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More Evidence That a Fatty Liver Benefits from Probiotics

Good Reason to Thwart Fatty Liver Disease


Nicole Cutler

Apr 12th, 2012

Evidence increases the motivation to prevent fatty liver disease from progressing to cirrhosis.

An estimated 25 to 30 percent of Americans have a fatty liver, a condition that can progress to cirrhosis if not detected early enough and managed diligently. A study from the United Kingdom highlights the hazards of cirrhosis, providing even greater incentive to screen for fatty liver disease and prevent this condition from causing cirrhosis of the liver.

About a Fatty Liver
Fatty liver is a condition describing excessive fat accumulation in the liver. Although the exact cause has yet to be determined, the main risk factors for fatty liver are obesity and metabolic syndrome. According to hepatologist and assistant professor of medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. Charissa Chang says, “Fatty liver is the liver manifestation of metabolic syndrome. So it’s associated with all the other features of metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and an increased waistline.”

Although those who drink alcohol are notoriously vulnerable to fat accumulating in their liver and are especially likely to suffer from liver problems, non-drinkers are not immune from liver ailments. Describing the accumulation of fat in the liver in people who drink little or no alcohol,non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common liver disease in the United States.

Casually referred to as a fatty liver, NAFLD describes two conditions: steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Steatosis is a mild condition where fat in the liver is not accompanied by inflammation or damage. NASH is the more severe stage where fat accumulation is accompanied by inflammation. A result of the inflammation, scar tissue can accrue with NASH – a process that can escalate to cirrhosis of the liver.

About Cirrhosis
Cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with fibrous scar tissue. In the liver, scar tissue has the following repercussions:

•    It blocks the flow of blood, thus hindering blood detoxification.

•    It slows the processing of nutrients, hormones, drugs and naturally produced toxins in the liver.

•    It slows the production of proteins and other crucial substances made by the liver.

Not surprisingly, cirrhosis deteriorates the liver’s ability to function. According to the National Institutes of Health, cirrhosis is the 12th leading cause of death by disease in the U.S. Fatty liver, Hepatitis C and alcohol abuse are the most common causes of liver cirrhosis, but anything that damages the liver can cause cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis Warning from Fatty Liver
As published online in the June 2011 edition of Hepatology, researchers undertook a study to examine and compare the long-term morbidity and mortality of patients with advanced NAFLD and advanced, chronic Hepatitis C. Of the data collected, the researchers happened upon an important discovery for those with fatty liver disease.

Although not much of a surprise, they found that those with fatty liver that had progressed to cirrhosis (stage 4 on the Child-Pugh scale) were in a much worse position than those with a fatty liver that had only progressed to advanced fibrosis (stage 3 on the Child-Pugh scale). More specifically:

•    Those with NAFLD and stage 4 scarring (cirrhosis) had a higher occurrence of liver-related complications, including liver cancer, than those with stage 3 liver scarring.

•    Those with NAFLD and stage 4 scarring (cirrhosis) were associated with liver-related mortality more than those with stage 3 liver scarring.

Preventing Cirrhosis
According to Chang, “Once there is cirrhosis in a patient with NASH, there aren’t a lot of options to reverse the damage.” Obviously, the message from Dr. Chang and this British study is to detect fatty liver disease as soon as possible and implement strategies to prevent its progression to cirrhosis in the first place.

Signs and symptoms of NAFLD before significant liver damage occurs can easily go undetected. Thus, the first step towards preventing a fatty liver from progressing to cirrhosis is to implement routine screening. Early detection of NAFLD can help more people engage in the following steps to prevent cirrhosis:

•    Abstinence – Drinking alcohol is a guaranteed route towards liver cell destruction. While some sources suggest limiting alcohol consumption, those with confirmed NAFLD are advised to completely abstain from drinking alcohol.

•    Minimize Toxin Exposure – Reduce exposure to synthetic chemicals, such as cleaning products and pesticides, because they put an additional burden on functioning liver cells. If you come into contact with chemicals often, wear protective clothing and a facemask.

