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Desserts  Berry kAle ice popS

               Enjoy this easy, healthy frozen treat with the added benefit of kale – a superfood
               for the liver!

               Preparation time 2 minutes ■ 5 hours inactive time

               Ingredients for 4 servings               Pour the thawed fruit into a blender and blend
                                                        until smooth.

               2 cups thawed, frozen fruit mix of
                   strawberries, blueberries, cher-     Slowly add in your juice while blending until the
                                                        mixture is of a pouring consistency.
                   ries and kale (try Wyman’s of
                   Maine frozen fruit mix)              Pour your mixture into ice pop molds (4 ounce
               1/4 cup of your favorite fruit juice     size works well). If you don’t have ice pop molds
                   (used to thin the mix for pour-      simply use plastic or paper cups- pour the mixture
                   ing)                                 into each cup, cover with foil and insert a pop stick
                                                        through the center of the foil into the cup.

                                                        Place in freezer for at least 5 hours or overnight.

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