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               Gluten can be highly inflammatory, thus adopting a gluten-free diet can be
               beneficial to your liver. The inability to properly digest and process gluten creates
               a chronic state of inflammation which leads to “leaky gut” syndrome. This allows                       IntroductIon
               toxins and pathogenic organisms to infiltrate your blood, presenting a chronic
               toxic overload to your liver. The long-term outcome of this is often non-alcoholic
               fatty liver disease.


               Dairy foods are extremely hard to digest. Because those with liver disease
               (especially cirrhosis) are more susceptible to small intestine bacterial overgrowth
               than those with a healthy liver, they are also more likely to experience the
               symptoms of lactose intolerance. Moreover, a growing number of clinicians are
               recognizing that eating dairy may cause small intestine bacteria overgrowth to
               worsen digestive issues in patients with a liver disease. Don’t worry - your local
               supermarket will have countless dairy substitutes, like almond milk, lactose-free
               milk, etc.

               Junk fooD

               These are our favorite foods but the name fits - junk is junk, meaning worthless.
               Our body does not get nearly any nutrition from junk foods and, most often, they
               are full of all the things we need to stay away from – including fats, sugars,
               empty calories, chemicals and additives. Our poor livers don’t need this added
               stress. We’ve included some healthier options when you feel like snacking, like
               our Vegan Cauliflower Wings or a classic Guacamole. Just because you’re snacking
               doesn’t mean your snack can’t be healthy.

                   We’ve given you foods to include in your diet and foods to avoid. You may
                   be thinking, “What meals and dishes can I make with this new
                   information in mind?” Worry no longer: we have compiled some of our
                   most popular liver friendly recipes to put you at ease. Try any of these
                   delicious recipes and watch your liver, and body, benefit.

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