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The Connection Between Brain Fog and Liver Health

Understanding cognitive impairment makes the link between brain fog, fatigue and chronic liver disease apparent.

Connection Between Brain Fog and Liver Health

Most of us take our ability to think, remember and process information for granted. We consider our brain to be the headquarters of our intelligence and personality, that is, unless something interferes with our mental acuity. Generally termed ‘brain fog,’ the dulling of cognitive function is a familiar, but unwelcome sensation to a majority of people. For some, brain fog is a mild, transient occurrence; but for others, brain fog can be a major source of strife. Although there are several possible reasons for this condition, those with chronic liver problems are especially susceptible to brain fog.

What Is Brain Fog?

Despite the lack of information in most medical and psychological texts, brain fog is a valid, sometimes debilitating complaint. Describing mental confusion or a lack of mental clarity, brain fog can include feeling spacey, forgetful, lost and fatigued. It is also associated with having trouble thinking, concentrating and focusing. The frequency and severity of someone’s brain fog can vary significantly – and have a host of different causes.

Although the following three etiologies are not the only reasons someone experiences cognitive impairment, they do account for a sizeable proportion of brain fog episodes:

  1. Low on Fuel – Requiring a lot of energy, the brain consumes approximately 30 percent of our caloric intake. Anything that impairs energy production can lead to insufficient fuel for optimal brain function.
  2. Low on Fluid – As a major constituent of the human body, nearly every human function requires water. About 70 percent of the brain is composed of water. If the brain’s cells are not properly hydrated, cognitive function declines.
  3. Excess Toxins – The brain requires a lot of blood flow to function, making it one of the first organs to be affected by toxins in the bloodstream. Any condition that impairs the filtering of toxins out of the blood encourages brain fog.

Liver Disease and Brain Fog

Despite being frequently dismissed as a vague, unimportant complaint, brain fog is one of the more common symptoms of chronic liver disease. This is likely due to liver disease’s tendency to impair energy production and blood detoxification.

  • Detoxification – One of the liver’s most vital responsibilities is filtering toxins out of the blood. When battling chronic liver disease, the liver can accumulate scars – some of which may become permanent. The more scarred a liver becomes, the less effective it is at removing toxins from the blood supply.
  • Energy Production – Another prime responsibility of the liver is its role in carbohydrate metabolism. The liver converts carbohydrates into glucose and glycogen. Glucose is used instantly for energy and glycogen is stored by the liver to be used later for energy. The more damage to the liver incurred from chronic liver disease, the less able this organ is to produce and store energy.

A combination of toxins in the bloodstream and lowered energy levels make brain fog a likely consequence of chronic liver disease. Thankfully, there is hope for those affected. For the majority of folks, strategies to stay properly hydrated, minimize toxin exposure and provide the brain with sufficient energy are crucial to having a clear head. In addition, those with liver concerns can benefit from supporting the liver’s ability to detoxify and produce energy – a solid recipe for easing the fatigue, disorientation and frustration characteristic of brain fog.


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  • Sharon

    Trying to find ways to adapt to HCV after 3 non-responsive tmts. I suffer with brain fog, pain, fatigue and constipation. I take Lactulose, Vicodin HPs 6Mmg/day, Paxil 20mg and Nadolol. Had 2 internal bleeds as well. The acetamediphine in the Vicodin is very harmful and constipating.The fog is very detrimental for me. I now have a cataract and have lost hearing which Ive read can be brought on by hcv. The pain I have is difficult to describe to Doctors. Im unable to locate a medical prof that completely understands hcv.  I want to change from Vicodin to something less harmful but my Doc isnt sure what to prescribe. In fact Im not so sure he believes in my pain. I just started Acupuncture, Therapeutic massage, Reiki. Want to start swimming and yoga but my energy level is fighting me.

