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IntroductIon  Liver-Friendly Foods to Include in Your Diet

               Here are just some of the many foods that will help to strengthen and repair a
               damaged liver.

                                                              •  Avocado
               •  Beans, all kinds
                                                              •  Lemons
               •  Walnuts and other nuts
               •  Vegetables (potatoes in moderation)
               •  Broccoli
                                                                and mildly sweetened or lemon water.
                                                              •  Salsa
               •  Cauliflower                                 •  Lemonade made with fresh lemons
               •  Kale                                        •  Spices and Herbs
               •  Seaweed                                     •  Garlic
               •  Fresh vegetable juice                       •  Onions
               •  Homemade vegetable soup                     •  Herbal teas, iced or hot
               •  Fresh fruit in moderation (2-3 pieces       •  Organic virgin olive oil
                   per day)                                   •  Flaxseed oil
               •  Apples

               Avoid These Liver-Damaging Food Products

               You can also help your liver by avoiding foods that damage it. Here is a baseline list
               of what to avoid.


               Your liver is responsible for the breakdown of alcohol. The broken-down results,
               however, are toxic, and are harmful to your liver. Additionally, the broken-down
               alcohol can be stored in the liver and not burned like it should be. These types of
               damage can build over time and lead to fatty liver disease, the “gateway disorder”,
               that can progress to other more serious liver diseases. At dinner, avoid a cocktail or
               glass of wine. Try something healthy but tasty, like infused water.

               ArtificiAl SweetenerS

               The first word gives you the first clue: artificial. These sweeteners are extremely
               hard for the liver to process, adding additional burden to the liver. In addition to
               artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup is no better on the liver. While sugar
               isn’t exactly liver friendly, it isn’t easy to avoid either. Make sure you consume it in
               moderation. For those times when you are craving something sweet, turn to some
               alternative recipes that use fewer sugars and sweeteners and those that include
               natural sugars and positive ingredients that your body needs - like protein or fruits
               and vegetables! If a recipe necessitates a sweetener, make sure to use natural
               sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, stevia, coconut sugar, or monk fruit.

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