•    Vaccinate – If not already current, make sure vaccinations against Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A are up-to-date. Becoming ill with one of these preventable viruses while managing NAFLD makes the liver more vulnerable to damage.

•    Nutrition – Eating a nutritious, well-balanced, low-fat diet helps supply the body with the ingredients needed to function optimally. On the other hand, consuming processed, sugary or fatty foods fans the flames of liver inflammation.

•    Protect Liver Cells – Known to strengthen the outer walls of liver cells to prevent against damage, supplementing with milk thistle can stave off further liver injury. Additionally, liver cells can be protected from oxidative damage by loading up on antioxidant-rich foods.

Considering that at least a quarter of American adults are affected (and a majority don’t know it), there is every reason to include fatty liver disease screening into routine health maintenance programs. In addition, those with confirmed NAFLD are advised to discourage its advancement in every way possible. As confirmed by research from the United Kingdom, preventing cirrhosis may play a prominent role in reducing liver complications and death as a result of fatty liver disease.

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43 Comment(s)
  • Cheryl

    Thanks!  In addition, what about the role of exercise as a way of preventing fatty liver, steatosis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis?  In particular, this is a concern for those with chronic hepatitis C and B, I believe.

    • Exercising as long as you can is good for every problem.  Low income exercises like brisk walking are good n more advanced cases, or slow walking, if that’s all you can manage.

  • Tangle

    I suppose L-Carnitine is NOT universally accepted as a legitimate and effective treatment for fatty liver.  Nothing on Lecithin/Phosphatidylcholine (detox & fat burner) also, which was the 1st effective treatment for my liver probs. 

  • Mark

    I have advanced hepatitus C  which has developed into cirrosis of the liver. My viral load is over 500 million and I can barely walk or exercise. I go to a liver Doctoer every month but some of the drugs he had me take made me worse. I was a non-responder with Pegt-intron alpha 2B with Ribavirin. It was wose than when I started 7 months earlier. I am now on pain meds to help with the leg and feet problems. Is there anything else I can do or just be comfortable with the pain until  I pass? My body is covered in red sores which bleed at times and sometimes I cough up blood in the morning

    • Cheryl

       I’m really sorry to hear about your situation.  Has your doctor tried to get you on a transplant list, I wonder?

    • Justcathy

      Oh my goodness!  You have to try milk thistle and as little chemicals as possible.  It really, really works!  It’s worth a try, isn’t it?  Please….

      • Yarbrough Terrinell

        Milk Thisle is nothing compared to the total nutrition Herbalife gives you It is LOADED with anti-oxidents

        • Justcathy

          What is in Herbalife?

          • Terry Reed

            A quackery come on that’s been around since the early 80’s for dieters. IT’s like Medi-Fast. A quick weight loss program. IT IS NOT FOR HEP C PATIENTS. PERIOD. And all the other stuff? Clinical trial after clinical trial shows NO difference between the placebos and the vitamins … except in your psychological wellbeing. You FEEL better mentally for taking the stuff but it does nothing to lower your viral load, which is what we all want! Reducing symptoms is great too, but vitaminds don’t give any kind of palliative help either. It’s all hype and as Hep C patient, I will have no truck with any of that garbage and wll tell EVERYONE to not waste their money. You will need that cash if/when you truly get waaaay down! TRUST ME!

        • Erik

           Alright already with the Herballife – what do you work for them?

    • vicky

      im so sorry your filling that way but it will pass and im sure that god is;nt ready for you yet   when i was that way  but minus the sores i would smoke pot it helped alot  it relalxes you so your  mucles won’t hurt and it helps with the throwing up what do you have to lose good luck

      • I disagree.  If he wants to try medical marijuana, he should use oral, vaporizers, or massage oil.  But don’s smoke it.  If you are coughing up blood, you have plenty to lose from smoking anything.

      • Terry Licia

        I make butter out of it .. using the new machine. It’s FABULOUS! Ask for the “AlaskanTERRY” discount! Tell them you have Hep C! Smoking it isnt so great if you are already having breathing/respiratory probs even though it isnt a thing like a cig , it IS still a burning herb. Try eating it (the best, longest lasting), or a vaporizer. I LOVE MY GREEN BUTTER!!