    • Yarbrough Terrinell

      i have a lot of noise in my head and loud in my ears at times worse or a litle better and have lost some of my hearing so is that along with severe fatigue and cloudy mind,no motivation,no energy,no will to live and never ever feel eally good that HCV i think i got it in the early 70.s injecting drugs(teenager) big mistake ,,but at that time even aids was not heard of???i have COPD and severe deppression and at the time of dignoise had to get county assisstance so no Doc. now?? my eye sight is getting worse every day

      • sandra

        I get the ringing in my ears and head noise in bouts…usually when I slack off taking the milk thistle and I get a lot of water retention. I drink a lot of dandelion root/leaf tea as a diuretic and the noise gets much less.  Depression goes with large dose of vit.D.
        I keep forgetting to say I use the UltraThistle on this website.

    • sandra

      Advil–ibuprofen is the least toxic to the liver.   But the meds you’re on are pretty toxic themselves. Yeah I know the pain…I’ve described it like fibromyalgia, arthritis, meningitis, etc.   I rarely have it anymore. I’ve posted a lot here about what I take that works and if I were more disciplined I’d probably be able to make more progress. But at least my doctors are surprised I’m so stable only using herbs.

    • Stp Rowland29

      I’m so sorry Sharon. 3 rounds of treatment is impressive you made it thru em all. Tripletherapy is up next for me. That is if i’m mentally able. It’s all so horrible and mentally exhausting. Please keep us informed on how things are going for you. I’ve started more vitamins and herbs and eating healthier. That can’t hurt.

  • MMM

    Dear friends! I need to have your
    experiences about the possibility of being married? Have you ever been afraid
    of transferring the disease to your children or wives? What do you think about
    that?  Is this brain fog affected
    your relations? Manny thanks. 

    • Vicki

      I got Hep C when I had transfusions after the births of both my children in 74 and 76. I had 3 units in 74 and 5 units in 76. I didn’t know until 2004 and was on a study @ IU Medical Indianapolis Indiana. I was married 32yrs and after my divorce in 2003 I found out I had it. My husband was tested and didn’t have it neither do my kids. If you want to get married you just need to read up on things that should not be shared. Like toothbrushed, shavers, toothpicks, anything that you could cut yourself with and would shared has to be cleaned with boling water or bleach. Carry rubber gloves  and bandaide in your car incase your out and cut yourself. don’t let Hep C take over your life.

    • Stp Rowland29

      No worries MMM. It was while I was in the hospital 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child having placental abruption when I was first diagnosed with hep c. I’d never even heard of it. Words cannot tell you the fear I was in for years. My husband finally told me he’d had it since the 80s and I’m positive I got it from him around 1995 when we had experimented with needles and meth. I put my kids through hell having them tested every year for a long time but they do not. I’ve divorced and since had 2 relationships and they do not have hep c and I’ve got the worst kind to treat type 1a I think or either 1b. Just be careful if you get hurt and don’t let anyone come in contact with your blood. Don’t waste your time worrying about it because that will drive you crazy.

    • MMM

      I have not got information like this before, nor
      from my doctors who do not care.

      This information helped me to understand what
      I feel. I have (C, type 4 a, c, d). I am from Sweden, not US, I discovered the
      sickness 5 years ago, I was 27 years old, under a routine analyze to see why I
      have a yellow color in my eyes. I had the color since 4 years old but doctors
      always said it was Gilbert Disease and nothing to care about.

       I do
      not know how I got it which is something heart me. I felt disappointment and my
      life was over at that time but God helped me to be strong and face this enemy.
      Thanks God that I have no damages and all my analysis is OK and thus Doctors
      refused to treat me though my insistence.  The treatment here is free.

      However, I feel myself tired, having a temperature,
      concentration difficulties that doctors do not care about, this report opened a
      big world to me to understand HCV and your comments and experiences are so

      I am grateful that you share your life with
      us. My heart is with you all. May God bless you and look at you.

