Gilbert Syndrome

What is the Treatment for Gilbert Syndrome?

Because Gilbert Syndrome is not a disease, no treatment is required. Bilirubin levels may fluctuate over time and occasionally jaundice may occur but it usually goes away on its own and doesn’t require medical intervention. Sometimes phenobarbital, a drug that will decrease bilirubin concentration, is prescribed to lower extremely high bilirubin levels and reduce signs of jaundice.

To help keep bilirubin levels under control and avoid bouts of jaundice, individuals with Gilbert Syndrome should try to manage stress and avoid strict, low calorie diets by eating healthy meals which include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fasting or skipping meals is inadvisable as well. Because Gilbert Syndrome affects the way medicine is metabolized by the body, it is also important to advise all doctors that one has the disorder to prevent worsening of side effects from the drugs.

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