    • steve



      • Mark

        Steve, I just want it to be over. I am tired of all the stuff that goes with this and pray for the Lord to take me quickly.I HATE THIS!

        • Terry Reed

          Mark, call me if you get too bad off ok? 907-235-6699. I MEAN IT!

    • Terry Reed

      OH sweetie, I wish I could help you in some way! You sound SO down and in pain. We could hold hands, laugh and cry at how unfair it all is, and then .. maybe go sit in the hot tub! That’s the ONLY thing that makes my feet and legs NOT hurt! My VERY VERY best to you, dear Mark.

  • Terry Reed

    According to my Hep C doc, I’m actually doing really well.  Last year, I didn’t know that bleach was a huge no-no for me, and had been using it by the bucketfuls cleaning up resort sites — LOTS of dirty guys in bathrooms!  So, I bleached everything down daily, sometimes twice a day.  No protection for me either, since I did not know.  By the sixth month, someone took a photo of me and in it, I could literally SEE a huge liver. It was sticking out!  I had a biopsy, my first, and the surgeon kind of botched it by jabbing me WAY too hard, TWICE! – leaving me to bleed internally.  Not a lot of bleeding but then, it doesn’t take much blood between your diaphragm and liver to HURT to breathe deeply or cough!  I ended up with pneumonia from that but at least it did show one thing … no fatty nothing!  So, no huge problems and as soon as I ‘detox’d’ from all that bleach, my liver went back down to normal size.  BUT WHAT A SCARE!  Stay AWAY from bleach!  I now use something called Micro-Tek and it cleans just as well but doesn’t half kill me!

    Now though, I am super tired alot.  My lower back, right side, hurts sometimes, as does my lower front side, on the right.  I get gas at the drop of a hat and am ALWAYS constipated.  Am never sure if that’s the pain mgmt drugs or if its Hep C but my viral load isn’t bad – never has been.  I just don’t know who to trust anymore.  My Hep C doc says one thing (and didnt know much bout the bleach at all), and all docs blow off the pain and lethargy .. and I’ve ALWAYS been a hyper go-getter.  They say its diabetes but then, I’ve always hd that and it never has slowed me down.  I’m really wondering if I should get second opinions because neuropathy is really bad and worsening, yet the diabetes is the same as always.  Not sure what all Hep C CAN do …. and neither is anyone else, including doctors, apparently.

    • Get a second opinion.  It sound like liver disease.  Constipation can kill!
      I hate the smell of bleach and I think my body is trying to tell me something.
      You have all the symptoms of advanced liver disease.

      • Terry Reed

        I have Hep C, so yes, I have liver disease. But the MRI’s, the biopsy, the sonograms, etc show nothing bad andmy viral load isn’t that high. I just had a bad reaction to bleach … and discovered, among all my research, that bleach itself is NOT good for us Hep C’ers!

    • Vikiclairmont

      try vitamin c at least three thousand milligrams a day and a good vitamin b complex. if you eat meat try small amounts of organic lamb’s or claves liver three times a week. and pure water : at least 1 litre a day. and no soda or sugar or corn syryp. sugar is the worst inflammation maker. thats no white rice and no bread with any white flour and no white pasta no pizzabase, no pancakes, no white flour crackers, no potatos. lots of raw veggies and lightly cooked veggies as fresh as possible and kumera and no chemicals. no chemical cleaners. shampoos. deoderants. clothes wash . are you up for this a bit at a time?  no trans fats : margarines. no fried food.  garden a vegetable garden. join a community garden. lots of fresh italian parsley and dandelion coffee. steamed orgaic eggs (lightly cooked)  no deisal fumes, or chemical fumes. no hairspray or hair gel. cotton clothes woollen clothes. cotton blankets. no moulds in house. clean house floors with hydrogen peroxide 6% and plant based detergents. if you do this. your diabetes will go. your liver will come right and you will be much happier. bless you. viki