      • Yarbrough Terrinell

        yes it is very sad and frustrating that Doctors do not know much or really care about this disease whic they should because it is epidemic now!The liver doctor told me to go home and deal with it myself   so that is what i do and it is Hepatitus Central and sites like it that have totally educated me  funny huh doctors do not know as much as i&we

  • deborahdmh

    I am reading all these comments for the first time, and NEVER knew anything about “brain fog”…I thought I was getting Alzheimer’s.  What’s really messed up is that after the 48 week treatment of Ribiviran and Interferon, with “no trace” of HepC in my system…I thought, cool, now I am “CURED”. That’s what Doc said. Are we EVER “CURED?” 

    • Raytuned88

      hi deborahdmd, well technically in the true sense of the word “cured” i dont believe so.but medically they use this word very broadly and loose.and like to believe otherwise. what really happens is the virus is supressed to such a low amount of level in the blood ,that it can not harm or cause further damage to the liver,Are you ready,,,,,?? heres the clincher, if i treat and clear after 48 weeks  I  will still always test positive for  hep C. (antibodies), now  if i was truly cured in the true sense of the word then technically  I should test  negative. this is hotly debated among professionals. and believe it or not some doctors beg to differ

      • Hepcstudy

        don’t be silly any virus that you have been exposed to, your antibody will still be positive. That is your immune system working. If you are negative for hep c 6 months post therapy, the chances that the virus will come back is less than 2%.

    • zolar5

      Hi Deb. Please get re-checked in 6 months. I have other forum friends that showed cured, and it came back. Keep-up the hope though. everyone is different. I would just get re-checked from time to time. Good Luck to your health.

  • Gerrit

    Keep doing this !  All your new information is such an inspiration for me and, I’m sure, for my fellow (ex)hep c patients too. After 2 cures (24 & 48 weeks on ribavirine and interferon) I’m clean, but my energy level is low.  I learn more and more why, what and what do to, thanks to this site.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VV2RRAMKZGPZPQONKCZDYI6GZQ Andrew M

    In my opinion, it’s important to not allow all that TV entertainment stuff and movies and internet become so involving that it leaqves very little interest or chance to be more active.
    Ever since my liver transplant in ’04, I have been somewhat active dailoy. If i overdo it, I’m looking for trouble, If I hardly move much, I’m also looking for trouble. I find that getting a pedometer is important because it helps look back at each day and see how many steps i walked which usually translates into how active I was, Being active stimulates my brain and leaves little time for fogging out.
    Love to you all my fellow Hep Cers. Yes, I still have it even after the transplant but it bothers me quite a bit less.

  • Babsfarrell

    I find that Ginkgo is helpful. I take Gaia brand drops so I can control the amount that works best for me. Usually It’s too strong in pill form.

  • sandra

    Dandelion leaf tea is great for pulling out fluid build up…tastes fine too. It feels like  the brain fog is also related to episodes of inflammation and fluid retention.  I probably got HCV type 2 in the late 60s, and no energy and joint pain sent me to a doc in 1998. They had just identified the virus and it took me a whole year to get an appt. w/ a liver doc. (in a major city) I’ve been dealing with it herbally and with diet since then but it has progressed. I use the UltraThistle off this site, and a number of supplements. I don’t know how to avoid the brain fog that comes and goes. Really disruptive and frustrating because my family can’t “see” the problem and keep asking “why don’t you just go get a job?”  I did get on disability and BEWARE my friends. When you turn 66 and get turned over to Social Security the medical coverage changes and my “income” dropped. (Let’s not even talk about what it’s like to live on $600/mo.) 

  • J Temple

    Thank you for posting your article. It is important to remember this,  especially no physician mentioned this to me, no physician believed me and trying to explain this to family and friends, don’t really believe me either. I have Diabetes Type 2 that started at about the same time that my Hep C, after thirty something years, became active and I am now in cirrhosis. I think the fa og thing was the first symptom that I noticed.
    I do cognitive skills training on the web 5 to 7 days a week to keep the brain fade …..from fading. It has helped a lot.

