Metabolic Syndrome

What is the Long Term Prognosis for Metabolic Syndrome?

Long term prognosis for an individual who has metabolic syndrome is good, if the syndrome is treated. Because metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, by making aggressive lifestyle changes and working with one’s physician, heart disease, stroke and diabetes is preventable.

If heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or fatty liver disease has already been diagnosed, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes eating healthy foods, not smoking and exercising can prevent the diseases from worsening.

It is important to keep in mind that safety is a serious issue when dealing with all methods of treatment for any medical condition. Natural doesn’t always mean “safe”. Vitamins and nutritional supplements in high doses must be monitored for safety; therefore, seeking advice from a trusted medical source is advised.

A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. By safely using an integrated medical approach of treatment – combining natural and conventional medicine together, metabolic syndrome can be managed or prevented altogether.

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