    • mikep

       I’m really new here, this is my first post.  I have had Hep c since being diagnosed back in 1979.  I have been treated at the VA hospital, which has pushed taking the interferon, and has also been on the liver protocal at the NIH under Doc Hoofnagel, who did the initial interferon research.
      I have never taking the interferon.  I am a stage 3/4 liver damage, that requires every six months MRI screening to rule out cancer. 
      I am also chemical hypersensitive, meaning I’m allergic to almost everything chemical or meds out there.  My liver for some reason struggles with almost everything I put in my system.  But because I’m in good general health other wise, I rarely have to take any meds at all.

      constipation has also been a problem for me, to include the pain in my side that the doctors has always said it should not be there.  I have learned over the years and from a doctor earlier in the 80’s that the pain is an indicator that the liver is dealing with something that its having a problem with.  For me, it’s usually a cleaning fluid or some other chemical that I’m exposed to.  It also happens when I take certain meds.  so in time, we have weaned out a lot of meds that cause this problem for me, to include the contrast from the MRI.  So I’m now doing sonagram instead or the MRI.

      The energy thing and general overall feeling of weakness is also been a problem for me, but I have learned how to deal with it, and have found the best natural things out there to make me feel better.  I don’t take milk thistle. and have only tried it for awhile.  at present I’ve been taking a TWINLABS version of L-Arginine and Phosphatidylserine Complex.
      I use the Twinlabs brand myself, because not every brand for L-arginine because it was the most effective brand I’ve tried.  The Phosphatidylserine Complex I’ve been getting from the Vitamin Shoppe.  It’s labeled as a memory booster, but it also helps tremendously with general over all well feeling.  It was recommended to me from a friend who takes it and said I could read up on how it helped some with liver problems.  The L-arginine really give the boost of well feeling, and it does it without any chemical or negative effects.  Those two substances and a B complex vitamin from CVS (the Nature Made brand).  I mention brand names because I’ve found that there’s a lot of junk out there with a label on it, and some of it makes my side hurt.  So in my pursuit I’ve found a few brands that works wonders for me.  If I stopped taking them I’m almost a basket case.  With them, it’s hard to tell I’m a person in the last stage of liver disease.

      The way I maintain and stay ahead of not feeling bad all the time requires that I keep my eyes open for certain indicators.  I was told a long time ago to watch my urine and bowel movement.  I had to keep my urine clear be making sure I drank a lot of fluids.  Too much sugary substance you could smell it in your urine as well.  The bowel movement was to watch for constipation, which is also caused from not enough fluids to include a food or other substance my liver did not agree with.  And when my urine and bowels with good, so was my overall health.  If one could use the indicators, they would be able to know what foods and meds are worthy of putting in their body.  The liver lets you know how well its doing when your bowels and urine are normal.    

    • kaddie

      Doc. will say or try to say it is something else.I have the fatty liver and have the same symtoms you do top that off with geaves that give you alot of the same symtoms.I would love to find someone that will help.Second opion is good

    • Serge

      Hi Terry,
      I’m sorry your getting limited information from your Dr. I was diagnosed with Hep C in October. It is believed to have been dorment from having a non classified Hep. back in 1984. Anyway went through a routine blood check last october and I had high levels of Liver enzyms. After blood work sona gram and mri. It was positive I had the HEP C Virus. My primary care Dr. who is also a very good friend of mine and neighbor recommed I see his gastroenterologyst. I know I spelled that wrong but my spelling isn’t the best so please excuse it. Anyway with what both Dr. told me and findings I had from the research I did on my own going through Mayo Clinc resluts were all the same. I’ts a very difficult process but has a 93% success ratio. The term of cure is 26 to 48 weeks. The process is a multi medication cure. You take a weekly shot call Pegasis which is a Chemo. ( Iterferon) I take this on Friday night because it takes a couple fo days to get over the side effects. You take Incivik which is a pill. You take two pills three times a day. This must be taken with 20 grams of fat every 8 hours. you have a one hour window on either end. Timing and very critical and can not alter. Remember if you travel with time change you have to calcutate that in your 8 hour timing. Lastly you have to take Ribavirin. You take three pills twice a day. Note on the Incivik. This medication stops after 12 weeks. If you are getting side effects from what you art taking now, it is nothing compared to what you are going to g through with this medication. The worse side effect even though is depression. You get to the point you just want to quit and you can’t. Cancer and Hep C is treated about the same way. Remember there is a cure for Hep C. not easy you stay sick as hell and want to quit all the time. You just have to rememeber there is a light at the end of our tunnel. I’m 15 weeks into treatment. I want to quit all the time but I have a very strong support group in my family and freinds that keep me going.