  • Myndsai

    This is all great information. Wondering if those  posting could include their genotype, and if treated successfully, what was the procedure, and how can others get involved? Thanks for the posts!

  • Statcha

    What is the best treatment out there for Hep C these days?

    • Raytuned88

      If you have minimal liverdamage and the luxury of waiting . new meds expected about 3 yrs. If treatment is suggested by your doctor  (ASAP)  try incivek or victrellis. many believe it is best to wait, but each case is different

    • Tami Blackburn

      I tried tx for the second time, the first time i made it 5 weeks on ribavarin and pegasys, the second time i lasted 15 weeks on incivek, ribavarin, and pegasys and was hospitalized for 2 months. I almost died. The triple tx is RUFF! I now have nodules in my lungs, thyroid, kidney stones, cysts in kidneys, and many other health issues. I infectious disease doctor will not allow me to take interferon again. I am waiting on a “gentler” treatment. However, after 15 weeks I was UNDECTATABLE on my viral load. Just had a new VL taken and waiting on results. I am genotype 1A. If you can wait for an easier treatment, I would advise it….

      • Stp Rowland29

        I’m sorry to hear that Tami Blackburn. Thanks for the info. I’m a non-responder. Been on treatment twice. This Incivek was gonna be next but I cannot imagine it being even worse! Plus I had kidney cancer and lost my right kidney last yr. I guess I will hold off. What choice do I have?

        • sandra

          Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with treatment…everybody. I’ve now heard a number of people say they developed cancer after HCV drugs. It happened to me too. Who follows up and collects this information? I’d like to know the percentage of people who do the treatment and have long term recovery without any other complications. Anyone know how to find out?

    • Tom

      Dr. Bert Berkson Las Cruces NM

  • Mrpaintr2u

    i found out i have Hep C 3 yrs. ago when I found out I had diabetes  but don’t know what shape i’m really in.most likely got it in late70’s or early 80’s, I hope to start treatment in a year or so. [ no job,no ins.] I have brain fog and it bugs the crap out of me

  • pam leach

    I have had “brain fog” ever since my last interferon treatment.  My doctor gives me  adderall, which is a stimulant.  It provides me with the “brain power” I need to function.  In fact, if I didn’t take the adderall, I wouldn’t be able to go to school.  While it is a stimulant, I don’t get any stimulant effects from it at all….no appetite loss, no nervousness…my blood pressure & pulse do not rise.  My thinking just becomes clearer and I can even do math, which is something I could NOT do without the medication.  I’m not a proponent of unnecessary medication by any means – but I am in favor of better living through chemistry if possible.  And I like being able to think!

    • Maleisz

      How is it prescribed?  Dosage and how many times a day do you take it?


      ps pls. reply to maleisz@aol.com

      • pam leach

        Hi! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! I did not know until right now that there was a reply on here! How can we find out about a reply to a comment we make on a thread?

        Anyway… my rx for adderall is written for 20 mg twice per day. I didn’t start out at that dose, but I’ve worked up to it.

  • sandra

    Several of you talked about morphine. For pain? which pain, the joint pain? the inflammation? How do you ask for it. Can’t do interferon–it almost killed me.  I have brain fog, fatigue, and for two weeks my legs and ankles have been so puffed up  I can’t get shoes on. This is the first time in the 12 years I’ve been dealing with symptoms that I’ve started thinking about drugs. 

    • Tom

      There is a natural doctor in Las Cruces, NM that will save your life. Dr. Berkson will do it but it costs about $6000 and takes 2 weeks of being there at his clinic. I’ve been and am doing really well with Hep C and Cirrhosis. Look him up on the internet, he’s for real and it works. Insurance won’t cover it but sell everything and go, if you need to stay alive.

      • renee

        How long ago did you see the Dr.?  What type of treatment did he give you? I would like more info on this Dr. please respond.

