Liver Health and Sexual Dysfunction

What is the Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction?

Once a medical assessment has been made, depending on the severity of the problem, common treatments may include:

  • Surgery – in some cases, a mechanical aid such as a  penal pump will be surgically implanted in a male to enable an erection
  • Hormones – men with low levels of testosterone will benefit by testosterone replacement therapy; likewise for females, estrogen (female hormone) replacement therapy or androgen (male hormone) replacement therapy will be prescribed
  • Psychological counseling – to determine the underlying psychological cause, if any, for the sexual dysfunction
  • Medications – for a man, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or Staxyn may be prescribed to enable more blood flow to the penis; for a woman, Viagra has shown limited results in treating sexual dysfunction, however, at this time there is no drug on the market that has proven safe and beneficial for females

While remedies such as prescription medications and hormone replacement therapy are the most common treatments for sexual dysfunction, individuals with chronic liver disease must use caution and work closely with his or her physician when considering such treatment. Because drugs such as Viagra and the like are metabolized through the liver, careful monitoring by a physician, preferably a liver specialist is essential for anyone with liver disease.

Studies have failed to conclusively determine whether testosterone replacement treatment improves sexual function in men with chronic liver disease. Furthermore, testosterone may even be dangerous for those with liver disease. There­fore, this type of treatment cannot be recommended until further research has confirmed its effectiveness.

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