      I hope this helps and good luck. My prayers go out to all of us. Yes including me.

      • Terry Reed

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry you got the awful virus and even more sorry that it’s such a terrible way to be cured! I truly hope you do better once it’s all over! My heart goes out to you ….

  • frank st. john

    guys you got to try incivik, after 4 weeks, and being a nonresponder back in 03 i am showing undetectable !,you got to try this drug its heaven sent.

    • Care4trv

      I am almost two months out from having a liver transplant. Scripps Green Hospital in San Diego did the transplant and just celebrated their 500th liver transplant surgery. I had been on the UNOS transplant list for 12 years after being told by a doctor that I wouldn’t last two years without a transplant. Now i will be starting the same therapy for my Hep C. I understand that the new therapy (taken orally with NO side effects) works. My energy level for the last several years has been very low and I am delighted to be slowly regaining my lust for life.

      Carolyn Powers
      San Diego

      • Terry Reed

        New therapy, ONLY oral? HUH? I’ve not heard of this! I don’t know how you got a new liver and kept the Hep C though. People get liver transplants with fresh livers to get rid of Hep C! I’m confused! I just watched a documentary on this last night, about liver transplants and Hep C

    • kaddie

      Were did you get this Incivik?

    • Serge

      I agree with Frank. If you havne’t tried the incivik, It’s an absoulte must. I’m in my 15th week and stoped taking the Incivik after 12. You only take Incivik for 12weeks. I had hep. non a non b back in 1984. No such thing as Hep C. back then. I guess that is what I really had. Three weeks after I started treatment  It went into remission. I must add that I had no symptoms at all untill I went through a routine blood test that showed very high Liver enzyms. The worst think about this cure are the side effect. I’m 63 been through a lot of medicals things in my life time but nothing compares to these side efects. Thank God I have a strong support group in my family, friends and I am very lucky to have one of my best freinds also be my premary care Dr. He and his wife which is also a nurse have helped tremdously.

      • Terry Reed

        I have no support group at all, so I’m so scared.

    • Terry Reed

      Frank, am passing this on to my ex … he was a nonresponder after TWO times of full treatments. Poor fellow. He might know of this or might not but I’m telling! THANK YOU!

  • Rudolfmakel

    Vaccinations cause diseases …

    • Very rarely, not nearly as often as they prevent them.
      Jenny McCarthy and Loyd Wright are con artists hose lies kill people.

  • Rob Honzell Sr., PhD

    Is there a significant amount of pain associated with fatty liver disease?

    • Mark

      Yes, but usually because your liver can’t filter the toxins. As in my case, i have gainedd 50 pounds of liquid. Was on water pilss (2) kinds,ut I hated the way I felt and propanolol. I quit taking 7 different meds because of the way they made me feel. My pain is in my legs and feet

      • PK

        I have been on treatment for Hep C, this is the third time. Incivek finally with Interferon and ribavirin worked. I was clear in 4 weeks, I have consistently taken Tumeric for inflamation as I have cirrhosis I can’t take any anti inflamatories. It really helps me with pain, I also have taken bee pollen and bee propolis for energy and it really got me through three rounds of treatments I worked the whole time. Beware though if you are alergi t bee’s you should not take bee products. Hope this helps somone.