  • bigjim1958

    Being a hep c positive pat. No doctor seems to understand that each person reacts to this disease differently side effects are always different although brain fog (hepatic encepalopaph) is the worst followed by Pain on morphine for years. Knowing your dieing is a blessing an a curse but after38yrs positive an only sick for 4 cant complain to much Liver flush helps an a plant based diet is also helpful dont let the depression get you seek a good psych. being a hard core gang banger I though that was weak until I tried zanax no more stuttering anxiety an depression is much better LOTS of water an fresh juice (apple an carrott) mixed together use a juicer avoid coffee sugar an most important ALCOHOL tylenol  an motrin use aspirin cigaretts are horrible also anything that is poison will end up killing you 

  • Nancy

    I finished my treatment in December 2011. I was diagnosed with hep-c and stage 4 cirhosis of the liver. I was treated with month of telapavir and 6 months of interferon. I suffered with every side effect known to these diseases. I have been declared hepc free but the scarring will take sometime because of the stage off the cirhosis. Today I had my three month check up and spoke about memory loss etc. All I want is my memory back and to be able to get my life back.

    • debby

      Had you done treatment before?  I’ve done two rounds of interferon &ribavain, the docs say I would only have a 20 percent chance to clear the virus.  I am end stage liver disease.  It takes a while to get all the drugs out of your system..  Hang in there and be glad you cleared the virus.  Congrats!!!

  • Oldcardude001

    I had surgery at one time and having diarrea from lactulose is out of the question. My doctor put me on Xifaxan 550. I no longer have trouble with hepatic encephalopapathy from over abundance of ammonia. I also take Morphine for pain and that makes me extemely constipated. I found the cure… I eat half a box of prunes from the 99 cent store every night. It took awhile to get the combo right but I feel much better. I still don’t have much energy until I take the morphine and then I am like doing everything for the next few hours. I even started going back to church and shopping and doing a few other things that I had quit doing over time. I have had HEP C for 30+ years and is now cirrosis. My doctor assures me that a cure without side effects is close so that does keep me going!. Good luck to you all. I hope my input has helped just a little.

    • Vicki

       I’m on the same thing.  Xifaxan 550.  I have also bought probiotics at the highest degree cultures…50 billion.  only have to take one a day but helps with the gut stuff pretty good.  Me to…cirrhosis but I’m able to get enough rest during the day and it makes the difference.

      • Kathy

        My hepatologist gave me a script for Xifaxan 550mg twice daily. I am on Medicaid and they refuse to pay for it. The pharmaceutical co. stated they would not help it you are on assistance.I am type1A and stage 3-4 with cirrhosis.Also the doc will not give treatment as he feels “my liver cannot tolerate” the meds. Does your ins. cover the Xifaxan?

        • Oldcardude001

          I live in California and I am 100% dis abled. I am on Medi care with Medi cal paying my deductibles. They have to pay for xifaxan 550 if you cannot tolerate the lactulose. They do primarily the same thing. I just cannot have diarrea because I start to bleed profusely. If you have tried lactulose and can handle it then I suggest staying on it. Xifaxan is very expensive at about $6,000.00 for 100 pills!.

          • Aj Memo

            I went through a course of Interfron almost a year ago now after finding out that I was hepatic C positive 93. Since then my body regected the treatment and I have been constinantly buying milk thistle as a hepatic remedy as in not having the geno type 1A. Which is already 1A in a curable sense.  I’m 3 which is cureable. But I am not under books I’ve waited and am in extreeme discomfort that is waisted on paper we already are aware of.,

          • Sad12

            see above use Buck a day pharmacy in canada

        • Yarbrough Terrinell

          how do you feel with cirrhosis? I mean ,were there any symptoms or was it just diagnoised ,, i have HCV and can not get Doctor care,in fact , the liver Doc. told me i could not have treatment because i had SEVERE deppression and he would not help me and i have no insurence so i have severe brain fog(did not know why untill now) but it hinders me soooo badly that i can not learn this new business i am trying to do online and i can not remember or retain any info at all and i amm ???

