Liver Health and Sexual Dysfunction

What are the Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction?

The most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in females are:

  • Lack of desire to have sexual intercourse
  • Lack of arousal during sexual intercourse or the inability to maintain arousal
  • Inability to have an orgasm (the climax or peak of sexual pleasure which occurs during sexual activity)
  • Pain during sexual intercourse – usually due to vaginal dryness

The most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in males are:

  • Ejaculation disorders – premature ejaculation (ejaculation that occurs too soon); inhibited or retarded ejaculation (ejaculation that is slow to occur); and retrograde ejaculation (at ejaculation, semen is forced back into the bladder rather than exiting through the penis at orgasm)
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence) – the inability to attain and/or maintain an erection suitable to perform the act of intercourse
  • Inhibited sexual desire – decrease in desire or loss of interest in sexual activity

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