      • Vikiclairmont

        try more potassium. from natural sources if possible : vegetables  kidney beans and fruits , cut salt (and fast foods) which works in balance with potassium.  have your doctor check your potassium and vitamin b1 (also called thiamine) levels. vitamin b1 clears water in legs and feet and increases energy and digestion, take 100 mg a day for two weeks and then stop and repost. but best of all please get to a good naturopathic doctor. with good naturopathic care these symptoms will resolve and not just be supressed.  

    • I have very advanced liver disease and have relativly tittle pain, though sometimes apin does pop up in nariouse areas.  The liver itself has no nerve endings and won’t feel pain until the very end, when it expands and pushes on other organs that do have nerve cells.
      I do have discomfort in my feet at night, sometimes spleen pain, and sometimes back pain.

  • Rond3015

    Did you try the Natural wellness Ultra Milk thistle? I had a biopsy 4 years ago just before I started treatment. I was at stage two liver disease, long story short I didn’t complete treatment interferon made me depressed, since then I’ve been taking ultra milk thistle religiously, and alpha r lopoic, I swear by it. I had another biopsy done 6 months ago because stage two liver disease was weighing on my mind. I was thinking about taking the new treatment. I heard it was successful and I only had to do it for 12 weeks. That’s why I had another biopsy. I was nervous as all hell thinking the disease progressed,I was shocked at the results! The biopsy showed that I had mild liver damage not even stage one . My doctor and I agreed to hold off on the treatment until the new oral treatment comes out he believes it will be out by 2014, I suggest you try the ultra thistle on this site

    • Terry Reed

      I would have asked for second test after that first one …in 30 days. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the first one was incorrectly read. Milk thistle is hype. It’s been proven, over and over again, NOT to work; placebos work better!

  • Terry Reed

    So with all the No’s, do you even LIVE? You don’t know much about diabetes and that’s obvious – I have NO beta cells so … no insulin production, ever. Since birth. So, no, I won’t ever see it go byebye. Wishul and DANGEROUS thinking and advice. Stick to what you know, not this bullcorn list of “no no’s”.

  • Terry Reed

    OK since I left that message a few months ago, I did nothing but research. I’m a medical anthropologist although I’ve not worked in a decade due to CVA’s and MI’s. Stupid diabetes (type 1). Between the diabetes AND the Hep C, life’s been very unusual this last year! The connection between the two is significant (true if you have type 2 also). LONG list of why’s, but I learned this and believe it: don’t waste your money on OTC vitamins, in fact, MANY are quite harmful to your liver! NEVER drink, or take any pain med with aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen. If you are a heart patient, as I am, be leery of some of the meds; in fact, be VERY leery about ALL medications. My primary care doc and I have winnowed down all my meds to those that are the least offensive to the liver, including using methadone for pain with occasional Endocet for breakthrough pain. I have severe neuropathy as well as diabetes. Most often neuropathy comes AFTER you get diabetes but for me, mine began due to foot trauma and worsened. We know exactly when I got the Hep C virus: 1985, blood transfusion, Fairbnks Memorial Hospital, Alaska. The reaction was horrible! I blew up, my entire body, like a huge balloon on the 3rd bag of blood, out of 4! I was dying, bleeding internally from a ruptured cyst on an ovary. When it rains, it hurricanes! 🙂

    Today,my liver is still bit large, but still … no discernable disease showing. The viral load is low, and we think the ftigue is from the combo of diabetes AND Hep C. The Hep C is not severe enough on its own to account for some of the more severe symptoms, but together?? Katy bar the door .. well, hmm .. nah! I don’t even WANT to go out the door! LOL How about .. katy,make the bed for me?! 🙂 I do hav a PCA now, and my son as come home to AK from TX, so I have somewhat of a support PERSON, if not a group! People do care about me, but they feel helpless and I understand, I often fell the same way. If this IS the way I’m going out, then so it is. As sure as I was born, I am giong to die. I intend to enjoy LIFE on a moment by moment basis, to expect nothing so I’m happily surprised by some thing! It’s not a bad way to live. Beats just flat dying already eh? (mark… you better not have tossed in the towel, UNLESS the pain was just too much. Then? By all means but NOT ALONE.

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