          • Yarbrough Terrinell

            P.S I have COPD with it and maybe that is it too???

          • Stp Rowland29

            Yarbrough T-your doctor is very right not to allow you to try the treatments. You just think you know depression until you start on those meds. Words cannot tell you how it made me feel because I’ve got nothing to compare it to. I didn’t tell them about my history of depression figuring hey I’m strong. I can do this anyway! Found myself in the hospital few months into 2nd treatment. My mind was so messed up I’d double dosed thinking it was another day. I stayed in the mental institute 3 months. I do not know what to tell you to do but internet is the way you learn about everything. Don’t lose hope. Try taking B12 and vitamin D and milk thistle and know you’re not alone. 

          • koko

            I don’t know if you are still here but you need to apply for disability if you are having severe mental issues such as depression and inability to retain info. I didn’t think I would get it but I did. Then you could qualify for Medicare. Good luck.

          • cricket3991

            cricket3991 Have you tried the ultra milk thistle? My nephew had Hep. C and could not afford drugs so I ordered the ultra and he took it for 3 months and when he went back the Dr. swore it was a mistake till he looked at records and saw the original test results. Give it a try, it might work for you and at a price most can afford.

        • Kevin

          I was on traditional medicare, but switched to Humana Gold Plus Jan 1, 2012 which is a Medicare alternative.  They pay for my Xifaxam.  I pay a $6.50 co-pay.

        • Sad12

          I get the generic for xifaxan from a canada pharmacy called “buck a day”.no generic available in the good 0ld USA as the drug company don’t make enough money,lol..goggle them and then call.all meds are so much cheaper!I got the generic for 120 dollars 3 month suppy.I also helped my sister get her plavix there as she lost her insurance and it was over 100 a month.please spread the word about the rip off drug co. in the usa.use the buck a day in canada and it will be alot cheaper for all your drugs.they are certified and the rest of the world uses them and the pharmcies in India.Please check it out and tell others.I am an R.N. and I know this to be true.God bless and help us all.

        • theshot1960

          My Tricare insurance covered every aspect of pre transplant medications and Dr. visits, my transplant, and post transplant treatments and medications…

    • Vicki

      I also have Hep C and liver disease and kidney disease and Sjogrens
      Syndrome. Also been on b/p meds for about 24yrs. Its tough to try to keep everything on an even keal.

      • Steph

        U r not alone Vicki. *hugs* for u.

        • Aj Memo

          I feel that Hepatitis C is also irritating because of how it makes you feel perhaps if more excersize to a level only your body can handle would be the start of a more balanced lifelstyle on medication.

    • claudia

      Might like to try this with the prunes. Soak 5-10 prunes in water overnight. In the morning mash the mixture with a fork and drink this before consuming anything else. It makes the prunes easier to digest and   therefore act more quickly. :)

    • Oldcardude001

      I too, was on Peg intron alpha 2 B with Ribavirin. I was on it for 7 1/2 months and was a total non-responder. I have never been so sick in my life. That was in 2004 and I have never recovered from that.I now have my 28 year old son as my caregiver and am on Morphine for pain. I also take meds for acid reflux, thyroid 2 blood pressure meds xifaxan and sleeping pills. I have 0 energy and can hardly get around. I completely lose my sanity at times and even get violent. Depression is also always right there. I see my liver doctor next week and am going to ask him about some of the things that you guys have mentioned….. Thank You!

      • sandra

        You go for it!!  If you can focus enough…take each one of your meds and go to the computer.  Google “that medication” and add side effects. Write them down.  Keep up the same medication and add Hepatitis C. Just see what it says. Then take this info with you when you go to see your liver doctor.

