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SideS   hunGAriAn cucuMBer SAlAD

               If you have your own garden, or a friend has a garden, you may be overwhelmed
               by cucumbers! Try this great alternative to just adding them to a salad. A tangy,
               cold accompaniment to any protein of your choice.

               Preparation time 5 minutes ■ 90 minutes inactive time

               Ingredients for 8 servings               Peel and slice cucumbers very thinly, using a
                                                        mandolin is preferred as you can achieve super thin
               2 English cucumbers                      slices.
               2 Tbsp Seasoned Salt
               1/2 onion                                Place cucumbers on a large baking sheet and
                                                        sprinkle throughout with salt, making sure that all
               1/2 cup white vinegar                    the slices are salted. Leave to rest for 30 minutes.
               1/4 cup water                            The salt will draw the moisture out of the
               2 tsp sugar                              cucumbers.
               1 tsp sweet Hungarian paprika
               Pinch of dill, dried or fresh            Cut the onion into paper-thin slices and place in a
                   (optional)                           bowl.
               1 Tbsp sour cream (optional)
                                                        Once the cucumbers have released water, use your
                                                        hands to squeeze out the excess water. (While there
                                                        is plenty of water released from the cucumbers to
                                                        rinse the salt off, if you prefer, you can rinse the
                                                        cucumber slices thoroughly in a colander and
                                                        immediately squeeze out the excess water.)

                                                        Add the cucumbers to the onions. The cucumbers
                                                        are supposed to be limp, but they will still be crisp.

                                                        Add the vinegar, water, sugar, and paprika to the
                                                        cucumber/onion mixture.

                                                        Let the cucumbers and onions marinate in the
                                                        refrigerator for at least 1 1/2 hours.

                                                        Remove from fridge, add dill (optional), and serve
                                                        using a slotted spoon.

                                                        If you want to add the optional sour cream, pour
                                                        off some of the liquid after the cucumbers and
                                                        onions have marinated and then mix in the sour

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