is a powerful way to support the liver.

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How To Support Your Liver With Balanced Nutrition

May 4th, 2006

Precisely balanced protein, carbohydrate and fat intake ratios are essential when battling liver disease. While popular diets are marketed as the supreme path to health and weight loss, learn why a physician-directed diet is the best plan for managing liver disease.

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