Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Are There Alternative Treatments for Primary Biliary Cirrhosis?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and generally taking good care of one’s overall health may be helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms and preventing some of the complications that can occur in people who have PBC.

Some recommendations are as follows:

  • Eat a reduced-sodium diet to prevent risk of tissue swelling and of accumulating fluid in the abdomen (ascites).
  • Exercise and take calcium and vitamin D supplements to help reduce risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, a known toxin to the liver.
  • Practice good skin care to reduce itching.
  • Use artificial tears to help reduce dry eyes.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking may speed up the rate of liver scarring.
  • Try to avoid stress as stress tends to make symptoms worse.
  • Check with your doctor before starting new medications or dietary supplements due to possible sensitivity and/or side effects.

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