        The doctors are so specialized now that I’ve had some doctors prescribe things that are toxic to the liver because they just don’t know much about hepC.  Don’t leave it all up to them. I’ve had doctors thank me for giving them the info that I have.

      • JW

        Peg Intron alpha 2 B with Ribavirin will cause Thryroid Disease. I know I had to have mine taken out after trying all 3 of the treatments for Hep. C. It is one of the side effects. I developed Graves Disease from it.

        • Jewelz

          I too was on Peg Interferon alpha2B with Ribavirin. after 6 months of treatment my count was down to non-existent. However, it did act up my thyroid a bit and had to go to a specialist. Once I was off the drugs for HepC…my thyroid went back to normal. I also started having eye problems with many “floaters” interfering with my vision. that too went away when I was finished with my treatment. Soooooo many side affects…I was never so sick in all my life! Today, 5 years later, my count is still down to non-existent and except for feeling a little fatigued, I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life….I only had to be on the drugs for 6 months..thank God! If I had to go a year or longer, I might have committed suicide…they are THAT bad!

      • Spamela57

        I was diag. With hep c in 1999 and immediately began treatment. No luck..then I had a yr off to recover from the first round of interferon. Then a new treatment came out…a stronger one that almost killed me. I think it was something like pegalated interferon. Nasty, toxic, poison and I nearly died. Again..failed treatment.

        I began taking milk thistle fairly early on in my illness…along with a few other supplements. My dr said waste of money…but said I could take them if I wished. And I did… Today my viral load is over 5.5 million. My enzymes are elevated, etc. but for some reason, I feel great! I might not look very good on paper…but I don’t care. I have no physical limitations… I’m surprised your dr has been giving you Morphine this long. Taking a stab in the dark, and based on my experience, you’re most likely dependent on those narcotics. And you aren’t likely to feel better till you get off them.
        Good luck to you!!

      • steven1230

        I have the same problem,I did my treatment in 2009 and have not recovered

      • spamela57

        So sorry to hear of your nightmare trip with the meds that were supposed to help us! Been there. .. done that! One thing you said was cause for concern, however. and that was the use of morphine. Morphing is is very strong, addictive narcotic. anyone who uses it for any length of time is going to become addicted to it. Believe it or not, this may be causing many of your ever symptoms.

        If you are anything like me, you will defend your morphine at all costs! I actually ended up in a detox unit to get off percocet and as hard as that was, once I got all that out of my system, my pain went away.

        I read a study that said that’s long term pain is a direct result of drug addiction. Camera bodies are amazing, magical in complex piece of equipment. Lol. It is amazing how it works and it is amazing that it will actually manufacture pain to convince us to keep feeding it’s the drugs it is addicted to.

        I don’t expect you to believe that. I’m not surprised if you are even angry to hear it. But I hope someday you will have the opportunity to find out when I’m talking about.

        Best wishes

    • SweetRandi

      It helps me alot! I also am going into my 2nd decade of Hep C and I actually was in the TRIAL fo “ribatron”..which is part of the interferon protocol for Hep C..I had a terrible reaction..Until they come up with something else that does NOT include THESE 2 drugs..I won’t be going on ANY medication. I ALSO have a chronic pain issue and I am just feeling a LOT older and more tired at 57 years old..Thanks for your comment.

  • Gwen

    I am a realist, living with hep for 28 years, chronic liver disease, and other complications that come with it. Tired of it all, wishing for a miracle,  treatments didn’t work, so whats next?

    • Weaveworld

      Oh don’t give up! I git a lot more years behind
      Me already :)

    • debby

      If you find the answer to that question let me know.

  • Tim

    Having cirhosis I can relate with the brain fog, taking lactalose to regulate ammonia levels with proper diet and excercise have been very helpful along with total change in lifestyle. diagosed five years ago still plugging

  • guest

    I had a very mild case of hep c, mininal damage to my liver, which was cleared several years ago.  I remember well the Brain Fog. 

    • Ronrap

      “Cleared” by successful treatment I hope. Hep C is chronic and unless eradicated by drugs it is still slowly destroying your your liver. 

      • Holmeed

        I have had hep c for 25 years and drink and eat shit. Its your time..its your time…

    • Ckduarte

      How did you clear your Hep C, by treatment? and could you tell me more about your situation.

      • Ben

         I did not know I had Hep C early.. I got diagnose after going in for routine tests..I was stage 3..My awesome doc put me on ribovirin..pegasys..and incivek..within 2 months I am showing no trace of virus ( Dr Brode my doc advised this is like 6 people walking out of a stadium filled with people suffering from Hep C) but Fatigue from ribovirin and itching from incivek almost unbearable BUT I still run every other day do obstacle races Spartan sprints tuff mudders and am actually training for a Spartan Beast 12 miles long. Dr is astounded that with all this going on I am still running and racing..I advised my Dr. that I refuse to let this disease (of which I contracted after living with an uncle who had Hep C in my early twenties..He used my razors  and was always in trouble and getting into fights and of course not knowing how contagious Hep C was I contracted it after cleaning him up or using my own razors.)  run my life I refuse to let this Shadow take over my life! I am 42 and should be off meds in three months I more week of Incivek and will only be taking Ribovirin..Please believe me guys that YOU can overcome..Sometimes days are so hard to get through BUT giving up will only make it worse..Dr. advised me with my new healthy lifestyle I could possibly completely (regenerate) my liver.. kinda sounds outlandish to me but it is what it is..So get up every Day and Live Life knowing 2mrw is not guaranteed..Ben 

        • Severnsense

          You sound angry. Also at pains to make everyone ‘know’ that you are what one of thr respectable ones that was a mistake. Virus knows not who you are you are merely there. I more than likely came into intimate contact with hcv whilst poly dependent on Benzos and heroin. Poor choices with poor prognosis.
          We are all different and even this virus cannot unify us in exact experiences.
          Good Luck with the running and well done.

    • Soitbien

      My partner had Hep C, undiagnosed for many years. Managed to get onto a clinical trial for a drug from Germany. Now the Dr. says he’s hepc free, but the brain fog is driving him insane…literally, I’m afraid. Ready to try anything.

      • renee

        What is the name of the drug that he took to clear the Hepc? I thought once the virus was cleared that the brain fog is gone also.
        Please respond with the info.
        Thank You

        • Raytuned

          sometimes so,sometimes no,,,,each case is different.you can have brain fog but not have hepatitis encalapathy, if you have encalapathy you most likely will have brain fog.ammonia levels as well as hep c meds all contribute to brain fog.some regain full mental acuity others do not. in my case while on the meds could not read anything and short- term memorywas non-existent.

        • Dualdivinity

          Vitamen B helps with brain fog and energy. An Herb called Devil’s Claw wonderful for achy joints and sleep.
          Judy-non responder to treatment, A-1, got hep c from
          sex addiction.

      • Weaveworld

        Have the doc check his Ammonia level.
        There is some medicin that’s out there, jfyi

      • renee

        Please give me info on the drug from Germany I have not heard
        of it and would like to have more info on it.
        Thanks renee

    • Thorne1740

      how did you clear the hep C?  Intefereon?

  • Stewart

    I thought brain fog is a result of an overabundance of unfiltered retained ammonia in the blood stream due to inability of liver to filter and dispose .. Usually more common around the end stage.  

    • Cindy

      Thought that was the reason I take Lactulose….Really messes up b/m’s but I thot it soaked up the ammonia….cp

      • Willkate

        I hear ya Cindy. I hate Lactulose but it the less of the two evils. I just hate the fat ivied feeling as dwell as having to be close to the toilet and the trouble remembering things.

    • Weaveworld

      You are correct, it,s the ammonia level that get’s
      You once your liver is working less and less. Maria

    • zolar5

      It is. usually form meat protein.

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